St. Regis Atlanta Wedding from My Simply Perfect Events

If there is one thing we love here at BHL, it is Wedding Wednesday. But what we really love on this Wedding Wednesday is this ubber chic wedding which has made our hearts go pitter patter. The kind of wedding that has us gasping at every single detail.  That happens when My Simply Perfect Events is part of this jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful soiree.  We’ve seen our fair share of classic soirees with just a touch of elegance,  but never before have we seen those two components blended together as seamlessly as they are in this stunning affair.   My Simply Perfect Events has really outdone themselves this time with the grand candy bar, the breathtaking tabletops, and the gorgeous planning behind it all. All we can say is crazy gorgeous, crazy fabulous and crazy chic. Yep, it is THAT good. So don’t hesitate for a moment, and instead take a look at the super gorgeous images this wedding has to offer.


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From My Simply Perfect Events

Shantell & Corey were married at the beautiful St. Regis hotel in Atlanta.  There are so many things to say about this breathtaking wedding.  Her bouquet, her dress, the tears streaming down Corey’s face when he saw Shantell walking down the aisle…(I cry at every wedding but I had to step out when Corey started crying.  It was beyond sweet).   Shantell is a Delta, and so she chose the color red to be incorporated into her wedding. I presented the idea of flowers dripping onto the floor. I didn’t want their wedding to be typical so I suggested estate tables and the dripping flowers so it can all come together in the most elegant of ways.   The estate tables with the dripping flowers were basically everything.   I took billions, yes…billions, of pictures with my cell phone because I just couldn’t believe how delicious the tables were.  Oh and did I mention the amazingly amazing candy bar that spelled out “S (heart) C” for Shantell Loves Corey?!

They had a live band and a DJ. Right after cocktail hour, I had the band play,”Celebrate” (you know, celebrate good times, come on!),then opened the doors for the guests to come in. The music was so lively and welcoming. At first, the guests gasped, stared and then they walked into the reception. Rather than going straight to their tables, everyone went straight to the dance floor. It was awesome!!! I let people take their time making their way to their tables because this was so organic, I didn’t want to ruin the moment. When the bridal party was announced, I had them walk to the dance floor and create a half-moon. The Dj, DJ Mark Battle of One Sound and Entertainment, knew the perfect song to play to get the crowd excited while the bride and groom were introduced. He played T.I.’s “Bring ’em Out”. I’ve never felt energy like that at a wedding before. You would have thought that T.I. was there! The night was magical. So much love and so much beauty.


Vendor Information:
Wedding Planner: My Simply Perfect Events
Photography: Ross Oscar Knight
Venue and Catering: St. Regis Atlanta
Flowers and Décor: A Legendary Event
Videography: MOBOC Productions

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