Top Five Tips for Faking a Bridal Glow

Having a bridal glow is a total must, but there is a lot of risk to tanning. Not only is it damaging to your skin, but you risk burning as well (and you do NOT want to be peeling during your wedding). We don’t want you to be a flaky bride, so we’ve got some great tips to give you a glow the healthy way.

Fake It

One of the easiest ways to get an even, all over glow is to do a spray tan. Spray tanning airbrushes pigment all over you that eventually washes off. It’s very common to find spray tan locations at tanning salons and beauty salons. If you want to try it out on the cheap, keep an eye out for groupon or living social deals. You also may be able to talk a salon into giving you a first-time deal. You’re going to want to fake tan a few days before the wedding so that the pigment has time to settle and doesn’t wipe off on your clothes

Bronzing Lotion

Want to try a fake tan at home? No worries, bronzing lotion is also a viable option. Drugstores as well as specialty beauty stores carry bronzing lotions that essentially let you put on your own fake tan at home. It’s good to do a test run a few weeks in advance so you know how your skin reacts to the lotion, and to see how easy it is for you to apply (for some hard to reach places, you may need a friend to help you out!). Be sure to read the instructions carefully and wear gloves (or you’ll end up with orange palms- yikes!).


Press for a Bronze Glow

Doing a bronze glow yourself is a quicker way to get a nice bronze glow on your wedding day. Since you’ll probably be wearing white, you need to plan ahead for any sort of bronzer fallout. The best way to do a powder bronzer is to do a pressed powder bronzer. Loose powders are much more likely to move around and fallout, and the last thing you’d want is smeared brown powder all over you! If you want to do an even glow, use a big wide brush with looser bristles to sweep an all-over bronze on your face and shoulders.


Try a Creamy Glow

If you don’t want to do a powder bronzer, try a creamy highlighter that has a golden tint. Any sort of rose gold cream highlighter could work to give a very subtle glow. Apply the highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and lightly to frame your face. The dewy texture of the highlighter will make the glow look angelic and romantic.


Seal the Deal

If you do any sort of same-day bronzing technique, be sure to seal in the color with a sealing spray. Putting a finishing powder may not be enough to hold your color in place on your neck or chest, so it’s best to use a spray. Find a spray sealant that you like that works in the heat so you don’t sweat any color off. If you skip this step, you risk your bridal glow getting all over your veil!

BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Rock Me Up

We are kicking off the week with a fabulous company who knows how to pretty up brides and her maids. On wedding day, photographs are taken at all times, a smile here, a pose there, and a capturing of lovely moments everywhere. Having a Make Up Artist that really understands weddings and the photographs that go with them is really important. That is why we have chose Britney Moya of Rock Me Up as our Vendor Hot Pick of the week. She is not only a beautiful and lovely person, but she has some mad beauty skills that blow our minds. Oh, and she makes you feel gorgeous as you are getting your make up done. It is an amazing experience, and it should be this way for one of the biggest day of your lives.  Start your Monday with a pretty post. image-150x150




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About Rock Me Up

Beauty Expert and Licensed Skin Care Therapist Britney Moya started her Bridal Company in 2011 Catering to Brides exclusively. Britney took her passion as a Make Artistry and product Knowledge Specialist to develop a cosmetic line that would cater to her brides. Rock Me Up Cosmetics is a mineral base, high definition makeup that is healthy for the skin and photographs flawlessly for the camera. Britney and her team of trained beauty professionals offer a full range of Beauty Services leading up to the wedding and day of services. Providing Facials, Eye Lash Extensions, Airbrush Tanning, Waxing & Men Grooming. Britney offers her Brides that exclusively book with her a Complementary Skin Care Analysis that Includes, determining the clients skin type, addressing any skin care concerns, and providing a skin care protocol that meets the individuals needs, To ensure the Bride has Healthy glowing skin on the day of her wedding.


On the day of the bridal trial/ preview, Britney and her beauty experts will create a look that is elegant, sophisticated, and that is designed to accentuate the brides unique Beauty. Our Brides get a first look of how they will appear on there wedding day. Britney as a working makeup artist of 8 years in the industry has made appearances on Tv shows such David Tutera “Unveiled” and the Disney Channel. She has catered to over to 300 brides in the duration of her career and hopes to cater to much more. Her passion and goal is to exceed the Brides expectations and make her Brides look and feel Beautiful on the most Important day of their life.

