The Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Wedding Wednesday is here. Oh, it is a good one. So good, our hearts are pounding faster and faster.  As you know we have been “Going Gatsby” these last couple days. We can not stop. We are not going to stop. Yep, THAT is how obsessed we are with The Great Gatsby. Two days until the movie premiere, and we can not wait. Oh happy day indeed.  We had kicked the week off with a fabulous post on Pre-Wedding Parties Inspired By The Great Gatsby”, brought to us by the very talented Event Stylist and Designer, Carmen Funetes of Expressionary Events.  If you thought that was amazing, wait until you see what we have in store for today. Wedding Wednesday just got better.  We have The Great Gatsby inspired wedding look. While we can go on for days about just how fabulous Gatsby inspired weddings are, we will just take a moment for you soak in all the 1920s glam of this stunning photo shoot.





  • Classic and Sophisticated Wedding Day Look:  What would Jay Gatsby and Daisy wedding look like today? This look is elegant and classic.

The Groom:  Wearing a white tuxedo jacket and vest paired with navy blue trousers. A white and blue pinstriped dress shirt with a Gray diagonal striped tie

Colors: White, Blue, Navy Blue, Gray

Brands/Designers: Friar Tux, Calvin Klein

The Bride: Wearing a Laced olive green and gold cap sleeved dress paired with long black silk gloves.

Colors: Olive, Black, Gold

Jewelry: Black beaded necklace (Tiana Vega Collection), Diamond Studs (Givenchy)

Brands/Designers: Tiana Vega Collection | Givenchy




Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux

Bride’s Gown:  Tiana Vega Collection

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

  • Whimsical Wedding Reception Look:  A look which is fun, less formal, and whimsical.  A 1920s vintage inspired wedding.









Groom:  Wearing a Tan slim fitted suit with textured bow tie.

Bride: Wearing an Allure V-neck, laced applique dress.

Jewelry: Vintage pearl earrings and necklace.

Colors: Tan, blue, brown, cream

Textures: Lace, silk, satin

Brands/ Designers: Allure, Tommy Hilfiger










Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Elegance

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

Linens: Designer Specialty Linens

Calligraphy: Calligraphy Katrina

Specialty Bar (Whiskey): Night Owl Productions

Candy Station: Candee by Sandee

Band: Scott Cummings Music

Table art: Commemory Fine Art


Luxury Living for Your Wedding Day

Happy Trend Tuesday!  We are always looking for the hottest trends in weddings. We are so excited because a fabulous trend has just arrived in Orange County, California. Yes, right in our hometown! Our wedding-loving hearts just got happier.  Today’s weddings are more than a celebration of the bride and her groom. They are also a great time to bring out all the over-the-top wow-factors.  The Lavish Cabana Collection offers more than just a simple cabana. If you want to upgrade your wedding with something unique and grand, then consider this beautiful cabana collection, which deserves a standing ovation. What is great is that each cabana is custom made with the finest fabrics, lush floorings, intricate details, and accent lighting. So, how can you incorporate these fabulous details into your big day? We can not wait to share!

You can add chic elegance to your wedding day by including some amazing cabanas for your wedding day activities. For pre-ceremony events, the groom and his men can have an exclusive lounge set up under a lavish and classy cabana where they can hang out,  a place where any guy would feel like VIP. Why not feel like a rock star on one of the most important days of your life? Relaxing and chilling at your own personal swanky lounge sounds amazing, right?

Oh and ladies, imagine a luxurious and gorgeous cabana, where you can get all pampered and dolled up. You’re about to have one of the most biggest moments in your life, so why not be relaxed and have fun in luxury?

Imagine saying “I do,” under a grand and elegant cabana in front of all your friends and family. A special and intimate space created just for you while feeling like a queen and king. Go ahead and ” wow” your guests. If there was any day to do that, it would be this day!

Let’s continue the day with more ways that cabanas can add style and frill to your big day. For post ceremony events, cabanas are perfect for cocktail hour, reception, and lounges. For dining, you can have a special cabana set up for you and your wedding party. The options for dining can be sitting around a low-style table, or regular round table. Dine in the finest of ways, surrounded by beautiful fabrics, lovely details, and lighting.  These stunning cabanas creates an ambiance which will make a lasting memory for you and your guests.

I can say from personal experience, that as soon as I saw one of these cabanas for the first time, it was so luxurious  I did not feel like I deserved it.  Oh, you can not get the full effect until you have been inside. Let me tell you, the moment my foot touched the soft, and lush flooring, and I was under all the gorgeous details, I felt like a million bucks. Not only did I feel special, I was very relaxed and could probably sit there for hours. Oh, did I tell you you can take your shoes off? That is the best part! You can see why we are so in love with this cabanas.

If you want an unforgettable wedding day for you and your guests, then consider The Lavish Cabana Collection.







pink cabana
















For more information on how you can see these amazing cabanas in person, call The Lavish Cabana Collection for a special tour today!