Disneyland Spring Engagement Session

Today is April 1st,which means its April fools day. However, it is also wedding wednesday, and we are not joking when we say that we LOVE this engagement session. Why? Well, its because of its location and the adorable spots where this couple had some of their engagement photos taken. Disneyland will always have a special and magical part of our hearts. We can not help but be happy when we are there, but then you have a lovely couple plugged into the magic, and its all over. All over with love and fantastic details. This engagement session from Savoring The Sweet Life Photography is beyond amazing and the images speak for themselves. Happiness, joy, and a bit of fun is what this session is all about.  In our eyes, thats what love is all about. Right? We love it, and we are sure you will too. So no April fools joke on you today, but instead enjoy the day with a dose of magic!



















From Savoring The Sweet Life Photography

Amanda and Greg’s love story consisted of lots of visits to Disneyland . It helped their love grow so much that of course that’s where they wanted the first chapter of their wedding day love story to begin! We met on a lovely spring day to explore the park to capture some of their favorite spots as well as some beautiful areas I chose.

Five Essential Questions for your Wedding Photographer

One of the most important vendors at your wedding is your photographer. Whoever you hire is in charge of helping you and all your loved ones remember how awesome your wedding is- that’s huge! We want to help you find the right photographer for your wedding, so be sure to ask them these five questions before you sign the on the dotted line.

“Do you like doing weddings?”

More often than not the photographer will say, yes but take note of how they say it. Some photographers just do weddings to make some quick cash, but if their heart isn’t in it you’ll be able to tell. A photographer is an artist, and that is a very emotional thing. Find a photographer who is passionate about weddings, and your photos will be that much more heartfelt and impactful.

“What’s your turnaround time like?”
Turnaround means how quickly after the wedding will they be able to give you your photos. There are some photographers who are able to do a same-day turn around and give you a slideshow or short video from the ceremony to play at the reception. Some photographers will take a few weeks or longer to edit and get your photos back to you. This is incredibly important, and you should be absolutely sure when you’ll get your images. You don’t want to rely on your sister’s cell phone pics to look back on the most important day of your life. If you’re able to, yelp your photographer or reach out to other people who had that photographer photograph their wedding and ask about their turnaround.

“Will you be bringing help?”

Some photographers travel alone, some have an assistant or two to cover extra angles or to assist in general. If you’re getting married in a tight space, this is very important to know! Have a general head count of how many people will be swarming you. Plus, some photographers may charge a little extra for needing an assistant. Know what you’re getting before the big day!

“What do you need on the day of?”

Have a checklist for the photographer so you’re able to assist to keep things going. Some photographers may ask that they are able to eat during the ceremony as well, some may need to know where all the outlets are. You don’t want to send a groomsman out on an outlet hunt half an hour before the reception starts. Get in touch with the venue to assist in any power questions, and if needed set aside some space for the photographer’s bags or extra items. They may need some space to house their camera cases, backpacks, backup drives, or anything else they need.

“What is your deposit policy?”

Some photographers may not put the deposit towards the overall total of services! Be sure to ask if the deposit goes towards the total, or if the total you are given is after the deposit (as in total plus deposit is the actual cost). Sometimes there can be some confusion so be one hundred percent sure you know what the total cost is for all services. That also includes knowing exactly what you’ll be getting, such as one thumb drive full of everything, access to a private website of your photos, physical prints, etc. Know how you want to receive all your media before you start negotiating so you get everything that you want.


Photography Workshop + Vineyard Styled Shoot by Hope Stanley and Nancy Orozco

We’ve got something super special on the site today. I am so excited that my wedding-loving heart is bursting with joy! You know how much I love weddings and all the pretty details that come with them. You also know that I love the photographers that capture all the lovely, romantic, and beautiful details. If it was not for the incredibly talented professional wedding photographers, I totally would miss out on so many gorgeous wedding details. And THAT would be a such a bummer.  If I was not able to view pretty images, one after another, my job would be really boring and dull. But when you have amazing weddings and a photographer on hand to capture it all? Then you have yourself a happy day. Yep, I can look through wedding photos all day long and never get bored. You can imagine how happy I was when I received news from my friend and bridal stylist, Hope Stanley about a photography workshop and styled shoot that she planned. When I heard about it,  I almost fell out of my chair.  The images? I probably viewed them like 100 times, and it was pretty hard to choose which ones to feature.  See for yourself, and you will see what I am so in love with!

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0511

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0444

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0443Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0425

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0458

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0469

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0466

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0461

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0437

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0509

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0434

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0442

Hope Stanley tells us a bit about the workshop…

I co-hosted a workshop with photographer, Nancy Orozco and other photographers. The idea was to teach photographers how to shoot photos for blogs. I spoke with them on how to work with vendors and models, and stressed  the importance of acknowledging everyone that is involved with organizing a photo shoot.  I try to convey to brides how important it is to have a group of professionals work together hand and hand. For instance for this workshop or any styled photo shoot we plan,  we choose a location, a theme or feel, and the gown and tux. We then research on the hair and makeup that will complement that entire feel. A florist is then given a story board of location, gown, make up, hair and theme of wedding. When  planning a wedding you need to do the same and remember that when vendors work together,  your photos will turn out amazing.

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0476

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0481

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0506

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0505

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0454

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0452

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0500

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0502

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0449

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0441

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0450

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0475

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0472

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0470

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0488

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0489

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0491

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0459

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0490

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0493

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0492

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0446

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0513

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0494

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0514

Hope Stanley with the models

Hope Stanley with the models

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0497


Venue: Giracci Vineyards and Farms

Bridal Stylist/Concept Stylist: Hope Stanley

Photographer: Nancy Orozco 

Florist: Sarah Toner

Wedding Gowns: Mary Me Bridal

Stationary: Sugar Press Invatations

Catering:  What A Dish Cafe & Catering

Hair: Rebecca Leigh

Esthetician: Natalie McCracken

Videographer:Paul Santiago from Boffo Video

Furnishings:  Persiano Event Rentals

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux Shop


How to Choose a Photographer for your Wedding Day

Photos capture your wedding memories, and choosing the right photographer is key!

When you choosing your photographer here are some tips:

1. Make sure they are a wedding photographer and not just any photographer. Wedding photography is different than any other day photography. There are key elements which are captured on the wedding day, and you want to make sure you have them.

2. Ask for samples of the photographer’s wedding photography.  You can also check out their blog or website for their recent work. Photographers are like artists, and so they do not take photos the same way. Each one has their own unique photography skills which sets them apart. You want to look at their photography style and see if you like it. Is it too artsy for you? Do you want a simple photo? Do you want it to be a “wow factor” photo? Are you looking for that art style?  Does the photographer photograph in black and white?Is the whole wedding captured? Or only part of it? Find out what the photographer’s style is.

3.What do you get for your money? Typically photographers have packages which are based on the number of hours, photographers, and photo albums. You will need to find out when you like the photographer to arrive, and what moments you want captured. Some brides want every moment, from the minute they wake up that day until the last guest leaves the reception. So think about this, and then you can decide how many hours you need them there that day. You do not need to pay for hours which you may not care to capture.   You want to just make sure you ask for the negatives, or photos on a CD. This way you can make copies of the photos and create your own album. I would suggest purchasing one wedding album for yourselves, as you would want a professional wedding album of memories. Its always a nice little gift to yourself!

4. Personality! This is the most important element of choosing a photographer in my opinion. When you meet with the photographer, pay close attention to their demeanor and how they act towards you. Are they friendly? Are they too pushy? Do they let you talk about your ideas and what YOU want, and not what THEY want? Basically you need to ensure you get along with the photographer as they will spend most of the day with you. If you do not like them, then move on!

Lets have a picture perfect day!!