Georgia: Kisses and Hugs Engagement Session

Kicking off the week of love with this darling engagement session from Julie Anne Photography, LLC.  This e-session has us totally getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and we can not get enough of it. The Kiss booth, the vintage Coke bottles, and a couple who is so darn cute and adorable, we cant stand it! It is the type of session that has us totally in love and wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days early. When you are in love like these two obviously are, then you know it will be a perfect engagement session full of nothing but laughs, kisses, hugs, and pure happiness.  Enjoy your Monday morning with a dose of Valentine’s Day love from this beautiful couple.

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

Peach Blossom Photography

From Julie Anne Photography, LLC

Atlanta is known for Coca-cola, the Georgia Bulldogs, and Falcons so the color scheme was easy – red & white! Here in Georgia, we also love the outdoors, running barefoot and our little sundresses. The inspiration for this shoot was to take the vintage concept of carnival kissing booths and old coke bottles and recreate them with a bit of whimsy in one of my favorite fields. We started with straight letters on the booth but a gust of wind knocked the letters crooked and I thought it just really added character. The lighting was perfect and the couple was so natural. Very little posing or direction was given. Samantha was the one who took her shoes off and hopped up on the picnic table. Jared with his five o’clock shadow, button down with the rolled sleeves, and big smile just screams southern boy. The whole session took less than 45 minutes to shoot because they made it so easy – laughing and having a great time!



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Georgia Farm Wedding from Matthew Druin Photography

Farm weddings are after my heart. When you have a wide and vast farm field, a lovely bride and groom, an outdoor dinner set up, and then a gorgeous scenery surrounding it all, I just want to immerse myself in it all day. I do not know what it is, but I LOVE outdoor weddings. Especially when there is  farm added to the mix.  I guess it is the rustic and nature elements that get me every time.  So when I first glimpsed at the first image of this beautiful wedding set at a Georgia Farm, all I wanted to do is to view more. It was pretty hard to choose which images to share, as I literally wanted to share ALL of them with you. So without any more delay, enjoy the breathtaking photographs from Matthew Druin Photography and get ready to be amazed.







































From Matthew Druin Photography...

During the summer, Chase worked at the YMCA Summer Camp for a few years, but he would never forget the summer of 2011. After Kelly applied for many internships during graduate school, only to have countless options fall through, she finally got one at the YMCA Summer Camp. Although they are not sure if it was love at first sight, there was definitely some amazing magic that happened that summer. They began building on their friendship the whole summer and later moved into a relationship. From there, the rest is history.

Kelly and Chase aren’t your average couple, after all, their first date included exploring Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, so they decided to get married on a beautiful farm nestled in the Northwest part of Georgia. The venue, simply known as The Farm in Rome, Georgia, was the perfect fit for their big day.
Even without phone coverage, we were still able to make everything happen perfectly and on-time. To make it all a little trickier, both Kelly and Chase, as well as a few others at the wedding were twins! Once everyone was dressed, it was pretty easy to spot who was who. Lol. The Farm has A LOT of property and things are very spread out so we had to drive a good distance to meet with Kelly and the girls while they were getting ready.The guys got ready a little closer to the main ceremony site which was convenient when it was time to meet for the ceremony. The ceremony itself was held very deep in a wide-open field making it the perfect location.
After the ceremony everyone took time to recover and touch up from the scorching hot ceremony before meeting back up to finish the portraits. We then all moved to the reception location a little ways down the property at the main barn area. Once Kelly and Chase were introduced and had their first dance, everyone sat down to dinner. Instead of having everyone sit at separate tables, everyone sat at the longest table I’ve ever seen! Seriously…it was looooonnnnggggg. I thought this was a great touch, keeping everyone close for conversation and connection.
Once dinner was over, everyone was excited to eat cake, let loose, and enjoy each others company. Black Tie Events kicked off the dancing and kept it going long into the night. One of the most important things to Kelly and Chase about their wedding was being surrounded by loving family and friends. I think they accomplished that well.

St. Regis Atlanta Wedding from My Simply Perfect Events

If there is one thing we love here at BHL, it is Wedding Wednesday. But what we really love on this Wedding Wednesday is this ubber chic wedding which has made our hearts go pitter patter. The kind of wedding that has us gasping at every single detail.  That happens when My Simply Perfect Events is part of this jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful soiree.  We’ve seen our fair share of classic soirees with just a touch of elegance,  but never before have we seen those two components blended together as seamlessly as they are in this stunning affair.   My Simply Perfect Events has really outdone themselves this time with the grand candy bar, the breathtaking tabletops, and the gorgeous planning behind it all. All we can say is crazy gorgeous, crazy fabulous and crazy chic. Yep, it is THAT good. So don’t hesitate for a moment, and instead take a look at the super gorgeous images this wedding has to offer.


-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0197

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-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0160

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0161

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0162

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0163

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0202

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0019

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0028

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0029

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0031

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0034

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0203

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0039

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0066

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0044

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0045

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0212

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0054

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0058

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0017

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0013

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0168

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0174

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0172

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0166

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0171

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0228

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0231

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0230

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0234

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0065

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0090

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0086

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0084

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0077

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0076

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0126

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0093

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0091

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0096

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0144

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0083

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0121

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0120

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0115

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0238

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0237

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0110

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0145

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0146

-¬ 2012 Ross Oscar Knight_0080


From My Simply Perfect Events

Shantell & Corey were married at the beautiful St. Regis hotel in Atlanta.  There are so many things to say about this breathtaking wedding.  Her bouquet, her dress, the tears streaming down Corey’s face when he saw Shantell walking down the aisle…(I cry at every wedding but I had to step out when Corey started crying.  It was beyond sweet).   Shantell is a Delta, and so she chose the color red to be incorporated into her wedding. I presented the idea of flowers dripping onto the floor. I didn’t want their wedding to be typical so I suggested estate tables and the dripping flowers so it can all come together in the most elegant of ways.   The estate tables with the dripping flowers were basically everything.   I took billions, yes…billions, of pictures with my cell phone because I just couldn’t believe how delicious the tables were.  Oh and did I mention the amazingly amazing candy bar that spelled out “S (heart) C” for Shantell Loves Corey?!

They had a live band and a DJ. Right after cocktail hour, I had the band play,”Celebrate” (you know, celebrate good times, come on!),then opened the doors for the guests to come in. The music was so lively and welcoming. At first, the guests gasped, stared and then they walked into the reception. Rather than going straight to their tables, everyone went straight to the dance floor. It was awesome!!! I let people take their time making their way to their tables because this was so organic, I didn’t want to ruin the moment. When the bridal party was announced, I had them walk to the dance floor and create a half-moon. The Dj, DJ Mark Battle of One Sound and Entertainment, knew the perfect song to play to get the crowd excited while the bride and groom were introduced. He played T.I.’s “Bring ’em Out”. I’ve never felt energy like that at a wedding before. You would have thought that T.I. was there! The night was magical. So much love and so much beauty.


Vendor Information:
Wedding Planner: My Simply Perfect Events
Photography: Ross Oscar Knight
Venue and Catering: St. Regis Atlanta
Flowers and Décor: A Legendary Event
Videography: MOBOC Productions