Five Essential Questions for your Wedding Photographer

One of the most important vendors at your wedding is your photographer. Whoever you hire is in charge of helping you and all your loved ones remember how awesome your wedding is- that’s huge! We want to help you find the right photographer for your wedding, so be sure to ask them these five questions before you sign the on the dotted line.

“Do you like doing weddings?”

More often than not the photographer will say, yes but take note of how they say it. Some photographers just do weddings to make some quick cash, but if their heart isn’t in it you’ll be able to tell. A photographer is an artist, and that is a very emotional thing. Find a photographer who is passionate about weddings, and your photos will be that much more heartfelt and impactful.

“What’s your turnaround time like?”
Turnaround means how quickly after the wedding will they be able to give you your photos. There are some photographers who are able to do a same-day turn around and give you a slideshow or short video from the ceremony to play at the reception. Some photographers will take a few weeks or longer to edit and get your photos back to you. This is incredibly important, and you should be absolutely sure when you’ll get your images. You don’t want to rely on your sister’s cell phone pics to look back on the most important day of your life. If you’re able to, yelp your photographer or reach out to other people who had that photographer photograph their wedding and ask about their turnaround.

“Will you be bringing help?”

Some photographers travel alone, some have an assistant or two to cover extra angles or to assist in general. If you’re getting married in a tight space, this is very important to know! Have a general head count of how many people will be swarming you. Plus, some photographers may charge a little extra for needing an assistant. Know what you’re getting before the big day!

“What do you need on the day of?”

Have a checklist for the photographer so you’re able to assist to keep things going. Some photographers may ask that they are able to eat during the ceremony as well, some may need to know where all the outlets are. You don’t want to send a groomsman out on an outlet hunt half an hour before the reception starts. Get in touch with the venue to assist in any power questions, and if needed set aside some space for the photographer’s bags or extra items. They may need some space to house their camera cases, backpacks, backup drives, or anything else they need.

“What is your deposit policy?”

Some photographers may not put the deposit towards the overall total of services! Be sure to ask if the deposit goes towards the total, or if the total you are given is after the deposit (as in total plus deposit is the actual cost). Sometimes there can be some confusion so be one hundred percent sure you know what the total cost is for all services. That also includes knowing exactly what you’ll be getting, such as one thumb drive full of everything, access to a private website of your photos, physical prints, etc. Know how you want to receive all your media before you start negotiating so you get everything that you want.


Belmont Shore, California Photo Session from Jaime Davis Photography

Monday morning is looking pretty romantic right about now. Thanks to Jaime Davis Photography and her mad photography skills to capture the sweet moments between a couple who has been married seven years. It is moments like this one, that has me loving my job more and more each and every day. What I love about this session is that you would think that it was their engagement session, but it is not! When I first received the gorgeous images, I really did think that this was an e-session. It was all due to strong and pure love that is  popping out from each and every image. What is so amazing is how Jaime Davis Photography knows exactly what to do for her couples and make them feel super comfortable and relaxed.

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Meet Cortney and Travis. They have been together for 7 years and have an adorable daughter. What I offer couples that have been together more than a period of time is a session what I like to call the Beloved Session. It is a unique and emotional photo session for couples that have been together longer than 3 years. Instead of capturing posed images I give my clients things to say or do that maybe you have never done before or have not done recently in your relationship. By giving you cues or things to say it creates a genuine photograph that represents the two of you.
 Cortney and Travis are a fun loving, easy going couple and that is reflected in most all of these photographs. My couples says they walk away as if their relationship has been renewed or having a greater appreciation for the other person.
Jaime Davis Photography is offering $100 off any Beloved session until Sept 1st! If you are interested in sharing some romantic moments with your love, contact Jaime Davis Photography and book your session today!  email:

Fun-Filled Photo Booth from 3D Cheeze

On this Trend Tuesday, it is about to get real fun. As you know, I live for photo booths. I mean LIVE for them. I can spend hours upon hours in a photo booth, just snaping away. Is that strange? Maybe. But when you have silly crazy props, awesome backgrounds, and  cool people to capture it all with, then what is not to love?  So photo booths, you get it, I love them. But when you throw in some 3D magic into the mix, then its is all over. I am just beyond excited. The happy dance is happening now. Yep, I am doing it.  Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing 3D CHEEZE.  A photo booth company which offers a very cool, 3D photo which will blow the minds of all. I had the chance to take part of this fabulous experience. When that photo popped out for me preview… I was amazed! I could not believe it. I was shocked in how incredible the photo turned out. Look for this pretty cool trend that will “wow” you and your guests across all wedding receptions.










lopo for sig

3D CHEEZE takes the photo booth to the FUN DIMENSION!!!

