The Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Wedding Wednesday is here. Oh, it is a good one. So good, our hearts are pounding faster and faster.  As you know we have been “Going Gatsby” these last couple days. We can not stop. We are not going to stop. Yep, THAT is how obsessed we are with The Great Gatsby. Two days until the movie premiere, and we can not wait. Oh happy day indeed.  We had kicked the week off with a fabulous post on Pre-Wedding Parties Inspired By The Great Gatsby”, brought to us by the very talented Event Stylist and Designer, Carmen Funetes of Expressionary Events.  If you thought that was amazing, wait until you see what we have in store for today. Wedding Wednesday just got better.  We have The Great Gatsby inspired wedding look. While we can go on for days about just how fabulous Gatsby inspired weddings are, we will just take a moment for you soak in all the 1920s glam of this stunning photo shoot.





  • Classic and Sophisticated Wedding Day Look:  What would Jay Gatsby and Daisy wedding look like today? This look is elegant and classic.

The Groom:  Wearing a white tuxedo jacket and vest paired with navy blue trousers. A white and blue pinstriped dress shirt with a Gray diagonal striped tie

Colors: White, Blue, Navy Blue, Gray

Brands/Designers: Friar Tux, Calvin Klein

The Bride: Wearing a Laced olive green and gold cap sleeved dress paired with long black silk gloves.

Colors: Olive, Black, Gold

Jewelry: Black beaded necklace (Tiana Vega Collection), Diamond Studs (Givenchy)

Brands/Designers: Tiana Vega Collection | Givenchy




Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux

Bride’s Gown:  Tiana Vega Collection

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

  • Whimsical Wedding Reception Look:  A look which is fun, less formal, and whimsical.  A 1920s vintage inspired wedding.









Groom:  Wearing a Tan slim fitted suit with textured bow tie.

Bride: Wearing an Allure V-neck, laced applique dress.

Jewelry: Vintage pearl earrings and necklace.

Colors: Tan, blue, brown, cream

Textures: Lace, silk, satin

Brands/ Designers: Allure, Tommy Hilfiger










Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Elegance

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling

Flowers: Bonne Fleur

Linens: Designer Specialty Linens

Calligraphy: Calligraphy Katrina

Specialty Bar (Whiskey): Night Owl Productions

Candy Station: Candee by Sandee

Band: Scott Cummings Music

Table art: Commemory Fine Art


Pre-Wedding Parties Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Giddy over Gatsby? Us too. We are starting a new week with celebration of the Great Gatsby movie premiere . Some of us have pulled our old copies of the book, reading it all over again. We are totally obsessed with the Great Gatsby era and all the elegance, charm, and glamour it brings.  So, when we received this Great Gatsby inspired shoot, our Gatsby loving hearts geared into full swoon mode! We are talking total bliss.  Carmen Fuentes of Expressionary Events  is the gal behind this awe-inspiring concept, as she brings the Great Gatsby to us in the most glamorous of ways.  We can not get over the stunning details that are getting us even more excited for the movie! To kick things off, we are going to share a couple of looks to get you not only inspired and prepped for the movie premiere, but also for  your wedding day look.  Get ready to feast your pretty eyes on  jaw-dropping glitz and glam.

First, a little about the shoot…

The Great Gatsby gives us glimpse of an era of elegance, sophistication and glamour and so we drew inspiration from this great American novel to capture the looks. Our vision was to portray a prosperous time in American history by bringing in elements of lush and romance into the unique décor details of each space. The shoot was held at the prestigious Sky Room, located atop the historic Breakers of Long Beach Hotel. Since the 1920’s, this Art Deco venue has entertained Hollywood luminaries such as Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Lindberg, and Cary Grant.

With the May 2013 release of Baz Luhrmann’s adapted film of the Great Gatsby, our goal was to offer inspiration options for brides who would like to capture this moment in time and incorporate modern elements into their wedding theme. We noticed many bridal gown designers such as Kitty Chen and Allure anticipated the release of this film and they created a modern line of wedding gowns and accessories in vintage silk, satin and lace. These and other designers are bringing a modern feeling to the classic shape of the Roaring Twenties with beaded cap sleeves, low backs and drop waists.

Another element of inspiration for this shoot came from Tiana Vega’s collection of evening gowns. The collection includes sleek fabrics and symmetries as well as dark colors that are reminiscent of the 1920’s. Much of the inspiration for the menswear seen in this shoot were taken by the Ralph Lauren designs portrayed in the 1974 adaption of The Great Gatsby. The fashion designs of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Liz Claiborne are proving that styles from the 20’s, (i.e. newsboy caps and three-piece suits) still deem relevant and withstanding the ever evolving world of fashion trends. The Color palette for the menswear in this shoot consisted of white, gray and tan tones.

  • Jay Gatsby Inspired “Bachelor Party” Look:  What would Jay Gatsby’s bachelor party look like? This look is 1920’s inspired with a modern twist. The men are wearing suits with newspaper boy caps, textured ties, bow ties and trimmed dress shirts.

Colors: Navy Blue, Browns, Gray, Gold, Blue

Patterns: Stripes, Solids, Prints

Brands/Designers: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Alfani, Claiborne








Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Men’s Attire:  Friar Tux

Cigars: El Canito Cigar Rolling


  • Wedding Rehearsal Evening Look:  Inspired by an intimate and cozy feel, the outfits are embodied with rich colors and vintage inspired textures.

Groom Attire: Three-piece suit. White trimmed dress shirt with textured tie.

Bride Attire: Vintage inspired two-toned dress with long black silk gloves.

Textures: Velvet, suede, and silk.

Colors: White, Cream, Gray, Maroon,  and Black.

Brands/Designers: Tiana Vega Collection, Belucci Couture, Alfani, and Calvin Klein.









Venue: The Sky Room

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Drexelle & David Park of D. Park Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Men’s Attire:  Friar Tux

Evening Gown:  Tiana Vega Collection

Evening Clutch: Belucci Couture

Jewelry:  Tiana Vega Collection



Make sure to check in later this week for more Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Looks right here: