Five Fun Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are the perfect time to be silly and have fun, while still celebrating the bride to be. You want the bride to relax and enjoy some girl time with the special women in her life. Games are always a great way to break the ice and get everyone to interact and have fun together. These are just some game ideas to use, but remember that you can always improvise or make your own! Be creative and don’t be afraid to look funny. Remember that the goal is to be silly, and have it be a memorable occasion for the bride to be.
1. GROOM FAVORITES: It is always funny to see how well couples really do know each other; especially as their wedding day fast approaches! Prior to the bridal shower, ask the groom what his favorites are – favorite food, color, hobby, etc. You can change it up by adding in what his most embarrassing moment was, what superhero he thinks he is, what word he would describe his fiance as, or what animal he compares his fiance to be and why. Asking random questions will get funny responses from both the bride and the groom. Comparing the two answers is destined to get some good laughs out of the bride and everyone at the shower. You can also change it up by asking both the bride and groom things beforehand, and then have all of the girls fill out a worksheet on their own as to what they think the bride and groom have answered.
2. ADVICE: Pick a wedding related word, such as ‘wedding, matrimony, marriage, husband,’ etc, but make sure it is long enough. Type it up on a piece of paper as if it were an acronym (one letter per line, and then a long blank line following the letter). Hand out the worksheet to everyone, and ask them to fill in a piece of advice, based on the first letter of that word. It is funny to see people’s choice of advice when their options are limited to a pre chosen letter. The older women in the group always add to the funny responses as well. Have some people share what they wrote down, and then collect all of the papers and give to the bride for her to read on her own afterwards. Some advice will be practical, some will be funny, and some… well, you’ll just have to play the game to see!
3. DON’T SAY IT: Before the bridal shower, write out certain words such as ‘wedding, bride, honeymoon, grooms name’ etc on pretty cardstock, and place them around the room. Buy a bunch of beads, and hand one or two out to everyone. Announce that there are certain words that you cannot say, or else you will lose your beads to the person who heard you say it. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most beads will get a prize!
4. WORD SCRAMBLE: Look up a bunch of wedding related words (difficult ones that aren’t heard of as much) and scramble them on a piece of paper. Hand out a worksheet with about 20 words on it, and set a time limit for people to unscramble them. Whoever unscrambles the most words in 3-5 minutes wins!
5. DRESSMAKING: We all know that the classic wedding game is to make your own version of a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Why not switch things up and use other arts and crafts? Go to an arts and crafts store and buy pipe cleaners, fake flowers, some extra fabric, tulle, or other fun and random objects. Divide the group into teams, give them certain items, and set a time limit. Whoever has the most creative outfit at the end will also receive a prize!

Top Three Winter Bridal Gown Trends

Bridal trends fluctuate over the years, but there are still certain styles that are classic to certain times of the year. Winter weddings are especially very classic and magical, as a lot of them can take place in a snowy winter wonderland. Even if you aren’t getting married in a place that snows, you can always visualize a winter wedding with cold, snowflakes, and shimmery things of the sort. Of course any wedding dress style can be worn at any time during the year, but the following three styles are the perfect dresses for the winter time.

1. BEADS: Beads, bling, glitter and sparkle. Anything with a heavily beaded belt or bodice is a perfect complement to a plain ball gown, which is the ideal snow queen look. Beading will also reflect nicely off of the sun and will glisten along with the snow if you are taking pictures in a snowy location. A plain ball gown is big and fluffy, and fits well for a wintery setting. The important thing is to keep the ball gown plain, and choose one made of either tulle or satin to keep a soft look. Adding a bit of bling will make the plain dress glisten, and will make the dress the perfect prop for the naturally gorgeous backdrop.

2. LACE: Lace is timeless and always a crowd pleaser, but for the winter time, Chantilly lace is the best way to go. It is very soft, yet exquisite in its design compared to other types of lace. Its’ soft appearance reflects the delicateness of snowfall and is just mesmerizing. Because Chantilly lace is so soft, it falls nicely on the body, and lies gently on the train behind for the audience to see. Also, a Chantilly lace dress with hints of bling will add a nice shimmery touch.