Top Five Summer Bridal Beauty Trends

Need a summer update before the bachelorette party? We’ve had our eyes on these five trending looks for the summer! Be ready to get dolled up.

Punchy Pink Pucker


Lay down your lips with a bold pink waxy lipliner. If your lipliner is strong enough, any deep or fun lip color will layer perfectly over it. Anything from a hot pink to a true red will layer into a bold pink that is perfect for summer. This look is sexy and fun, making it perfect for bachelorette parties and night ceremonies. Just be sure that it is a waxy liner so that it stays on longer and through food.

Candlelit Highlighter


Nothing’s more romantic than candles- why not keep that glow going? We like creamy rose-gold highlighters right on cheekbones. Highlights that are reminiscent of candles and fire make skin glow in the summer and look perfect this season. Just be sure to blend it out with a domed brush or a blending sponge so it photographs well. You don’t want to stand out in a wedding photo for having highlighter all over your face in streaks.

Island-Chic Nails


Brights are back, but go for more mature brights. A sexy bright will look great on your fingers while they’re wrapped around a margarita on girl’s night, but also refined during the reception. Yellows and oranges are fun for the beach, but for more mature events this summer go for a deep color with a tint of fun.

Rosy Tinted Lids


We’ve been fans of doing a white liner in the waterline, but we also love more highlighted colors. A warm silver or a rose gold keeps that summer glow going all over. A smooth, highlighter eyeliner opens up your eyes all around. Use it lightly in your inner corners or as a base for your eyeshadow to create a beautiful depth. Plus, it’ll make it look like you woke up with a sparkle (and that the bachelorette didn’t run until 4AM).

Deeply Toned Teases


In the vein of a more mature bright summer this year, teals and deep greens have been everywhere. Dust off some of your fall colors and push them forward for this summer! Deep cool colors create a mysterious sultry summer vibe that’s perfect for cocktail hour or to pop on a neutral toned dress. Tones like this are also perfect for jewelry pieces, pops of eyeliner, or (if you’re adventurous) a swipe of colored mascara.

Top Five Must-Haves for a Stay-Sane Bridal Kit

Planning a wedding isn’t easy- there’s a reason there’s an entire profession dedicated to expertly handling the event. There can be a ton of stress that goes along with making one big event go perfectly and smoothly. It’s important to be able to take a moment to relax and de-stress so you don’t get overwhelmed or anxious before the big day. We have a few must-have items that you’ll need to get through the hectic planning phase. Just keep this kit stashed somewhere nearby and you’ll feel zen in no time. Bonus points if you’re a bridesmaid and can put this together for the bride!

On the Go Lotion


Keep a small stash of lotion on hand in case you feel dry, or if your head starts to hurt. If you feel a headache coming on, simply take a tiny bit of lotion and rub your palms. Focus on the part of your palm just under your thumb and it can ease the pain. Simple massaging and rubbing can fend off the worst of migraines and headaches without popping any pills. Plus, your hands will get super soft!

Instant Smiles


When you’re getting frustrated or flustered, the best thing you can do is mentally retreat to good times. Thinking about a fun party or people you love can help you refocus and get into a good mood (even if it feels challenging in the moment!). Keep cute pictures that make you smile stashed in your purse or set as the wallpaper of your phone. Having constant reminders of the love and the light in your life will keep you feeling good, even if you’re under stress.

Snack Attack


This may sound maternal- but always pack a snack! Sometimes skipping meals or not eating enough can make people cranky or irritable. You want to go into all your wedding decisions and meetings feeling good and balanced- so attack it with a snack! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but your snacks should work for you. If you’re super active and need more energy early in the day, you may need something a little heavier. If you get sleepy or just need something to chew, maybe little pieces of candy just to wake you up. Keep a stash in your car just in case you need something on the go between meals. Just try not to snack too much before the cake tasting!

Stay Shady


Good sunglasses are a Southern California staple and should never be forgotten! You may need to remember to stash them in your purse before you start running around doing wedding errands for more reasons than just to look cute. Keeping the sun out of your eyes keeps your eyes from straining, preventing symptoms like headaches and eye strains. Keeping UV lights from getting to your sensitive eye skin can prevent your eye skin from aging as quickly. The less damage your eyes receive, the less damaged your eyes look! Make sure your pair of shades is not only adorable, but offer some UV protection. You’ll thank us when you look refreshed and young in your wedding photos!

The Es-scent-ial Candle


Have you ever smelled something and immediately felt happy? Your sense of scent is actually very strong and is known to cultivate memories. Go splurge on a great candle for yourself that reminds you of being happy. If you don’t have any scents that you can think of, look for a stress-relief candle (yes, it’s a thing!). Light it when you get home as you’re relaxing or working on wedding planning. The scent will help you stay level headed and ready to focus.


Top Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Scent

Beauty products are part of the fun of a wedding- even if they’re beauty products you can’t necessarily see! Perfume and fragrance is an instant way to elevate your outfit and your whole attitude. Finding a signature scent or even a special event scent can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

Know What You’re Working With

Do you have your flower palette yet? Make sure that you know what scents will already be in the wedding! Pairing sweet sugary scents with a ton of flowers may drown out your scent. If you’re doing an outdoor woodsy wedding, a sweet sugary scent will contrast much more and be more noticeable. Figure out what kind of impression you want to leave- whether it’s a bold signature scent or a subtle scent. From there it’ll be easy to narrow down scent palettes.

Do Research

If you have an idea of what kind of scent you like, hit the web in search of what people are suggesting. If you want something earthy and romantic, search for scents described with those same words. Write down all your findings for when you hit the perfume counter. It’s best to come prepared so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Have a “Scent-Tasting”

Hit up a perfume counter or a specialty beauty store (like Ulta or Sephora) with your list of perfumes to try. Don’t wear a scent just yet though- spray them far away from your body and clothes onto a paper scent stick. Do your best to not let any scents linger on your clothes or skin! If they stick to you, it may alter the way you smell a scent. Bring a pen so you can write down what scents are on what stick if you need to- it’s easy to get them mixed up!

Ask For Samples

Narrow your scent sticks down to three that you like. Once you figure out three that you like, ask for samples of them. Most perfume lines send a TON of samples out to their retailers for this very purpose. Just be polite and mention that you want to be sure that the scent is right for you so you don’t have to return it later.


Take a Test Drive

Once you have samples of all of your scents, dedicate one day to wearing each one. Spritz in the morning on your wrists and neck, and keep note of how it smells on your skin throughout the day. Perfume changes along with you, so you won’t go to bed with the same scent you put on in the morning. Take note of any feedback you get on your scent and how you feel about it. Remember to take note if you need to reapply or if a light spritz is too much for you. You can even enlist a good friend to help judge the different scents. Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so fragrances will smell different on different people.


Top Five Coachella-Inspired Beauty Trends for Brides

Coachella is over, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over! Whether or not you were jamming out in the desert this year, these five beauty trends will  have you screaming for an encore.

Coachella Lipstick.jpg

Deep Say Something Lips

Lorde really kicked off this trend, and we’ve been seeing it on tons of Coachella fashion blogs. Deep berry lips for summer create a sultry vibe and were adored in the desert. Don’t be afraid of the color- own it! A deep toned lip can work for bachelorette parties and is great for night looks. Just keep your eyes more on the natural side to keep from looking too painted.

Coachella Eyebrows.jpg

Thin Arched Brows

The full eyebrows are taking a backseat to arched brows. Lots of festival goers were rocking a thinner brow than we’ve been seeing, and the arch creates an elegantly framed face. Use a waxy brow pencil to keep your brows together as much as possible so they don’t look too full or bushy. Keep your color as natural as possible and follow your natural arch so it doesn’t look too drawn on.

Coachella Face.jpg

Dewy Sun-Kissed Skin

A beautiful trend we loved from Coachella was dewy golden skin. Use a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer all over to really get that festival glow. This will look fantastic for outdoor weddings. Instant goddess glow!

Coachella Naked 2.jpg

Metallic Eyeshadow

Pedal to the metal! Silvery metallic shadows were huge at Coachella- we’re guessing Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette got a serious work out all over the desert. The cool tones look polished while still being fun and funky. Cool metallics can be dressed up for a wedding ceremony, or dressed down for a casual bridesmaid brunch. Start silvery on the insides and smoke out the creases for a dynamic eye look.

Coachella Eyeliners.jpg

Neutral Eyeliner

Pack up the teal and periwinkle eyeliners for later- brown is back! Keep your eyes looking young and wide with a neutral toned eyeliner. If brown isn’t your scene, go for the gold. Lighter liners that open your eyes up make you sparkle just a little more. This is perfect for brides and bridesmaids- it’s an instant eye twinkle!


Five Trending Bridal Beauty Products

The weather may not always be settled (pick a side- hot or cold!), but it sure is Spring! Even if it’s not perfect Spring break weather wherever you are, you can still take part in these five trending Spring beauty products. If you’re due to get hitched soon, you’ll want to look into these so you can look your best on the big day!BHLSpringBeauty2.jpg

Liquid Lipstick

This trend is really catching on and becoming perfected by some major brands. Stila makes an amazing all-day liquid lipstick that’ll run you $22 at beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. If you’re unsure, you can pick up Revlon’s liquid lipstick at a drugstore for around $8. Liquid lipsticks can pack some serious color punch while looking fresh all day long. There’s a low touch up factor and the slide on as easily as a lipgloss. Upgrade your lip game, and you’ll make everyone jealous of the lucky guy who gets to kiss you!

Lip Scrub

Between liquid lipstick colors, you will need to take care of those lips. Lip scrubs are becoming increasingly popular ways to take care of those lips just like you take care of your skin and hair. There are a wide range of lip scrubs, from drugstore brands like elf up to specialty store lines from Lush. Try to exfoliate your lips with a scrub once a week (pair it with your next deep condition or mud mask!) to have soft lips all Spring.BHLSpringBeauty1.jpg.jpg

High Gloss Nail Polish

Keep that poolside wet look going from the ceremony to the reception with a super shiny nail color. Bonus points if you can score a dewy Spring break color. If you’re wearing a neutral tone, go as bright as you wanna go to make that mani pop! If you’re wearing a fun color, try to do a tone in the same family. Matching colors can be too put together, keep it loose and fun (that’s what Spring is all about!).

Paraffin Wax Mani

Here in L.A., the paraffin wax mani treatment is popping up faster than our Spring daisies! This involves dipping your hands into a paraffin wax treatment for a few minutes, then washing them off to reveal soft, smooth hands. This add on is perfect if you’re doing gel nails, since the UV lights can be drying and damaging to your skin. Keep those hands looking good, it’ll make your ring sparkle that much more!


Hang Ten

Anytime there’s a change in temperature and climate, you’re going to have to do what you can to keep your hair from frizzing. We love leave in conditioners, but our favorite right now is the It’s A 10 brand. They keep our hair smooth, silky, and effortlessly flawless all the time. We love it to create loose Spring-y waves that scream carefree romantic.


The BHL Guide to Prefect Spring Skin

Spring is in the air, is your skin ready for the season? We’ve got the six best steps for getting your skin in shape for wedding season.

Get Off to a Good Start

Wash your face in the shower using a daily cleanser. It can be tempting to use a more deep cleaning facial cleaner everyday, but that runs the risk of stripping your skin of its’ important oils. Instead, opt for a daily cleaner that is meant for daily use. Wash everything else you need to in the shower before your start your face- your hair, skin, do any shaving you need to, then work on your face. The longer you put off your face, the more the steam will open up your pores. It’s a great habit to get into year round that will keep your skin staying spotless.BeFunky_Skin Rehab (1).jpg

Get Ready for Prime Time

Now that the seasons have changed, it’s important to keep your skin clear from the start. Opt for a primer that is oil-free, and organic if you can. Pick a primer that’s really catered to your skin type, like a matte primer for oily skin or a moisturizing primer for dry skin. Keeping everything oil-free lets your skin breathe, which you’ll need.BeFunky_Skin Rehab (2).jpg.jpg

Build a Foundation

You may want to consider switching up your foundation with the seasons. As the seasons change, so does your skin. It’s good to start using a foundation that has SPF now that you may have more time in the sun. As a rule, with the warmer seasons, it’s a also a good idea to have a more light to medium coverage foundation. Let your skin breathe and you can avoid any surprise outbreaks or irritations (which you cannot afford during wedding season!). BeFunky_Skin Rehab (3).jpg.jpg

Set it and Forget it

To keep your foundation from smearing, wearing out, or generally just not staying put, use a setting spray. We are HUGE fans of setting sprays here at BHL. They keep us looking good from the ceremony to the dancefloor at the reception. BeFunky_Skin Rehab (4).jpg.jpg

Take it Off

The one makeup sin that we’ve all been guilty off at some point? Not taking off makeup at the end of the night! Come on, we’ve all done it. You know how important it is, and it’s a bad habit to sleep in your makeup. Every night, use a gentle makeup remover so that the chemicals don’t damage your skin. I like using makeup remover wipes at the end of the night. It’s an easy way to ensure all your makeup is truly off at the end of the night, plus it feels refreshing once your skin can breathe.

