Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photo Booths

One of the most fun modern staples of weddings is photobooths. They’re fun, easy, and a fantastic souvenir for all of your guests to take home. Photo booths are becoming pretty commonplace now, but they can be a little difficult to navigate while you’re shopping. No worries- we’re here to help!

DO Know What Kind of Photos You Want

Not all photo booths spit out four action shots- these ain’t your mall’s photo booths. There are a multitude of different kinds of photo booths that create all sorts of fun and different photos. There are booths that create gifs that are emailed to you, 3D photos made from two images, sticker photo booths, and of course the classic photo booths. Shop around different photo booths in your area and really think about what you want, and what you want to offer your guests.

DON’T Forget The Space

You really can’t just stick a photo booth in a corner of your venue- you need to work it out with the venue coordinator. You’ll need power, power cords, room for set up and breakdown, and in some cases for instant uploads, a solid internet connection. You don’t want to be dealing with putting the photo booth in the right place while you’re busy putting on your wedding dress. You’ll also need to deal with the flow of the room and put the photo booth in a convenient spot that doesn’t interfere with anything else going on.

DO Timeline the Photo Booth

You’ll need to know how much time the company needs to set up and how long they will have an attendant for. You’ll need to know if they have enough attendees to cover any breaks or if there will be any gaps in service (some states have restricting labor laws that require employees to take breaks a few hours into a shift, even if they want to waive it). You’ll also need to know how long they’ll need to break down after the wedding so if they’re there longer than you are you can warn the venue. You probably won’t need it that long, but it’s good to give the venue a heads up.

DON’T Settle Fast

You shouldn’t settle for anything in general, especially not anything for your wedding. Take your time to shop around before you settle on one vendor. Narrow down what kind of photo booth you want (our first ‘Do’!) and from there, see who offers it in your area. There’s bound to be a few different companies that offer a similar service. Meet with everyone and figure out who you like the best, who can do the best deal, and who puts out the best product. Take your time and pick the booth that works best for you.

DO Work Out a Deal

Once you’ve got it narrowed down to the final few companies, do your research to work out a deal. Check out deal sites like Groupon and Living Social- deal sites almost always have deals for Photo Booths. You can look into what’s offered and call the companies to see if you can tailor fit a deal with them to what you want. You can even try to use that as leverage with a company you want to work with- bring up the deal to the company you want to work with and see if they can come down to a comparable price.


Fun-Filled Photo Booth from 3D Cheeze

On this Trend Tuesday, it is about to get real fun. As you know, I live for photo booths. I mean LIVE for them. I can spend hours upon hours in a photo booth, just snaping away. Is that strange? Maybe. But when you have silly crazy props, awesome backgrounds, and  cool people to capture it all with, then what is not to love?  So photo booths, you get it, I love them. But when you throw in some 3D magic into the mix, then its is all over. I am just beyond excited. The happy dance is happening now. Yep, I am doing it.  Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing 3D CHEEZE.  A photo booth company which offers a very cool, 3D photo which will blow the minds of all. I had the chance to take part of this fabulous experience. When that photo popped out for me preview… I was amazed! I could not believe it. I was shocked in how incredible the photo turned out. Look for this pretty cool trend that will “wow” you and your guests across all wedding receptions.










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3D CHEEZE takes the photo booth to the FUN DIMENSION!!!

We are your ONE-STOP for all your photo entertainment needs, offering everything from “traditional” green screen and wedding photography to our interactive graffiti wall and 3D flip photos.

Flip photos are our most popular photo favor for weddings.  We take two static poses and make them come to life, creating a personalized interactive photo favor that will make your special celebration a memorable one!   After magically morphing the images together, A fun guests receive a hand held picture-show that tells their story: they might blow a kiss, hug their spouse, or dance with a friend. Complete with customized artwork, we then turn the photos into luggage tags, magnets or key chains.

Your guests will keep smiling long after the reception is over!

3D Cheeze has been in the event photography industry for more than 10 years and has notched up some pretty impressive A-list events with clients such as Ford, American idol, MTV, Toyota, Disney Cable, Justin Timberlake, and the BlackEyedPeas just to name a few.

“Say Cheese!” Photo Booth from The FotoBox

Good morning Sunday goers.  It is no secret that I am totally head over heels for photo booths. Yep, the place where  amazing posed and candid shots happen, and awesome photos are created. It is the type of place that I like to be. What can be better that capturing fun images of you and your guests? Oh, and all the silly crazy props that go along with them? THAT is really the best part. You can be as silly as can be, and capture that amazing moment. Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing The FotoBox.  A photo booth company which offer booths and ” booth-less” spaces. Yes, an awesome open space with cool backgrounds and props to make all your photo booths dreams come true. Yes, The FotoBox is like that. Ready to have some fun with a touch of silliness? I know I am. Enjoy!

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About The FotoBox

The FotoBox is a San Diego based photo rental company started by a husband and wife team who wanted a photo booth at their wedding. We are a hit at all sorts of events – the perfect party favor that captures the excitement of your event! We offer all-inclusive packages and beat out our competitors with our spacious open air booth with scene options and custom audio.

The FotoBox proudly provides a full-service photo booth experience for all. We are proud of our dependable service and superior value offered to our event consumers, ensuring a memorable experience for all. 

All of our packages include everything: props, a guestbook made on-the-spot by an attendant, 2 attendants for the entire rental period, custom center strip, custom audio (we pre-record the bride and groom’s voice so it is their voices talking to their guests at their wedding), online hosting with password protect or Facebook options, and unlimited photos on 5×7 paper (larger paper than the other companies out there) where one copy goes to the guests as a party favor and the other copy is taped into the guestbook where the guests write a comment to the couple.