3. ROSETTES: Organza is a soft and fabric that flows nicely and that works well on a classic fitted dress. The perfect fit and flare gown for the winter time though, will have medium sized organza rosettes on the skirt. These rosettes will give the dress a light and airy feel that will liven up any chilly wintery wedding day. They give the dress life and pizazz while still being soft and gentle and elegant. Truly, the key to any wintery trend is to keep the dress looking soft.

Five Tips on Who to Bring to the Bridal Appointment

Selecting your bridal gown is one of the key elements in your whole wedding. In fact, most decorations and themes are centered around the wedding gown itself! So it is important to choose the right one. This decision is so important, that people often want to bring their whole family to help them select one. But with these five tips, you’ll be better equipped to choose the select few to witness your gown selection process.

1. Yourself: This tip of bringing yourself may sound redundant, but it has a point. Remember that your gown choice is ultimately your own and not everyone else’s. Even though you would like to please everyone, it will be impossible to do so. With that being said, bring pictures of gowns you like to the appointment to ensure that you get to try on what you want to try on. Bring an open mind, and resolve in yourself to stand your ground if you end up finding a gown that doesn’t meet everyone’s approval. Bring yourself, your opinion, your likes, and your voice. Remember that you are the most important one on this special day, so don’t let anyone deter you from your vision.

2. Mom: For most girls, it is important for them to bring their mothers along when they try on dresses. It is a very special bonding moment, and you want to be able to share that with her. If you are unable to bring your mom, then bring the closest person to her; the motherly figure that you have in your life. She will greatly appreciate you wanting her to be a part of the occasion, and it will strengthen your relationship.

3. The Buyer: Often times, a good family friend, great aunt, or someone else will offer to purchase the dress for you or to contribute to the overall cost. It is courteous to invite the person who is going to pay for your gown along to your bridal appointment. It will help them to feel a part of the process, and feel more confident in contributing financially.

4. Friend: Shopping in general is always a lot of fun with your girlfriends, and trying on wedding dresses should be the most fun of all. Bring your best friend to the appointment, as she will be honest with you while still having your best interests at heart. Often times your best friend is your maid of honor, so you are still incorporating someone from the bridal party.

5. Limits: Trying on dresses is one of the things that most girls look forward to, and they want to make sure that they enjoy that experience. The bridal appointment can be really fun, as a long as you set limits. Do not feel obligated to invite your whole bridal party, or all of your cousins. Trying on dresses should be an intimate occasion with you and the few people that matter most. Less people will allow for less overwhelming opinions, and the focus will be on you and not on pleasing everyone. You want to walk down the aisle and surprise everyone in attendance, so don’t give too many people the full sneak peek.

Trash the Dress Underwater Style Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I simply adore things that are pretty and beautiful in weddings, but I also love when there is a bit of unique and fun details as well.  That is why I am a huge fan of this unique trash the dress session.  This fabulous couple had a totally out of the ordinary wedding day (wedding date was April Fools Day) with some out-of-the box wedding details.  But that is just the type of couple that they are. Super silly and fun. It makes me happy when I see the couple’s personalities compliment  their wedding day. That is how it should be! With the wedding over, it doesn’t mean the fun can not continue.  With full wedding attire, this fun couple plunged into the pool for a seriously good time.  And the images? When Adam Parth from Silver Gecko Photography is on hand, the images are jaw-dropping gorgeous. I mean, how amazing are these photos? You will have to scroll down and take a look for yourself. Enjoy!

sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-002 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-003 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-004 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-005 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-006-edit2 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-007 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-008 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-009 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-010 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-011_edit2

From Silver Gecko Photography

Aaron & Erika are a great couple! Very fun and goofy (and I always mean goofy as a compliment). Since they were married on April Fools Day, they decided to have some fun and hired two little people to be their ushers and walk their dog, the ring bearer, down the aisle. These guys were great and even photographed with us in Christensen Alley in Old Town Pasadena. The wedding ceremony was held at the University Club of Pasadena and the reception at Noor in Pasadena. When we shot their engagement photos Erika asked me about shooting a trash the dress session. When I mentioned the idea of shooting underwater they jumped at the chance. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at underwater photography and this was the perfect opportunity for everyone. Now I’m not a big fan of photos that crop heads off, in fact I really don’t like them, but with underwater photos sometimes you don’t have a choice. And sometimes it just works. This was a very fun session with a couple who was up for anything!

