Top Five Trending Fall Nail Colors

Hey bridal beauties! Fall is officially in full swing, and here at Bridal Hot List we could not be more thrilled. Last summer was all about beachy brights, and this fall is all about sophisticated shades that will look good at all your upcoming bridal events. Let’s go ahead and grab the nail files as we dive right into fall’s trending nail polishes.


A Sunset-Worthy Bronze

If you were looking forward to fall foliage all summer, a burnt bronze is the shade for you. “Rising Star” by OPI ($9, beauty supply stores) is a gold based bronze that shimmers like autumn leaves in the wind. The formula is warm but still packs a beautiful punch. How cute would this shade be wrapped around a mimosa at a bridal brunch?


An Elegant Neutral Tone

If you like shades that are more sophisticated and work well with anything, opt for a muted earthy tone. Pair with similar neutral tones creates a polished, put together look at dinner, or with red or navy to give a little edge to a classic. We’ve been loving “Toasted Almond” by Covergirl Outlast ($5, drugstores) for its’ creamy mocha look and beautiful, long lasting formula.


Calming Cool Tones

Were you loving last summer’s turquoise tone Turquoise & Caicos from Essie? A deep teal-turquoise will be your new favorite shade. “Vested Interest” from Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) isn’t anyone’s standard go-to green- it’s so much more than that. This edgy teal is complementary to cool tones and can easily be dressed up or down for bridal events of any dress code.


Cute Creamsicle

If you’re looking for a shade that will look great when you’re dancing with your bridesmaids, but still be appropriate Monday morning at the office, opt for a muted peachy shade with a yellow undertone. We love “Sunset Sails” by China Glaze ($5, beauty supply stores) because it’s classy, it’s feminine, and it’s a perfect fall color. This shade would be appropriate for a ceremony or any slightly more formal or conservative event, but still looks warm and romantic.


Deep Navy

Deep complex colors are perfect this fall, but keep it cute by not doing black. Try a deep navy like “After School Boy Blazer” by Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) It’s an edgy shade for fall without being too grim or depressing. If you want something smoldering for a bachelorette party or edgy for an engagement party, this is your shade.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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