NYC Red Vintage Inspired Styled Shoot

I think Red just became my new favorite color. And it is all due to the gorgeous red details that are featured in this beautiful styled shoot from Sasha Chou Photography. When you have stunning florals, an exquisite gown,  and a killer New York City backdrop, then it is all over. All over with a swoon at every single amazing detail.  It is lovely inspiration like this, that makes me love my job more and more each and every day. I mean, come on, how breathtaking is the bride and groom in such a dreamy setting?  I kind of want to be transported to the city and get all dolled up with the pretty dress, the romantic flower crown, and surrounded by all the elegant details.  So, without further adieu,  lets dive into this perfectly made red vintage inspired styled shoot and enjoy a bit of wedding inspiration.



























Inspiration from Sasha Chou Photography

 We decided to do the shoot in the city’s East River Park, with the Williamsburg Bridge and the morning sunrise as our backdrop.

Our shoot featured many elements that most brides needing an inspirational boost can draw from. For example, the vintage dress being modeled in the shoot can appeal to a bride considering whether an heirloom dress can be made anew again.

Another idea that can be used for an inspirational feature is the beautiful floral crown adorned on our bride’s head. Budget and DIY brides are always looking for affordable alternatives to the pricey cathedral/double veils; so our floral crown can come to the rescue. This was created using a vibrant and bold red rose and balanced by ranunculus and brides protea intertwined amongst a vine of jasmine.

A special element for this shoot is the red shawl, which coincidentally ties in with the red of the bride’s bouquet, corsage and floral crown. It can add a special something to bride’s looking to incorporate the statement color into their wedding; even if it so happens to be red.



Photographer: Sasha Chou Photography

Florist: Gotham Florist

Wedding Planner: Beauty and the Details

Make Up: Ann Tam

Veil: Artikal Millinery

Linens: Two of a Kind

Models: Tanya Belova & Iulian Solomon

Fourth of July Table Inspiration

At BHL we are all about style, design, trends, and the parties and weddings that go with them.  We are getting into the 4th of July spirit, and  wanted to share with you a fabulous table design ready for any Fourth of July party.  Bring style to your Fourth of July Table with these amazing red, white , and blue tabletop elements. A simple yet very stylish tablescape put together by a  brilliantly talented team that has us “oohing”, and “awing” at every lovely detail. The pretty florals, the gorgeous linens, and the beachy touches are what make this table so festive and fun.  It kind of has us wanting to start the celebration a bit early. Lets celebrate America’s Birthday in style with this fantastic table! Get ready to be inspired and get into the Fourth of July spirit.








Venue: Hotel Seven 4 One

Florist: Studio La Fleur

Rentals: Baker Party Rentals

Linens: GBS Linens

Photography: Christine Bentley Photography


USA Love Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

This week it is all about the red, white, and blue. We are super excited because the USA team is playing in the FIFA World Cup game today! We are cheering them on loud and proud, and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!”. The USA team is not the only team we are cheering for today. We are applauding and cheering for this adorable and lovely couple and their amazing fourth of July inspired engagement session. What makes this session even more fabulous? The talented gal behind the lens. None other than our lovely friend and photographer, Jaime Davis of Jaime Davis Photography . Yep, she has done it again. Wowed us with her amazing photography skills. This couple is so cute and adorable. We have never met them, but we can just want to hang out with them all day. We love how they are showing off their USA love at this popular local Orange County spot. Perfect for any beach lover.  So, before cheering on your team today, take a moment to browse this fun red, white, and blue engagement session. If you were not in the spirit before, you will be after viewing the incredible images.  Enjoy, and GO TEAM USA!

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View More: Jaime Davis Photography

Meet Jillian and Aaron. They both love red white and blue and wanted to tie that in along with boating/beach for their engagement session. What I love is how they incorporated their daughter, Charlotte and included her in the session. What a cute girl she is! Jillian and Aaron, along with their daughter had a blast the day we went to Balboa Island and the Fun Zone. This location could not be any more perfect for this family.  From the boardwalk, to the sands of the beach, taking photos of this family was so fun!We laughed, and had such a great time! Congrats to Jillian and Aaron!