Five Tips for a Successful Bridal Shopping Experience

Searching for your dream dress should be one of the most enjoyable times of your whole wedding experience. Sometimes though, the experience may seem to be a little overwhelming. These five tips will help to alleviate any stress you may encounter, and make the event more memorable and pleasurable for you and everyone else involved.

1. Research: It is always beneficial to do some research prior to going to your bridal appointment. Search on different designer websites or Pinterest in order to familiarize yourself with the different styles that are available. Then, narrow down your style choices to a select few and bring supporting pictures to your appointment. This gives your consultant a better idea as to what style you are looking for, and will enable them to suggest similar styles for you.

2. Time: Be sure to give yourself enough time to look for a wedding gown; and by time, I mean months! There are a few manufacturers that can accommodate quick weddings, but most designers need at least 3-6 months. If you do any custom or length changes, you can expect your gown to take even longer. You will also need to plan ahead for having alterations and steaming done on your gown – all which take a few weeks or more depending on the store. You want to be sure to get a dress that you love, so give yourself enough time to find the perfect dress for you.

3. Company: The more people you bring to an appointment, the more opinions you will have to deal with. As a consultant, I suggest that you bring 2-3 people at the most with you. Dress shopping is an exciting experience, but it can take a detour when you try to include everyone and have their approval. It isn’t possible to please every single person, so do not try to do so. It is best to surprise everyone on the day of your wedding. When you are walking down that aisle, people won’t be wondering what your other dress options were. Instead, they will be focused on you and how happy you look. They will see how your dress compliments you, your personality, and your theme. I’ve noticed that most brides are able to express their likes and dislikes better when they bring a few people to their appointment.

4. Shopping: Visiting a few different stores allows brides to see what types of gowns are available to them. With that being said, you want to stay balanced and not try to go to every store possible. Going to numerous dress stores in a short period of time will make you feel overwhelmed and confused. Designers are constantly coming out with new gowns and designs, so you could essentially look for a dress forever. Visit a few different stores to formulate what it is that you like and then narrow those choices down. It would be best to space out your appointments instead of visiting three different shops in one day. Doing so can overwhelm you as a bride and prevent you from wanting to make a decision.

5. Open-Minded: Even though I recommend doing some personal research, I highly recommend that you keep an open-mind at your appointment. I have found that the majority of brides leave our store with a gown that was the complete opposite of what they had originally envisioned. Bridal consultants know the dresses in their store and know what looks good on certain body types. Just be open to suggestions and be willing to try something on that you normally would not have picked yourself. If your consultant suggests a gown, at least try it on. You may be surprised! It is always a fun experience when the consultant ends up choosing the bride’s gown. You are still entitled to your opinion though, so it is fine if you do not like their pick. Your experience will flow a lot better as long as you are open to suggestions. Consultants love their job, and they want to ensure that you look your absolute best on the most important day of your life!

The Mission Inn Bridal Boutique Recap

Bridal Hot List recently attended the Bridal Boutique hosted by the beautiful and historic Mission Inn located in Riverside, California.  The fabulous hotel put on a grand boutique featuring various reception locations and their picturesque chapel.  Each room was decorated by a different vendor and offered multiple selections in decor, cake, music, attire and everything in between!

