Top Five Social Media Tips for Your Wedding

The wedding’s coming up- you’ve got to be excited! One of the best ways to share that excitement is via social media. Let’s be honest- you are probably in the majority of people who are involved in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Why not use it to your advantage and get all your loved ones amped on your wedding? We’ve got the top five tips to using social media for your wedding, and we’re sure you’ll ‘like’ them all.

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Create a hashtag and stick to it! Something as simple as #JohnsonWedding2014 on instagram and twitter can create a following, and gives your friends a way to both follow and participate in the wedding countdown. Use the hashtag in your save the dates and invites to really create a following. Use the hashtag when you do wedding things, like creating favors or cake tasting.

Handle It

Back up your wedding’s hashtag with its’ own social media handle! Put your personal account on hold and upload wedding pictures via an account dedicated solely to your wedding. Use it to retweet your friend’s updates on the wedding (if your bridesmaids post pictures of them doing wedding errands, share it!), keep all your wedding ideas together, and connect with vendors. It’s a great way to keep your social media organized.

Tag- You’re It!

Don’t forget to tag! Connect your account and hashtag with your guests and vendors to keep everyone involved. This creates a great community and gets everyone involved. Follow the bridal party so you have a great way of keeping in contact to discuss wedding elements. You can also tag and follow all of your vendors to stay connected to them. Many vendors are big on social media, and showing them a little extra love is always good karma.

Make Your Event an Event

After your invites are out, create a facebook event for it! If you want to use it as your rsvp page, go for it! If you want more formal rsvps, emphasize that the page is only to share wedding information. Update the page with a countdown, link your wedding tweets and instagrams to the facebook page, let people connect before the wedding. You can even take polls on what songs should play (or be banned!) to get the conversation going! For bonus points, have people connect to carpool to the ceremony. You’ll be helping your wedding party bond and get to the party!

Keep an ‘i’ on It

Be sure that you monitor what is posted, tagged, and out there for the world to see! For example, you shouldn’t post pictures of you in your wedding gown until after the wedding. Save the big reveal for big day! You also should be careful with posting your personal address and information on the internet (as you always should be!). You should follow the general rules of being safe on the internet for yourself and the safety of your guests. If you notice anyone is saying not-so-nice things on your pages, go ahead and block them. Keep the negativity out and let the good times roll.


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