We are your ONE-STOP for all your photo entertainment needs, offering everything from “traditional” green screen and wedding photography to our interactive graffiti wall and 3D flip photos.

Flip photos are our most popular photo favor for weddings.  We take two static poses and make them come to life, creating a personalized interactive photo favor that will make your special celebration a memorable one!   After magically morphing the images together, A fun guests receive a hand held picture-show that tells their story: they might blow a kiss, hug their spouse, or dance with a friend. Complete with customized artwork, we then turn the photos into luggage tags, magnets or key chains.

Your guests will keep smiling long after the reception is over!

3D Cheeze has been in the event photography industry for more than 10 years and has notched up some pretty impressive A-list events with clients such as Ford, American idol, MTV, Toyota, Disney Cable, Justin Timberlake, and the BlackEyedPeas just to name a few.

Los Angeles Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I love Sundays. I especially love Sundays with football on the agenda. I am a huge fan of sports, but even a bigger fan of football. I was so excited when football season started. Well, it is preseason, but still…pretty excited. Oh, my love for weddings? It is always on top, of course. I love weddings.  So you can only imagine my excitement when my two loves, sports and weddings, came together for a an amazing e-session. This sweet combo makes me want to jump up and down. Yes I am actually jumping right now. Not only jumping for my football team, but for this fabulous e-sesh, which is totally awesome.   Add Silver Gecko Photography and a well seasoned camera to that mix, and it is over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images. Are you ready to see what happens when sports meets an engagement photography session?





















From Silver Gecko Photography

Shaun and Jennifer are getting married on November 3, 2013.  They  are both huge sports fans, and thankfully for the most part they are fans of the same teams, so there is no in-house rivalry. Shaun has always been a huge hockey fan and Jennifer loves basketball and football. Mix in bowling, something they love doing together, and what they did for their first date, and add baseball for good measure, and you’ve got one heck of a sports themed engagement session.

Shaun was able to secure times for us to photograph at Matador Bowl in Northridge and Ice Station Valencia. We covered basketball, baseball, and football with a stop off at Northridge Park. Photographing the two of them bowling was trickier than first imagined. I don’t like separating couples, it’s an engagement session after all, but with bowling you don’t really want to stand near the person hurling a heavy ball around; so we got creative. I was even able to photograph their wedding date in bowling ball weights (the 3 pound doesn’t exist, but removing the 1 from 13 was easy enough). I’ve done this once before with billiard balls.

 Congratulations Shaun & Jennifer!


Live! Your Wedding Day Recap

The Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach recently hosted ‘Live! Your Wedding Day’- the wedding sensory experience. The sensory experience was an all-inclusive event with wedding vendors on site to provide a taste of what they have to offer on your special day. Vendors included florists, musicians, wedding coordinators. Team Bridal Hot List was there on the scene to report.

The day began with a short mock ceremony accompanied by both a four piece string quartet and an acoustic guitar.  The musicians took turns showcasing different takes on classic wedding songs.

The mock ceremony included a couple doing a quick walk through in full wedding day attire. Even though they weren’t a real couple, they looked fantastic together!


Following the ceremony, we moved on to a cocktail hour in another reception area the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach has to offer. The cocktail hour was accompanied by The Marieve Herington Band and a dessert bar provided by the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach. During this time, several models were on had to showcase trending wedding dress styles.

Lace was a big trend being showcased, as well as beautifully detailed backs. One of my favorite dresses was this short, mod-style wedding dress. The lace and the buttons are a major trend right now, and the detail on this is mesmerizing.

Following the gown showcase were the floral showcases courtesy of Paradise Delight Floral & Event Productions. The arrangements ranged from classic and beautiful to progressive and trendy.

My favorite arrangement was the display of calla lilies in the large flute glasses. The tones of the chevron runner and the flowers were beautiful, and the floating candles made the arrangement perfectly romantic.

This gorgeous reception hall also featured  Undercover Live Entertainment, where they got us dancing, and having a great time. Super high energy and fun!



There was another reception area set up with a DJ, beautiful floral arrangements, and a 3D photobooth. The arrangements here were provided by White Orchid Productions. Simply stunning!

Live! Your Wedding Day was an absolutely amazing experience and incredibly inspiring. Events like this are an excellent resource for newly engaged looking for inspiration. It was great to be able to window shop different wedding looks in all aspects of the wedding. The Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach was incredibly accommodating, as well as a gorgeous location for events.

Niloufar, Chief Editor of Bridal Hot List Andrea Carter, Contributor of Bridal Hot List

Niloufar, Chief Editor at Bridal Hot List
Andrea Carter, Contributor at Bridal Hot List

For more information on Live! Your Wedding Day, please visit them at:


“Say Cheese!” Photo Booth from The FotoBox

Good morning Sunday goers.  It is no secret that I am totally head over heels for photo booths. Yep, the place where  amazing posed and candid shots happen, and awesome photos are created. It is the type of place that I like to be. What can be better that capturing fun images of you and your guests? Oh, and all the silly crazy props that go along with them? THAT is really the best part. You can be as silly as can be, and capture that amazing moment. Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing The FotoBox.  A photo booth company which offer booths and ” booth-less” spaces. Yes, an awesome open space with cool backgrounds and props to make all your photo booths dreams come true. Yes, The FotoBox is like that. Ready to have some fun with a touch of silliness? I know I am. Enjoy!

_MG_0264 _MG_0595 002Kirstie_Pete 051Kirstie_Pete 052Tanya_Cameron 069Ashley_Bryan 070Elyse_Chris (1) 075Ryan_Eric 457IMG_0802 483Julie_Kieth 484Julie_Kieth 394548_493173360710004_609952008_n BobHoffmanPhotographyAndVideoIMG_6194 IMG_2137 Mini Booth WEB-4 Untitled-2


About The FotoBox

The FotoBox is a San Diego based photo rental company started by a husband and wife team who wanted a photo booth at their wedding. We are a hit at all sorts of events – the perfect party favor that captures the excitement of your event! We offer all-inclusive packages and beat out our competitors with our spacious open air booth with scene options and custom audio.

The FotoBox proudly provides a full-service photo booth experience for all. We are proud of our dependable service and superior value offered to our event consumers, ensuring a memorable experience for all. 

All of our packages include everything: props, a guestbook made on-the-spot by an attendant, 2 attendants for the entire rental period, custom center strip, custom audio (we pre-record the bride and groom’s voice so it is their voices talking to their guests at their wedding), online hosting with password protect or Facebook options, and unlimited photos on 5×7 paper (larger paper than the other companies out there) where one copy goes to the guests as a party favor and the other copy is taped into the guestbook where the guests write a comment to the couple.


Photography Fun from Jonas Photo Bot

Good morning Sunday goers, oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a fun, interactive, and super exciting vendor! We are obsessed with photo booths and we just can’t get enough of them. We live for them! All day, everyday, if we could, we would be snapping photos, props and all. Jonas Photo Bot is today’s vendor feature, and they really caught us off guard. Why? Well, there is no actual booth to step inside to start the photo frenzy. Yep, no booth. Its an open space.  So, no more squeezing into a booth trying to get a bunch of people in one shot. Choose a space, put up a background you love, get some friends, and snap! Get ready to meet the photo booth minus the booth.










About Jonas Photo Bot

Photo Booths have been prevalent on weddings and corporate events for the past few years.  We’ve all have seen these at events and they undoubtedly add a lot of fun to the party.  Hiring a great photographer for your wedding is crucial, but there’s still this human element that stops people from being naturally wacky when there’s a human being behind the camera.  And that’s what makes photo booths a really fun complement to your photographer.

Jonas adds a twist to the photo booth fun.  Although technically, Jonas is not a photo booth, because there’s is no booth.  Jonas is a free-standing robot that performs the same tasks as a photo booth.  What most people love about Jonas is his look.  He is sleek and stylish – something most people have never seen before.

Since he is free-standing, you can put him against any backdrop.  He requires a small footprint, yet he is still flexible in terms of the amount of people who can join in on the fun.  You don’t have a lot of space in your reception venue?  Not a problem!  He can be placed as close as 3 feet against a wall.  The more space you give him, the more people can join in on the fun!

With Jonas, a backdrop can be customized to match your wedding theme.  Our design team will work with you and come up with a backdrop that’s truly unique.  You got a crazy idea?  Let us know and we will go crazy with you!  Your backdrop is only limited by your imagination.

Jonas comes with unlimited on-site printing.  He utilizes a high-quality printer that prints within 8 seconds.  Your prints are ready by the time you put the props back to the rack.  The prints are awesome as a party favor!

Besides the usual props (goofy hats, fun facial hairs, etc), you have the option to use themed props.  Are you into Nintendo?  Star Wars?  Star Trek?  Pirates of the Carribean?  We got that.  Are you into something cool that we don’t know about?  Tell us about it and we’ll customize props for you as well!

Los Angeles Engagement Session from Kingston19 Photography

At BHL we are thrilled for all the newly engaged couples. So, to start the year off right, we are featuring our first engagement session on BHL. This will be one of many amazing photo shoots which we will be sharing. Our first photographer is a very talented and creative photographer who uses natural light during photo sessions. We have been a huge fan, and we have to admit, we are totally in love with this photographer. Blush Blush.

Kingston19 photography captured this beautiful couple as they strolled the streets of downtown Los Angeles, California.  We’re  head over heels with this photo shoot and it’s location. Just in love.


















From Kingston19 Photography

Meet Mallory and Kris.  Mallory choose this location (downtown LA) because her mother worked there as a child and she had fond memories of visiting her there.  We met at the Bradbury Building, this is where the shoot should’ve taken place in it’s entirety.  Turns out they no longer allow photography there and they were also filming a movie.  I begged the guard to take a few shots because we’d driven so far to take photos there.  He agreed :) But we literally had ten minutes and could only use the stairs.  Mallory and Kris were really good about it, but we were forced to go to plan B.  We walked around downtown and photographed them on the way.  On the streets of LA another security guard came up to us and said we couldn’t photograph there…apparently all the security guards were doing their jobs to the fullest that day :)

So on to plan C, we headed over to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to finish up as the sun was setting.  Mallory and Kris didn’t let the day’s challenges affect them at all.  We all embraced the idea of being all around the city.  They’re truly a sweet and loving couple that know how to make the best of any situation and have fun.  


A Few Great Engagement Photoshoot Locations in Southern California

If you happen to live in Southern California, there’s no shortage of wonderful places to take your engagement photographs. Typically, couples take advantage of the gorgeous beaches because of the plentiful space and options available. There’s no shortage of beaches in California, meaning there’s no shortage of great shooting locations either. However, that doesn’t mean beaches are the only place to get your engagement photographs done. Let’s take a look at a few locations, some beaches and some not, to give you some ideas if you plan to have your engagement photos done in Southern California.

Laguna Beach, CA

If you’ve never been to Laguna Beach, you’ll want to make it one of your destinations if you are visiting from out of town. It’s a tourist location to be sure but one that even locals in Orange County enjoy visiting thanks to the great beach, plentiful restaurants and overall small beach city charm Laguna Beach is known for. There are literally dozens of great spots to take photographs so if you’re looking for a very versatile beach location where you can go high (cliffs) and low (beach shore) then Laguna Beach might be the place you want to do your shoot. The good news too is that couples can travel to Laguna Beach in the early morning (think 6am) just after sunrise and find ample parking and empty beaches, not to mention some of the best time a photographer could hope for when it comes to lighting.

Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station is a historical landmark that originally opened up in May of 1939. This rail station is often referred to as the last of the great railway stations to be built in the United States and was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places back in 1980. It’s a very popular spot to have photographs done because of the wonderful architectural design and retro motif. If couples take some time to research this spot, they’ll probably think how familiar the interior of Union Station looks. The reason for that is because dozens of movies have been filmed inside! So if the beach thing isn’t your scene, this is definitely a spot you’ll want to check out that is a historic landmark sure to make for a wonderful setting for engagement photos.


Hey, why not? If Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth and the future bride and groom are both huge Disney fans, Disneyland is absolutely made for a photoshoot. The popular theme park brings together more than a half-dozen different eras (including the future) and settings making it the most diverse photo-shoot setting you could possibly ask for, short of EPCOT park in Orlando, Florida. The staff love to accomodate photographers and there’s literally 20+ historic scenic spots to take photographs. Plus, where else on Earth could you take engagement photos with Mickey Mouse, Princess Aurora and Darth Vader on the same day?

La Jolla, CA

If you are heading to or living in San Diego, La Jolla is a city in the southwest corner of the county that is world reknown for its ritzy lifestyle and breathtaking beaches. There’s a ton of great eating spots (think the 4-star variety) and this is less small beach town and more rich beach resort. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that La Jolla Shores has some of the prettiest spots in Southern California to take pictures from, so if you’ll be heading to San Diego, this might be the spot for you.