The first stop was the Music Room which offered the grandest decor.  The hall was elaborately adorned in gold while the tables were set with blue accents and white bouquet centerpieces.  In the middle of the hall,  a wedding gown with a corset as sparkly and grand as the hall itself commanded the attention of all who entered.

image 2

img 16

img 17

Next we were off to the Spanish Art Gallery.  This reception room was smaller and decorated in gold with black accents.  The centerpieces were black candelabras dripping in crystals, just divine!

image 8

image 3

img 21

image 5

We then traveled to the courtyard where we mingled with a mock bride and groom, styled in a classic tux and lace gown.  Also present, Casey’s cupcakes – the resident bakery and Cupcake Wars winner.  Trust me when I say they live up to the title!

In the afternoon it was time for a mock ceremony in the St. Francis Chapel.  A string/ piano trio played traditional wedding themes as the faux bride and groom exchanged quick vows.  It provided an inspiring glimpse of the romantic and intimate potential of this ceremony venue.

img 22

image 7

image 6

image 11

image 14

img 15

The next two reception rooms were the smallest and each provided a different atmosphere.  The first definitely gave off the party vibe with light projections on the walls, loud music on a central dance floor and a photo booth that was begging to be tried!  The next stop gave us more of an elegant feel.  The room was full of flowers which made it smell delicious and the colors were soft and pastel.  Both were beautiful.

image 9

image 12

img 19

image 13

The final stop, and my favorite was a trip to the hotel’s private Spa.  We received a guided tour of the tranquil facility and learned about pre-wedding day packages for the bridal party and the newlyweds.  To top it off, we all got complimentary chair massages!  It was the perfect way to end a day of wedding fun.

Our over all experience at the Mission Inn was absolutely inspiring.  We saw scores of beautiful flower arrangements and bridal fashions.  Our taste buds were excited by treats from multiple bakeries and we fantasized about spending the day at the luxurious Spa.  The Mission Inn is one of those places that can inspire wedding day dreams even if they are in the distant future.  I recommend that any future bride visit a wedding boutique to find inspiration for your special day.

Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” Season 10 Premiere

Before you head off to start your beautiful weekend, we have some pretty amazing news to share with you. As you know by now, we are kind of obsessed with TLC’s wedding shows.  Whether it is about four different weddings, or choosing a gown that is something borrowed or something new, we L-O-V-E these shows!  Our Fridays are going to get all dolled up with the addition of  SAY YES TO THE DRESS. We are screaming pretty loud over here. Yep, we are THAT excited. Fridays are looking oh-so-lovely.  Lovely with some amazing bridal gowns from a fabulous bridal salon in New York City!

Well, it is the tenth season of the show and we are thrilled to be part of it. If you are a SYTTD (SAY YES TO THE DRESS.) newbie, then let us tell you a little bit about this amazing show. The show all takes place at the gorgeous bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. The show  goes behind-the-scenes  and uncovers the various obstacles every staff member faces to make each bride utterly happy and pleased on what may be the  most important day of her life. The show features not only bridal experts, but emotional brides, opinionated entourages, and dream bridal dresses. At the end of each appointment, the bridal consultant will ask one very important question, “Are you saying Yes to the Dress?”. The answer to this question? You will have to tune in each week to find out.

On tonight’s Season premiere episode:Kristin #1

The season premiere kicks off with Emmy and Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth. This episode, Kristin is helping best friend, Julie find her dream bridal dress. They are bonded by friendship, but their styles are from two different worlds. Julie likes a simple and classic style gown, however Kristin is thinking more of a dress with some glitz and glamour. Julie wants to find a dress which will compliment her rustic elegant wedding. Kristin does find the perfect gown for her best friend, (she actually tries it on herself!), however Julie is not so sure about it. Debbie, the consultant,steps in and finds a gown with a full skirt and a touch of bling. Will Julie like this choice and “say yes to the dress?”, or will she go home empty handed?

“Say Yes To The Dress” premieres  tonight at 9/8c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

Sneak Peek of TLC’s “I Found the Gown” Episode: June 7th

It is almost weekend time! So to kick the weekend off, we have a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of TLC’s, “I Found the Gown”. This show is amazing and full of surprises. If you have not ever seen the show, well let me tell you all about it, and hopefully you will get hooked just like I did. This show features a lovely married couple, Rick and Leslie DeAngelo who own VOWS, a discount bridal boutique in Boston, Massachusetts.  They provide brides high-end designer gowns with very affordable price tags. Selling these deeply discounted bridal gowns for 50-80% off retail is no easy task. Rick and Leslie search high and low in factory attics, boutique back rooms, and department store warehouses across the world to score these sought-after looks for less. Each episode will follow their journey to find these amazing treasures, and then back at the shop to share them with three brides and the VOWS consultants.


