The End Results: Giving Life to Your Wedding Photos

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.  You want to be sure they’re skilled, professional, and experienced. You also want to be sure their style matches yours and that you connect. No one will spend more time with you before, during, and after your wedding day, than you photographer (with the exception of your fiancé).  But what about the end result?

Your photographer (provided you found the right one) is going to beautifully capture every moment and detail of the biggest day of your life, now what?  What will happen to those images?  Will they exist only on the photographer’s hard drive?  End up lost in a drawer on a CD or USB drive?  You’ve invested (yes, it’s an investment) a lot of money in your wedding photographer.  You’re paying for their time, skill, equipment, etc., so it’s important to give life to your photos through albums and other products.

There is a growing trend of photographers only providing their clients with a CD or USB drive, or even just an online gallery. Sometimes the images are straight from the camera without any culling or editing.  This is not a full service and those beautiful photos for which you spent money to be created, have no purpose. That’s not to say CDs and USB drives are bad, but they’re not the end-all-be-all. And when digital images/negatives are provided there should be more than a CD with something scribbled in sharpie.

You may think that you’ll purchase the USB drive and print your own images or create your own album, but will you really?  Do you have the time?  Do you have access to a photo lab that can print professional quality images and books?  Do you have the legal right to print those images?  These are things to consider.  We all like to do things for ourselves, but is DIY always the best option?

When choosing your photographer take a look at the products they offer.  Do they offer albums?  Are they included in their initial package or is it a separate purchase?  Are they press-printed, or do they use photographic prints (big difference in quality)?  How many photos can go in to the album?  Can you add more? Who designs the album?  An album can be a big investment (there’s that word again), but it is one of the best ways to give your photos life and for you to relive and share your wedding day.



Be sure to find out what other products your photographer may offer. There are many great options, in addition to prints, for displaying your wedding art in your home.  Give life to your photos.

Fun-Filled Photo Booth from 3D Cheeze

On this Trend Tuesday, it is about to get real fun. As you know, I live for photo booths. I mean LIVE for them. I can spend hours upon hours in a photo booth, just snaping away. Is that strange? Maybe. But when you have silly crazy props, awesome backgrounds, and  cool people to capture it all with, then what is not to love?  So photo booths, you get it, I love them. But when you throw in some 3D magic into the mix, then its is all over. I am just beyond excited. The happy dance is happening now. Yep, I am doing it.  Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing 3D CHEEZE.  A photo booth company which offers a very cool, 3D photo which will blow the minds of all. I had the chance to take part of this fabulous experience. When that photo popped out for me preview… I was amazed! I could not believe it. I was shocked in how incredible the photo turned out. Look for this pretty cool trend that will “wow” you and your guests across all wedding receptions.










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3D CHEEZE takes the photo booth to the FUN DIMENSION!!!

We are your ONE-STOP for all your photo entertainment needs, offering everything from “traditional” green screen and wedding photography to our interactive graffiti wall and 3D flip photos.

Flip photos are our most popular photo favor for weddings.  We take two static poses and make them come to life, creating a personalized interactive photo favor that will make your special celebration a memorable one!   After magically morphing the images together, A fun guests receive a hand held picture-show that tells their story: they might blow a kiss, hug their spouse, or dance with a friend. Complete with customized artwork, we then turn the photos into luggage tags, magnets or key chains.

Your guests will keep smiling long after the reception is over!

3D Cheeze has been in the event photography industry for more than 10 years and has notched up some pretty impressive A-list events with clients such as Ford, American idol, MTV, Toyota, Disney Cable, Justin Timberlake, and the BlackEyedPeas just to name a few.