Red Riding Hood Inspired Styled Shoot

I have and always will be a lover of fairytales and storybook dreams. Of course when this is combined so gorgeously with a wedding, then I am totally head over heels. That is exactly what happened on this gorgeous Monday morning. How does the wedding of  Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf look like? It is more than I could have imagined. When Blissful Events, Rachel Miller of Fatty Freckles, and the amazing team behind this beautiful styled shoot got together, a lovely fairytale was written. The most beautiful bride looking oh so beautiful with that red cape. Dark, exquisite, and stunning details which has me falling in love with this tale all over again. Thank you to Nerinna Studios for capturing all the elegant details and delivering the most breathtaking images. Mondays are not so bad when you have a styled shoot like this one.





























From Blissful Events …

We wanted to have something fun yet dark for this shoot. So we thought what a better way to do that than Little Red Riding Hood Gone Bridal. =) Inspired by the children’s story, this was a very fun and colorful shoot. We used lots of deep, dark reds and blacks and golds. We choose a location that looked like it was out in the wild. Sanborn Park in Saratoga was the perfect venue for this shoot as it provided a space where Red could “run” from the wolf! The two piece Waters gown was amazing along with a dark red cape for Red to feel herself in.

Vendor information:

Event Styling and Design:  Rachel Miller of Fatty Freckles

Wedding and Event Planner: Blissful Events

Location: Sanborn Park

Bridal Accessories: Something Treasured

Photography: Nerinna Studios

Floral Designer: McCallum Designs

Paper Goods: Steele My Hearts

Hair & Makeup Artist: Ellyse Bernales

Jewelry: NCC Diamonds

Bridal Gown: Watters

Bakery: Artistic Bites

Model: Sarah Agar


Top Three Fall Bridal Gowns from Andrea’s Fashions

Are you enjoying this fall season as much as I am?  I have to tell you that I am totally in love with the fall season. We may not get the total fall season experience here in Southern California, but the little that we do,  makes me smile. We are celebrating fall in a fabulous and fashionable way. How? By sharing a few gorgeous fall bridal gowns that are totally trending.   When it comes to stylish and trendy gowns we look to Andrea’s Fashions.  They have provided us their top three fall bridal gowns which are so jaw-dropping beautiful, that we think that every girl would love to get their hand on these. Yes, these gowns SO pretty and totally hot. Again, I love the fall season!

  • Burgundy Satin Gown

This gown is a gorgeous beast! It is high in the front, and low in the back. This color is rich and vibrant and gives any bride a gorgeous pop on her big day. The fabric of the gown makes the color give depth and the pleats in the skirt makes anyone have a skinny waste line. Wow right? There is no seam, as it is an all one piece cut on a circular skirt. The skirt can be changed by connecting the loops to the under layer. Making it an entirely new dress! It can even be done in high in the front, and low in the back, giving more of a train look for walking down the aisle. In love with this creative design. Four dresses in one!




  •  Spanish Inspired Gown

This gown is all French hand embroidery with silk thread and a drop waist featuring a soft full skirt. This dress can transform any bride into a gorgeous Spanish Princess. It brings attention and is a total jaw dropper.  The veil is netted with horse hair to give it that looped shape. It can be used as a veil or tied in many different styles for the bride. This is a ball gown look for  the non-traditional Bride. This dress can be altered to be short after the wedding day for an adorable cocktail dress great for any occasion. Beautiful right?



  • Silk Chiffon Gown

This gown is everything. It features Juliette sleeves which are stunning. The dress is a straight skirt with a corset to give any bride that skinny waistline to show off the curves. It is a perfect dress for the more mature bride. The sleeves can be changed to be both off the shoulder or on the shoulder. Love this hot Valentino red color. So sophisticated and fashion forward for the Fall Season.

image (3)

St. Regis Atlanta Wedding from My Simply Perfect Events

If there is one thing we love here at BHL, it is Wedding Wednesday. But what we really love on this Wedding Wednesday is this ubber chic wedding which has made our hearts go pitter patter. The kind of wedding that has us gasping at every single detail.  That happens when My Simply Perfect Events is part of this jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful soiree.  We’ve seen our fair share of classic soirees with just a touch of elegance,  but never before have we seen those two components blended together as seamlessly as they are in this stunning affair.   My Simply Perfect Events has really outdone themselves this time with the grand candy bar, the breathtaking tabletops, and the gorgeous planning behind it all. All we can say is crazy gorgeous, crazy fabulous and crazy chic. Yep, it is THAT good. So don’t hesitate for a moment, and instead take a look at the super gorgeous images this wedding has to offer.


-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0197

Ross Oscar Knight_Brown Wedding_St Regis Hotel_0039

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0160

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0161

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0162

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0163

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0202

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0019

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0028

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0029

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0031

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0034

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0203

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0039

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0066

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0044

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0045

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0212

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0054

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0058

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0017

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0013

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0168

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0174

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0172

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0166

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0171

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0228

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0231

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0230

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0234

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0065

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0090

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0086

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0084

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0077

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0076

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0126

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0093

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0091

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0096

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0144

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0083

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0121

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0120

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0115

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0238

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0237

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0110

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0145

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0146

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0080


From My Simply Perfect Events

Shantell & Corey were married at the beautiful St. Regis hotel in Atlanta.  There are so many things to say about this breathtaking wedding.  Her bouquet, her dress, the tears streaming down Corey’s face when he saw Shantell walking down the aisle…(I cry at every wedding but I had to step out when Corey started crying.  It was beyond sweet).   Shantell is a Delta, and so she chose the color red to be incorporated into her wedding. I presented the idea of flowers dripping onto the floor. I didn’t want their wedding to be typical so I suggested estate tables and the dripping flowers so it can all come together in the most elegant of ways.   The estate tables with the dripping flowers were basically everything.   I took billions, yes…billions, of pictures with my cell phone because I just couldn’t believe how delicious the tables were.  Oh and did I mention the amazingly amazing candy bar that spelled out “S (heart) C” for Shantell Loves Corey?!

They had a live band and a DJ. Right after cocktail hour, I had the band play,”Celebrate” (you know, celebrate good times, come on!),then opened the doors for the guests to come in. The music was so lively and welcoming. At first, the guests gasped, stared and then they walked into the reception. Rather than going straight to their tables, everyone went straight to the dance floor. It was awesome!!! I let people take their time making their way to their tables because this was so organic, I didn’t want to ruin the moment. When the bridal party was announced, I had them walk to the dance floor and create a half-moon. The Dj, DJ Mark Battle of One Sound and Entertainment, knew the perfect song to play to get the crowd excited while the bride and groom were introduced. He played T.I.’s “Bring ’em Out”. I’ve never felt energy like that at a wedding before. You would have thought that T.I. was there! The night was magical. So much love and so much beauty.


Vendor Information:
Wedding Planner: My Simply Perfect Events
Photography: Ross Oscar Knight
Venue and Catering: St. Regis Atlanta
Flowers and Décor: A Legendary Event
Videography: MOBOC Productions

The Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Wedding Wednesday is here. Oh, it is a good one. So good, our hearts are pounding faster and faster.  As you know we have been “Going Gatsby” these last couple days. We can not stop. We are not going to stop. Yep, THAT is how obsessed we are with The Great Gatsby. Two days until the movie premiere, and we can not wait. Oh happy day indeed.  We had kicked the week off with a fabulous post on Pre-Wedding Parties Inspired By The Great Gatsby”, brought to us by the very talented Event Stylist and Designer, Carmen Funetes of Expressionary Events.  If you thought that was amazing, wait until you see what we have in store for today. Wedding Wednesday just got better.  We have The Great Gatsby inspired wedding look. While we can go on for days about just how fabulous Gatsby inspired weddings are, we will just take a moment for you soak in all the 1920s glam of this stunning photo shoot.





  • Classic and Sophisticated Wedding Day Look:  What would Jay Gatsby and Daisy wedding look like today? This look is elegant and classic.

The Groom:  Wearing a white tuxedo jacket and vest paired with navy blue trousers. A white and blue pinstriped dress shirt with a Gray diagonal striped tie

Colors: White, Blue, Navy Blue, Gray

Brands/Designers: Friar Tux, Calvin Klein

The Bride: Wearing a Laced olive green and gold cap sleeved dress paired with long black silk gloves.

Colors: Olive, Black, Gold

Jewelry: Black beaded necklace (Tiana Vega Collection), Diamond Studs (Givenchy)

Brands/Designers: Tiana Vega Collection | Givenchy




Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux

Bride’s Gown:  Tiana Vega Collection

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

  • Whimsical Wedding Reception Look:  A look which is fun, less formal, and whimsical.  A 1920s vintage inspired wedding.









Groom:  Wearing a Tan slim fitted suit with textured bow tie.

Bride: Wearing an Allure V-neck, laced applique dress.

Jewelry: Vintage pearl earrings and necklace.

Colors: Tan, blue, brown, cream

Textures: Lace, silk, satin

Brands/ Designers: Allure, Tommy Hilfiger










Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Elegance

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

Linens: Designer Specialty Linens

Calligraphy: Calligraphy Katrina

Specialty Bar (Whiskey): Night Owl Productions

Candy Station: Candee by Sandee

Band: Scott Cummings Music

Table art: Commemory Fine Art


Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration by Erika’s Elegance

Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to celebrate than to share some Valentine’s Day inspired wedding details.  Gold, deep reds, and some bling are some of the chic elements to add some Valentine’s day love into a wedding.


This gorgeous flower arrangement was designed and made by Erika’s Elegance, with deep red roses, and for some contrast, green foliage was added. I love how the red color just pops. Simply beautiful!



Deep red roses line the aisle, creating a romantic walkway.


Elegant and chic escort cards with a little bling. I love these!


Look at this stunning bridal bouquet. Deep red roses all tied up with gold ribbon, and just the right amount of bling. I am in love. So romantic and elegant.


The bridesmaid’s bouquets are gorgeous. Red roses with a touch of gold, giving it a simple, yet beautiful look.

IMG_0760 (2)

Check out this beautiful red aisle runner with gold trim. What a way to walk down the aisle!  Talk about walking the “red carpet”. This is fabulous. Perfect for an over the top bride who wants all the chic and glamour on her wedding day.


Coordinator: Erika’s Elegance
Flowers: Erika’s Elegance
Stationary: Erika’s Elegance
Photography: GC Photo Booth

Fairmont Newport Beach Wedding from Perfectly Made Weddings and Events

Being such a hopeless romantic who adores weddings and all the love that comes with it, had the pleasure to help plan and coordinate the most beautiful wedding. The bride and groom with an amazing eye for design, concept, and colors, together with Perfectly Made Weddings, created a total romantic feel wedding with a touch of tradition.

Set at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach California, sweet love and romance was seen throughout the day. The ceremony took place at the private lawn which featured lush greenery, a beautifully decorated gazebo, and four tables set up with a traditional Sofreh Aghd.  The ballroom transformed into a romantic get away with its lush colors of deep red and purple, gorgeous flowers, tall mirrors, and stunning chandeliers.  The beautiful room featured a ten piece live band, a traditional Persian tea station, and a exquisite dinner and dessert spread. A wedding that combined tradition and culture with all the romantic elements, creating an elaborate look. Simply amazing.

Zaven Photography captured all the love and elegance.  Get ready to fall in love!



Sofreh Aghd done by Elegant Sofreh Design