Before you run off to start your weekend, check out the sneak peek for tonight’s episode.

On tonight’s first episode: 

  • Jessica  is an LA bride who is in search for a runway-ready gown. Canadian bride, Emilia is hoping to find the perfect gown to compliment her very unique Batman themed wedding. Then there is bride, Sabrina who falls in love with a gown that may not be able to hold everything in. Which gown will they choose to walk down the aisle in?

On the Second episode:

  • Windsor is a bride who is looking for an even better deal on a specific gown she has her heart set on. Bride, Sarah is on the hunt for an inexpensive dress that can be redesigned by using pieces of her mother’s 1984 wedding gown. She wants to go with something old.  Kim is a bride who is nontraditional and refuses to wear white on her big day. Will these brides find the gown which they were searching for?

Tune in tonight to find out if these brides find the gowns of their dreams for that discounted price!

TLC’s ” I Found the Gown” airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

For more information on TLC’s : “I Found the Gown” please click right here


Bridal Gowns by Sareh Nouri

Happy New Year! Well, it is definitely not January 1st, however it is March 20th, which means today is Persian New Year. Today is also the first day of Spring. Around here at BHL, we are having a good time bringing in the new year with our family and friends.  In celebration of the New Year and the first day of Spring,  I am super excited to share an amazing bridal gown collection. When I had the first glance of this stunning and romantic bridal collection, my eyes could not look away. All the fabulous and intricate details kept my eyes searching and wanting even more. Let me introduce you to the very talented and beautiful Sareh Nouri.

Sareh Nouri is no ordinary gown designer. Influenced by Persian art and calligraphy, Sareh creates unique patterns and styles in every gown she designs. The wedding gowns and sashes are a direct reflection of her deep roots in her Persian background. All the gorgeous gowns are made with the best fabrics around.  Consisting of extravagant, fine imported French lace and Italian silk, the gowns are simply breathtaking. The bridal dresses give a soft, romantic, and feminine feel. Perfect for any bride who wants to look and feel confidant, beautiful, elegant, and sexy.

Falling instantly in love with this lovely collection, my heart got a rush of romantic energy. Exactly what I need for the first day of Spring!

Do you want to see what my eyes could not get enough of? I think you will enjoy the Sareh Nouri collection.























TLC’s New Show: Something Borrowed, Something New Sneak Peek: February 8th

This week I am very excited to share a sneak peek of TLC’s new show, “Something Borrowed, Something New” which premieres tonight at 10/9c.  This show follows a bride’s journey to find the perfect wedding dress for her big day. However there is a twist!  The bride will have to choose a new designer bridal gown, or a fashionably redesigned family heirloom. Who will help the bride find something new and something borrowed for her special day? Each episode is hosted by designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura, who will work with the bride to help choose between two dress options. Kelly will turn a special, previously worn gown into a gown which is for the time, venue, and personality of the bride. The bride will also have a chance to work with Sam in shopping at a bridal salon to find a brand new stylish dress. What happens next? The bride will have to make a very important decision and choose between a one-of-a kind dress and a newly fashionable piece. Will the bride choose her mother’s wedding gown, or find something new and unique to her? Which one will the bride choose?

On tonight’s episode, the bride wants to be a classic bride and is looking for a dress with lace, not a lot of bling, and with some added latina flair. Her mother, however has some other ideas for what she wants her daugher to wear on her big day. What dress will she wear? Will it be a dress that Sam finds for her, or one that Kelly redesigns? Which one will the bride choose to wear on her big day?  You will have to watch tonight to find out. You won’t want to miss!

TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live Friday night!

For more information on Something Borrowed, Something New, check out the website: