Disneyland Spring Engagement Session

Today is April 1st,which means its April fools day. However, it is also wedding wednesday, and we are not joking when we say that we LOVE this engagement session. Why? Well, its because of its location and the adorable spots where this couple had some of their engagement photos taken. Disneyland will always have a special and magical part of our hearts. We can not help but be happy when we are there, but then you have a lovely couple plugged into the magic, and its all over. All over with love and fantastic details. This engagement session from Savoring The Sweet Life Photography is beyond amazing and the images speak for themselves. Happiness, joy, and a bit of fun is what this session is all about.  In our eyes, thats what love is all about. Right? We love it, and we are sure you will too. So no April fools joke on you today, but instead enjoy the day with a dose of magic!



















From Savoring The Sweet Life Photography

Amanda and Greg’s love story consisted of lots of visits to Disneyland . It helped their love grow so much that of course that’s where they wanted the first chapter of their wedding day love story to begin! We met on a lovely spring day to explore the park to capture some of their favorite spots as well as some beautiful areas I chose.

Piedmont Park Engagement Session: Atlanta, Georgia

Engagement season is in full swing, and we love this time of year! When we opened our inbox today, we could not stop smiling. Its the type of engagement session that has us all giddy. We can not help it, we love when couples are so darn cute and their love is so obvious. This gorgeous e-session is no exception because each and every image is popping out hearts of love. This adorable couple enjoys their day at the beautiful Piedmont Park located in Atlanta, Georgia. Who knew that a park was steps away from the city life? The backdrop of this engagement session is stunning! We love how the city pops out from behind the lovely trees, making this session even prettier.   What we love even more about this session is the talent behind the lens. Chil Studios captured the love between these two, and the incredible scenery surrounding them. Spend Monday morning browsing through this love story. You may fall in love just as we have.
















From Chil Studios

We love meeting people from different places from around the world and we are lucky to be able to do that through photography. Meet Kristin & Houston, they currently reside in Lincoln, Nebraska but will be getting married in Atlanta later in the Spring. They flew down a couple of weeks ago and we had a chance to hang out with them at Piedmont Park.

Aside from the vibrant fall colors at the park, the chemistry these two shared was incredible. They made it really easy to be able to capture beautiful images with amazing smiles throughout. A couple of hours just flew by as we walked around the park on this gorgeous Fall day. 


Photographer: Chil Studios

Location: Piedmont Park

Top Five Wedding Tips for Couples with Pets

Your fiance or your maid of honor may be your best human friend, but what about your best furry friend? For all those couples out there with their own furry friends, we’ve got five cute ways to keep them involved in your wedding. They’re a big part of your lives after all, they should get to be a part of the festivities!
Put Them in the Pictures

While you’re planning your engagement or invite photos, think about involving the furry friends! You can do a fun “family” photo of you two and your pet. Pictures of all of you cuddling, playing, or just flopping around are adorable. Everyone loves cute pet photos, why not up your couple cute factor by adding your adorable furry friend? Just be sure to have a lint roller on hand.


Dress Them Up

Even if you don’t usually dress your little buddy up, it’s a wedding! Everyone dresses up! Swing by a specialty store and pick up some formal wear for your furry friend. Usually things like bowties are easy formal wear for pets that aren’t too annoying for them to wear. Putting your cat in an entire fluffy dress may get mangled quicker than you realize.

Register for the Whole Family

While you’re registering, think about your pet. Try not to register for anything that they could eat/mangle/destroy quickly (goodbye, white lace couch cushions!). If you’re finding that you already have a lot of basic household things, you can register for pet-friendly items. Registering at big box stores like target can give you the option to request pet toys or accessories. All the fun wedding presents don’t have to go straight into the kitchen- Fido should be able to enjoy some wedding presents too!

Give Them a Job

A great way to have your pet help out during the wedding is to give them a job! For bigger animals like dogs, mini horses, and pot bellied pigs, you can have them walk down the aisle or act as the ring bearer (we REALLY want to see pictures if you have your pot bellied pig act as your ring bearer). If you have a smaller animal like a guinea pig, rabbit, or mouse, you can set them up near the guestbook (with some supervision, of course). Involving them is a great photo op, plus gives you the chance to involve them on your special day.



Give Them Room

There’s a family table, a kids table, why not add a pet table? Rather than a table, use baby gates to set up an area for pets. If you’re open to having guests bring their furry friends this could be a really convenient and sweet gesture. Set it up with lots of newspaper or towels, water, and some snacks. If you can, try to get a few people to keep an eye on them too. This lets your guests save on dog sitters and be able to bring their furry friends to the big day too. You’ll be doing them a favor, plus your pet will get a chance to socialize!


Do you have plans on having your pets involved in your wedding? Share them in the comments below!


Belmont Shore, California Photo Session from Jaime Davis Photography

Monday morning is looking pretty romantic right about now. Thanks to Jaime Davis Photography and her mad photography skills to capture the sweet moments between a couple who has been married seven years. It is moments like this one, that has me loving my job more and more each and every day. What I love about this session is that you would think that it was their engagement session, but it is not! When I first received the gorgeous images, I really did think that this was an e-session. It was all due to strong and pure love that is  popping out from each and every image. What is so amazing is how Jaime Davis Photography knows exactly what to do for her couples and make them feel super comfortable and relaxed.

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/cortneytravisbeloved

Meet Cortney and Travis. They have been together for 7 years and have an adorable daughter. What I offer couples that have been together more than a period of time is a session what I like to call the Beloved Session. It is a unique and emotional photo session for couples that have been together longer than 3 years. Instead of capturing posed images I give my clients things to say or do that maybe you have never done before or have not done recently in your relationship. By giving you cues or things to say it creates a genuine photograph that represents the two of you.
 Cortney and Travis are a fun loving, easy going couple and that is reflected in most all of these photographs. My couples says they walk away as if their relationship has been renewed or having a greater appreciation for the other person.
Jaime Davis Photography is offering $100 off any Beloved session until Sept 1st! If you are interested in sharing some romantic moments with your love, contact Jaime Davis Photography and book your session today!  email: jaime@jaimedavisphoto.com