Photography Fun from Jonas Photo Bot

Good morning Sunday goers, oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a fun, interactive, and super exciting vendor! We are obsessed with photo booths and we just can’t get enough of them. We live for them! All day, everyday, if we could, we would be snapping photos, props and all. Jonas Photo Bot is today’s vendor feature, and they really caught us off guard. Why? Well, there is no actual booth to step inside to start the photo frenzy. Yep, no booth. Its an open space.  So, no more squeezing into a booth trying to get a bunch of people in one shot. Choose a space, put up a background you love, get some friends, and snap! Get ready to meet the photo booth minus the booth.










About Jonas Photo Bot

Photo Booths have been prevalent on weddings and corporate events for the past few years.  We’ve all have seen these at events and they undoubtedly add a lot of fun to the party.  Hiring a great photographer for your wedding is crucial, but there’s still this human element that stops people from being naturally wacky when there’s a human being behind the camera.  And that’s what makes photo booths a really fun complement to your photographer.

Jonas adds a twist to the photo booth fun.  Although technically, Jonas is not a photo booth, because there’s is no booth.  Jonas is a free-standing robot that performs the same tasks as a photo booth.  What most people love about Jonas is his look.  He is sleek and stylish – something most people have never seen before.

Since he is free-standing, you can put him against any backdrop.  He requires a small footprint, yet he is still flexible in terms of the amount of people who can join in on the fun.  You don’t have a lot of space in your reception venue?  Not a problem!  He can be placed as close as 3 feet against a wall.  The more space you give him, the more people can join in on the fun!

With Jonas, a backdrop can be customized to match your wedding theme.  Our design team will work with you and come up with a backdrop that’s truly unique.  You got a crazy idea?  Let us know and we will go crazy with you!  Your backdrop is only limited by your imagination.

Jonas comes with unlimited on-site printing.  He utilizes a high-quality printer that prints within 8 seconds.  Your prints are ready by the time you put the props back to the rack.  The prints are awesome as a party favor!

Besides the usual props (goofy hats, fun facial hairs, etc), you have the option to use themed props.  Are you into Nintendo?  Star Wars?  Star Trek?  Pirates of the Carribean?  We got that.  Are you into something cool that we don’t know about?  Tell us about it and we’ll customize props for you as well!

Wedding Photo Fun from GC Photo Booth

Do you know what makes me happy? Fun times at weddings. Do you know what I love even more? Photo Booths! I live for them. It brings me back to a time when I would go to a carnival or amusement park and take silly and fun photos with my friends. We would all try to squeeze in the tiny little booth, and be totally ourselves. Then, in a matter of minutes that moment is captured forever as a keepsake. How about when you combine a photo booth with a fabulous wedding event? Total bliss. I mean, I just want to drop everything, pick out my props, and strike a pose. Always a happy time. Yep, if all I had was a photo booth and some friends to be silly with, I would be pretty content. THAT is how much I love them. So,  you can imagine how excited I am for today’s feature, introducing GC Photo Booth. They can help you and your guests have a amazing and memorable time at your wedding. Smiles and laughter all the way around.

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About GC Photo Booth

GC Photo Booth was founded in August of 2012 and has quickly become the choice of hundreds of brides as well as Nylon Magazine, Bebe, Forever 21, REI, Google, Mendocino Farms, and more. It may sound cliche, but what makes them truly stand out is their focus on customer service and attention to the details of your day.

It begins with your very own design team to create the custom footer to match the look and feel of your day. Each footer is completely custom designed and made to wow your guests.

On the day of, they arrive more than 2 hours early dressed sharp and professional with tons of props on hand, ready to produce the experience of a lifetime. A 2nd host is even there to work on and ensure that your very own included 12×12 Scrapbook is a finished masterpiece. Guests are asked and encouraged to put the 2nd print in the book and utilize all the pens, stickers, and arts and crafts galore that come with. By the end of the night, you will receive a beautifully created scrapbook created by your friends and family. You will laugh and cry upon looking at all the photos and reading the messages.

Best of all, GC offers every available Photo Booth on the market today including the Classical set up, Red Carpet Set up, and Green Screen set up. They are innovative and keeping up with the times with a feature that allows your guests to upload their photos to Facebook, twitter, and email.

As GC always says, just smile and let them handle the rest.

Want to Make Your Wedding a Blast for Your Guests?

Here are a few ideas on how you can spice up your wedding day and make it a fun and fabulous day for you and your guests!

Photo booth: You can rent a classic or digital photo booth. The classic prints out the photos, and this can be mementos for your guests or be used to create a memory book with guest messages to the newly married couple. This can also take the place of the guest book, so there are photos and messages included. The digital photo booth gives the couple all the images on a CD.

Candy Station: You want to add some sweet fun to the wedding reception? You can have various glass containers of different sizes and shapes filled with your favorite candy treats. The candies can reflect your wedding theme or your favorites as a couple. For example if the colors of your wedding are reds and browns, you can have all candy that are red. Such as red vines, red tamales, red gummy bears, etc. Its another way to also add decor and color to your wedding reception.  You can have little bags which guests can fill up and then eat throughout the reception. Its a great way to have guests interact and eat at the same time!

Fondue Station: Who can say no to chocolate?? For those chocolate lovers, its the best way to incorporate chocolate in a fun and interactive way! You can rent the fondue fountain and choose what type of fruits, cookies, pretzels, or cheese you would like to have dipped in. This can also go along with your theme or color of your wedding. This is a great dessert addition to the wedding cake. If you have kids at the wedding, this is a fun thing to for them too!

Look for more reception tips coming soon!