Top Five Bad Beauty Habits Brides Need to Stop

Wedding planning isn’t all about the guests list and the decor- it’s about YOU too. As the bride, you’re the centerpiece for the whole event so you need to be sure to take some time for yourself. You can’t focus on the first dance too much- you want to be sure that you’re at your best. We’ve got the top five beauty sins to avoid to keep you looking your best on the biggest day of your life!
STOP Sleeping in Your Makeup

So you fell asleep with a BB cream on, so what? The ‘what’ is that your skin can’t breathe properly with a coat of goop over it. You need your skin to be able to reset and breath and not get clogged or irritated. If you sleep in your makeup, whether it be a tinted moisturizer or red lips and falsies, it’s not good for your skin. Yes, it’s worse to fall asleep in false lashes than lipstick, but that’s not the point. The point is to be in the good habit of taking off all (yes, ALL) your makeup before you hit the hay. You’ll wake up with a fresh face and look fantastic while you stroll down the aisle.

STOP Skipping Lip Softeners

You may be a little more glamorous than the typical chapstick crowd, but that shouldn’t keep you from this staple. Lip softeners from EOS, Chapstick, and Jack Black are fantastic and can keep your lips from chapping and keep them looking good for your first kiss. Before you put on your lips for the day, do a swipe of a lip softener. If you can find something not tinted and moisturizing based, you can put it on before you go to sleep (it’s not makeup- it’s healthy!) so your lips soften overnight. Your lips are guarenteed to get some action on your wedding day- make sure they’re ready.

STOP Biting Your Nails

You know if you do this it’s bad! There are so many ways to keep your nails clean and ready for the big day. Since a big part of the day revolves around rings, you’re going to want your fingers to look good. There are nail polishes available that can make your nails taste bad if you try to chew them. You can try chewing gum instead of reaching for your nails. Get a gel mani to keep your polish looking good so you arn’t tempted to chew. Whatever you do- keep your fingers away from your teeth!

STOP Skipping Beauty Sleep

This one may feel selfish, but it’s totally serious. You need your sleep! Start slow- go to bed ten minutes earlier than usual. Then fifteen, then twenty, and see if you can get up to an hour. You’ll avoid getting baggy or puffy eyes, you’ll be more energized, and you’ll be ready to conquer a full day of fun planning! Your skin, your face, your brain, your fiance will thank you.

STOP Forgetting Your Teeth

Swing by the dentist- yes, do it. The dentist can be scary, but it’s totally worth it. Brush at least twice a day- three if you’re able to duck out for a minute after lunch. Floss at least once a day and keep some on you if you get anything stuck between your teeth. Gargle at least once a day with a fluoride based wash. And yes, finally, go to the dentist and make sure you’re cavity free. If you’re not, get it taken care of before the big day. You don’t want to bite down into your wedding cake and be met with a sharp pain. Get your teeth cleaned (lots of dental plans include cleanings so it may be free to you!) and keep them clean. You may feel too busy to floss, but when you see pictures of your pearly whites that match your dress you’ll be happy you saw the dentist.

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Andrea Carter

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