Have Good Habits

All these tips are great for everyday, but if you can help it try to take a few days to not wear makeup. Only wear makeup on days that you need to, and let your skin breathe on days that you don’t. Once a week do an at home mask or deep clean to clear out any build up and keep your skin clear and smooth. Be good about keeping your skin in check every day, and you’ll be absolutely glowing by the time the big day comes around.


Five Must Haves for Spring Bridal Showers

March showers bring April flowers… and sometimes more April showers. The fun kind though- bridal showers! If you’re heading out to a bridal shower soon, here’s our five must haves for the season.

Loud and Proud

Loud prints are hot right now! Go as bold as you want to be, just balance it out so you don’t look like you’re doing too much. If you have a bold print dress, balance it out with a black or beige blazer. Mix basic solids with a loud print to keep it from overpowering an outfit.


Warm Tips

Trade out your neutrals and dark toned nail polishes for warm tones. Pastels are a staple of spring, but punchy spring break colors are trending. If you can find tones that compliment a bold pattern or color scheme you love, all the better! We love punchy pinks that scream “I’m on vacation!”.

Nude From the Ankle Down

What’s trending to balance out the punchy prints? A good nude heel. A structured nude heel is hot right now, and worth the investment. A good pair can become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. If a basic structured heel isn’t fun enough for you, opt for one with some spiked or studded hardware.

Subtle Braids

Whether you’re doing an updo or letting your tresses run wild, thin braids create the ultimate festival free look. Keep them small so that they don’t overpower your look. You don’t even have to tie them up at the bottom, let them flow freely throughout your hair. A bridal shower, afterall, celebrates love. A romantic look is perfect for the occasion!

Rose Colored Glasses

If you’re heading outside for a bridal shower brunch, ditch the black on black shades for turtleshell or another warmer brown tone. These are perfect for your spring bridal shower, or even to tote around at Coachella. It may be hard to find, but if you can find a warm rosy toned lense you’ll be owning the festival trend.


Five Beauty Tips for Bridesmaids

Your friend asked you to be one of the girls at her side for the most important day of her life- congratulations! This is her big day, but you want to be sure that you look good too. We’ve got five beauty tips that’ll keep you looking good on the big day.


Plan for Pictures

You may love the dewy look, but it doesn’t photograph well. Ever. Plan for a matte skin texture to keep you from looking greasy or sweaty. If you’re new to mattes, try out a matte setting powder or spray and use it over your whole face once you’re done up.

Get Blessings From The Bride

If you want to do something big or out of the ordinary, mention it to the bride. She may have a look she wants all her bridesmaids to have (like red lips all around or no smokey eyes). It’s her party, her night, and you should be respectful of whatever she wants. Trust us, it’ll come back around on your big day.

Stick to Long Lasting

It’s going to be a long day- plan for it. You’ll need your face to last through a ceremony, a reception, and a whole lot of love. That’s a lot. Go all out with primer, long lasting foundation and concealer, waterproof eye products and long lasting lip products. We suggest sealing your whole look with a finishing spray and keeping your lip color on hand. We also suggest committing to false lashes for the night to ensure you look doe eyed and adorable all night.

Gel Ahead

Unless you’re planning a mani pedi day with the rest of the bridal party, get your nails done a few days before the wedding. The best way to keep your nails looking good is to opt for a gel mani. Gel manicures can be good for up to two weeks and are smudge-proof. It’s going to be a slightly smaller splurge than a regular manicure, but it’s totally worth it (author’s note: I’m hooked!). As it gets closer and closer to the big day, your schedule is going to be more and more hectic. Take care of your nails while you can ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about them later.

Start Light

The week leading up to the wedding, let your skin breathe! Be sure to go a little lighter (swear off the falsies for a few days- it’ll be ok!) so you don’t risk breaking out or building up product. Stick to moisturizers with SPF if you can. When you do wear makeup, be sure to get all your makeup off and a daily wash. Keep your skin as fresh as possible, and your skin will look as fresh as possible.