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On this Trend Tuesday, it is about to get real fun. As you know, I live for photo booths. I mean LIVE for them. I can spend hours upon hours in a photo booth, just snaping away. Is that strange? Maybe. But when you have silly crazy props, awesome backgrounds, and  cool people to capture it all with, then what is not to love?  So photo booths, you get it, I love them. But when you throw in some 3D magic into the mix, then its is all over. I am just beyond excited. The happy dance is happening now. Yep, I am doing it.  Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing 3D CHEEZE.  A photo booth company which offers a very cool, 3D photo which will blow the minds of all. I had the chance to take part of this fabulous experience. When that photo popped out for me preview… I was amazed! I could not believe it. I was shocked in how incredible the photo turned out. Look for this pretty cool trend that will “wow” you and your guests across all wedding receptions.










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3D CHEEZE takes the photo booth to the FUN DIMENSION!!!

We are your ONE-STOP for all your photo entertainment needs, offering everything from “traditional” green screen and wedding photography to our interactive graffiti wall and 3D flip photos.

Flip photos are our most popular photo favor for weddings.  We take two static poses and make them come to life, creating a personalized interactive photo favor that will make your special celebration a memorable one!   After magically morphing the images together, A fun guests receive a hand held picture-show that tells their story: they might blow a kiss, hug their spouse, or dance with a friend. Complete with customized artwork, we then turn the photos into luggage tags, magnets or key chains.

Your guests will keep smiling long after the reception is over!

3D Cheeze has been in the event photography industry for more than 10 years and has notched up some pretty impressive A-list events with clients such as Ford, American idol, MTV, Toyota, Disney Cable, Justin Timberlake, and the BlackEyedPeas just to name a few.

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