Five Trending Lip Colors for Fall

Hey there bridal beauties, did you notice the leaves are changing? Well that means it’s time to switch up your look, too. Stash your summer shades away and let’s dive into what lip colors are trending right now.

If you’ve been loving coral and all the gorgeous oranges that have been trending, try out a more Autumn orange like ‘Made to Order’ by MAC ($15, MAC counters). It has a creamy texture and is one of Autumn’s most beautiful, easy to wear oranges. Go lightly with a touch of hydrating lip balm over it for a subtle look for bachelorette brunch, or wear some bold lip liner to create a sexy defined look for bachelorette parties.

If you’re looking for something a little cozier for fall that’s still versatile year round, pick up ‘Vixen’ by Covergirl ($8, drugstores).  It’s a light plummy red that you can dress down with a muted face, or dress up with warm cheeks. Plus, this lipstick also has a light pink color on the other end of the product for mixing and creating custom shades.

If you were a fuschia girl in the summer, check out a more blue based plum-fuchsia, like ‘Mauve Pink’ by Rimmel ($4, drugstores). The shimmer helps create great shape that will be the envy of all your bridesmaids. This creamy texture will keep your lips from drying out from the ceremony to the reception.

For the classic brides and bridesmaid, MAC’s Chili ($15, MAC counters) may be the way to go. This orange based red pairs great with all of fall’s biggest trends, as well as all of your go-to basics. Mattes are a great standby for fall, and this one-two punch of orange and red is perfect this fall.

Have you been loving your pinks? Slip on “Who Wore it Redder?” by Maybelline’s Color Whisper ($6, drugstores). The hydrating formula keeps your lips looking good through the night plus keeps them feeling good long after you take it off.This pink is the perfect shade to balance punchy summer colors and deeper later in the year tones. Keep this on hand for day trips with the bridesmaids and slide it on with smokey eyes at night.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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