Photography Fun from Jonas Photo Bot

Good morning Sunday goers, oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a fun, interactive, and super exciting vendor! We are obsessed with photo booths and we just can’t get enough of them. We live for them! All day, everyday, if we could, we would be snapping photos, props and all. Jonas Photo Bot is today’s vendor feature, and they really caught us off guard. Why? Well, there is no actual booth to step inside to start the photo frenzy. Yep, no booth. Its an open space.  So, no more squeezing into a booth trying to get a bunch of people in one shot. Choose a space, put up a background you love, get some friends, and snap! Get ready to meet the photo booth minus the booth.










About Jonas Photo Bot

Photo Booths have been prevalent on weddings and corporate events for the past few years.  We’ve all have seen these at events and they undoubtedly add a lot of fun to the party.  Hiring a great photographer for your wedding is crucial, but there’s still this human element that stops people from being naturally wacky when there’s a human being behind the camera.  And that’s what makes photo booths a really fun complement to your photographer.

Jonas adds a twist to the photo booth fun.  Although technically, Jonas is not a photo booth, because there’s is no booth.  Jonas is a free-standing robot that performs the same tasks as a photo booth.  What most people love about Jonas is his look.  He is sleek and stylish – something most people have never seen before.

Since he is free-standing, you can put him against any backdrop.  He requires a small footprint, yet he is still flexible in terms of the amount of people who can join in on the fun.  You don’t have a lot of space in your reception venue?  Not a problem!  He can be placed as close as 3 feet against a wall.  The more space you give him, the more people can join in on the fun!

With Jonas, a backdrop can be customized to match your wedding theme.  Our design team will work with you and come up with a backdrop that’s truly unique.  You got a crazy idea?  Let us know and we will go crazy with you!  Your backdrop is only limited by your imagination.

Jonas comes with unlimited on-site printing.  He utilizes a high-quality printer that prints within 8 seconds.  Your prints are ready by the time you put the props back to the rack.  The prints are awesome as a party favor!

Besides the usual props (goofy hats, fun facial hairs, etc), you have the option to use themed props.  Are you into Nintendo?  Star Wars?  Star Trek?  Pirates of the Carribean?  We got that.  Are you into something cool that we don’t know about?  Tell us about it and we’ll customize props for you as well!

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