Top Five Wedding Planning Ideas

At BHL, we love weddings, and we really love the planning of them too! Yes, they can be stressful, but with the right tools and your wedding coordinator by your side, it can be a seamless and lovely day! Today, we are giving you five tips on some of the important elements of the wedding day to consider when planning your big day.

  1. Giving gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen is a nice way of saying thank you for being there for you on your special day. Best time to do this? You can present the gift at the rehearsal dinner, or the morning off while you are getting ready. Take a moment to thank your girls, and grooms, to thank your groomsmen. It is also a great way to start the wedding day and have cheers and a toast to follow!
  2. Make sure that everyone in your wedding party knows how they’re getting to the wedding site and back home from your wedding! This is especially important if you’re going to be serving alcohol, and essential if it’s an open bar. If you’re worried about anyone getting too inebriated, offer free cab rides to anyone who doesn’t bring a car, or drive them home in your limo.
  3. Wedding bands are a vital part of the wedding, as they help to signify the joining of two parties. Make sure that on the days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding itself to have someone who you can count on keep track of your wedding bands to ensure security.
  4. Make sure to include healthy food options for your reception. You might have a vegetarian in attendance or someone who’s just trying to lose weight. Be sure to supply them with options they can enjoy. Vegetables, cooked or raw, and fruit for dessert, will go a long way for anyone who wants to eat something that won’t pack on the pounds.
  5. One of the most awkward moments at a wedding can be the bouquet toss. If women don’t want to get involved they shouldn’t be pressured to, so let the DJ know not to say anything to upset the guests. Take a poll before the wedding to see if anyone is really interested in participating and if not, skip it!


Chic and Sophisticated Winter Styled Groom Shoot

Can you believe that it is 2014? January can already be considered an amazing month. Winter weddings are still in tow and we could not be happier. Are you ready for some fabulous winter wedding inspiration? That’s exactly what we’re serving up this morning, and we have to warn you, it is a good one! This inspired winter styled groom shoot is extra special because Perfectly Made Weddings, together with an incredible lineup of vendors is to sure to inspire any winter style affair. Perfectly Made Weddings wanted to really pull in the groom for this one, and let the groom steal the spotlight for a bit. Don’t worry, the wedding day is still about the bride too, but we can’t forget that the groom has a pretty important role in all this. So here is to the groom and his groomsmen!
























From Perfectly Made Weddings

Idea and inspiration behind the shoot:

The idea and inspiration came from the designer’s love for sophisticated, elegant,  and classical details.  The wedding day seems to always be about the bride and her details, but what about the groom? We really wanted the groom to have his own spotlight as well. So, how does the day look like when a groom and his men are hanging out the day of a winter styled wedding in a very elegant and classy setting? We choose Mastro’s Steakhouse for it’s contemporary, sophisticated, and elegant ambiance. The concept was to create a very sophisticated and masculine feel for the day of wedding for the groom and his men. The location is a perfect compliment for this chic and sophisticated look.

Color palette:

The main color palette for the shoot consists of greys, serene blues and silvers.

Fashion: We wanted to stay with winter inspired wardrobe, while keeping it simple and chic.  The groom is wearing a light grey Allure Heather tux, while the groomsmen are wearing Allure Heather Charcoal tuxes.

 Vendor Information:

Event Styling and Design: Perfectly Made Weddings

Photographer:  Silver Gecko Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Eric Acuña | Friar Tux Shop

Wardrobe: Friar Tux Shop

Hair & Make-up: Vibrant One Make-up by Alexis Gameroz-Steely

Floral Design: French Buckets

Venue: Mastro’s SteakHouse (Costa Mesa location)

Models: Sebastian Ramirez, Dan Douglas and Emmanuel Gonzalez

BHL Celebrates Movember Month

Have you noticed all the handsome men sporting facial hair lately? In recent years, the moustache has gone from a symbol of masculinity to a symbol of men’s health. Those mustachioed men may be participating in Movember, which help raise funds and awareness for men’s prostate cancer. The official Movember Foundation began in 2004 and has been going strong ever since.

Movember isn’t just an excuse for your fiance to suddenly stop shaving- it’s for a good cause.

If you’d like to get your groomsmen in on the fun, we’ve got a few ways you can help out!

Register for Donations

One of the best ways to help out is to donate. Even if you’re on a budget now with all the wedding mayhem, there are still ways to give! In place of registering for those table cloths  you’d really only need for special occasions, opt for having your guests donate to your favorite charities. You can ask them to go through your Movember account (sign up here!) so you can track how much money your wedding raised. Your groom and groomsmen can have fun looking a little extra money, and everyone gets the benefit of helping out an awesome cause.


Let the Groomsmen Grow!

Even if you’re more of a clean-shaven lovin’ lady, let your men get mustachioed for the month of November. The new found fuzz will create some buzz for Movember and awareness! Just make sure they take a few pictures together and upload them with the #Movember. And, if you want to give #BridalHotList a nod too for spreading awareness, we’re all for the cause!

Get A Girl ‘Stache

It’s probably for the better that you can’t grow a mustache, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support Movember! BHL reader Christina loves mustaches- especially when they’re chocolate. There are tons of mustache print products out there now, ranging from clothing, to accessories, to housewares. Here at Bridal Hot List, we love taking photobooth pictures with awesome mustache props (we had a fantastic photobooth at the BHL Anniversary party!). Rock your lady ‘stache and be sure to let everyone know that you support men’s health!

No matter how you choose to show support, the important thing is supporting men’s health. So let’s get those mustaches going, and from all of us at Bridal Hot List, Happy Movember!



Five Tips for the Groom

Celebrating with the band of brothers known as your groomsmen is the second best part of getting married! You’ve probably already mentally chosen certain friends to stand with you on your wedding day, plus maybe a future in law or relative has been thrown into the mix. Assuming everyone survives the bachelor party, these tips will help you and your buds make it to the altar and through the reception with minimal potential for disasters!

1. Depend on one guy to keep everyone on task. Usually, this job belongs to the best man, but maybe your best man lives out of town, or isn’t best suited for getting things done. Approach the friend with the best leadership skills that doesn’t mind stepping up and reminding the others to get fitted, pick up their tuxes, and buy shoes. This will take some stress off of you and keep you from looking like a groomzilla!

2. Have the photographer capture some flirty pics of your bride with your groomsmen. It will be the last time she can take photos with a bunch of studs!

3. Ask someone to have an emergency toast prepared. In case the best man somehow bombs the delicate balance of a hilarious, yet sentimental toast, you can cue the back up to do damage control and end things on a fabulous note. Your guests will appreciate it, as this important toast often sets the tone for the beginning of the reception party!

4. Each groomsman should have at least an extra $100 cash in pocket. This tip cannot be stressed enough, because when you need something spontaneously, cash is king! Do you need extra tip money to award extraordinary service? Check. Picking up last minute beverages for the impromptu post-wedding hotel party? Check. Need cab money to send a friend or family member home who’s had too much to drink? Check. In desperate need of a Red bull? Check. BridalParty065The possibilities to save the day are endless, and it gives the groomsmen a chance to be the hero! As the saying goes, ‘better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it’.

5. Finally, be realistic about the groomsmen gifts. If you get them something they will actually use, they will love you for it! Personal size cooler totes are a great gift for men who love camping, playing sports, being outdoors, or just drinking beer. So, basically almost any guy will appreciate this gift. Pack it in advance with each friend’s favorite snacks and beverages.

Treat these guys well and they will treat you great back. Not just on your wedding day, but years down the road when you and your family need to lean on them for support. Cheers!

Seven Groom-Friendly Grooming Rituals

Brides and bridesmaids have a lot of help and support in getting glammed up for the big day. Particularly, we’ve got you covered whether it be nail polish, hair, lip looks, or even simple ways to stay cool in the heat. Here at Bridal Hot List, we love what’s trending in the beauty, fashion, and style aspect of weddings, but we’re also here to help. That means you, grooms and groomsmen! A wedding isn’t a time for just the bride to look her best; grooms and groomsmen should also be looking especially handsome. Beauty routines may be intimidating for some men, but we’ve got quite a few groom-friendly grooming rituals that are sure to leave all men looking handsome.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are one of the easiest, most low-maintenance things that a man can do to look great and feel fresh. Most work in the same way- wet your nose, stick them on there, and leave them alone for a few minutes. Once they come off, you’ll be ripping off all those unsightly blackheads and your guy’s nose will feel especially clean. This doesn’t feel super girly and leaves a groom feeling fresh. My favorite man-approved nasal strip is the Deep Cleaning Pore Strips by Biore ($6-$7, drugstores).

Deep Conditioning

Many guys tend to either neglect their hair or abuse it. Either way, a good deep condition can help them realize what their hair potential could be. Going to a salon may be too intimidating (or expensive) for some, but doing an at home deep condition is an easy, private affair. I like the Aussie Three Minute Miracle deep conditioning treatment ($3-$4, drugstores). Have your guy shampoo his hair first, then apply this liberally while the hair is still wet. It says three minutes, but I would leave it on for longer (20-30 minutes, if you can!). Wash it out afterwards and his strands will be silky soft to the touch. Just be prepared for a major boost of confidence, and the constant request to touch his hair.

Face Masques

If your guy liked the nasal strip, the next step you can take is a face masque. This may feel particularly girly, but the payoff is excellent. I’ve found that the Queen Helene peel off masque ($3.50, drugstores) is pretty guy-friendly, particularly because there’s a scene in American Psycho where Christian Bale’s character uses one. It goes on a little thick, but then hardens to a plastic-like consistency that is fun to pull off. The masque will leave the skin tight and and soft to the touch, and they are fun to do.

Teeth Whitening

This may not be a fun one to do, but it is necessary. I like the Crest 3D White Strips ($35-$40, drugstores) because they’re easy and very convenient. I started noticing a difference after about a week, and white teeth are a major essential to a good looking groom.

Undereye Treatments

Eye treatments are great to start if you have a few weeks to go before the wedding. The results don’t show up overnight, so you have to remind him to be patient. I like the Garnier Nutritioniste Eye Roller ($10, drugstores) because it goes on very easy and is gentle but still effective. Start having him work it into his nightly routine by keeping it next to his toothbrush. It feels very fresh going on and is a great low maintenance way to combat dark undereye circles.

Lip Conditioning

Lip balm is something that I’ve noticed more male interest in over the last few years. Jack Black makes an exceptional lip balm ($7.50, specialty beauty stores) targeted at men that provides excellent hydration. They come in several flavors and even have some SPF worked in. Some men may be resistant to lip balm, but reminding a groom or groomsmen how important soft, kissable lips are may sway them. Slathering on the lip balm before bed is a guaranteed way to wake up with soft, luscious lips.

Manly Mani/Pedi

When it gets down to the last days before the wedding, you may want to seriously consider a mani/pedi. Yes, this has the potential to be the most intimidating for men, but with high risk comes high reward. Good looking, well manicured hands are particularly important for the groom. There could very well be a lot of pictures of his hands and rings, so you want to make sure they look their best. A lot of men associate manicures with nail polish, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Many men get manis and pedis with no polish, but just to have their nails groomed professionally. For the man that is a little more weary on the subject, offer to go to a salon a little out of your neighborhood. A small chance of being seen may sway him. If your guy is still a little shy, remind him that there is a foot rub involved with the pedi. A nice spa chair and a good foot rub is usually an easier sell for men.

Author’s Note: A special thanks to the handsome Tom McLaughlin for modeling for Bridal Hot List! You’re looking even more dashing, thanks to these groom-friendly tips!


TLC’s Four Weddings Sneak Peek: January 10th

Are you ready for tonight’s sneak peak of  “Four Weddings” which airs on TLC? This show features four completely different brides who attend each other’s weddings with one wedding being deemed “the winner” at the end. The brides rate the food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience of each wedding, except for their own. At the end, all the scores of each bride are tallied, and the one with the highest score wins an all expenses paid honeymoon.

On tonight’s episode the four brides do have one thing in common, they all have their weddings set in Northen California.  The four brides are:  A Hawaiian style bride, a Go Green bride, a traditional Afghan bride,  and a high energy and party bride. Each of these brides share their unique style and taste on their wedding day. Which bride will be your favorite? Which bride’s detail’s will you like the best? Which dress will stand out the most? What ceremony will be the most touching? Which bride do you think will win? What do I think? You will have to wait until Friday where I will provide a re-cap on this episode. All I can tell you know is that you do not want to miss this episode, there is a bride who gives a score of ten! (Which I have never seen so far on this show). Make sure to watch tonight.

TLC’s Four Weddings airs tonight at 9/8c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

For more information on Four Weddings, check out the website:

Hot Trends for the Groom

Although all eyes are waiting to see what the bride is going to wear on her wedding day, the groom’s attire is as important in contributing to the overall style of  the wedding.  Your groom wants to feel and look fabulous on your special day together, and so he wants to choose what best matches his style, personality, while keeping with the style of the wedding.  What trends are hot for 2013?

We asked Eric Acuña, district Manger at Friar Tux Shop, to share with us what the hottest trends are for grooms. Friar Tux Shop was founded in 1974. This family owned company has almost 40 years of experience under their belt, and prides themselves on having the largest selection of suits and tuxedos for rental and purchase. What is amazing is their “Best Price Guarantee”, which allows customers to shop with confidence for any special occasion, from traditional to contemporary slim fit styles. There are 31 locations in Southern California. If you have out of town guests, no problem. They have a nationwide affiliate program which makes it easy. Choosing a suit or tuxedo at Friar Tux Shop makes it easy and effortless for brides and grooms.

What are the hottest trends? Let’s find out!

From Eric Acuña…

  • Allure Collection: Colored coats are the hottest trend for 2013. From grey to tan, each shade has it’s unique look and specific time most often worn. Heather grey is most popular in the morning to early afternoon. Where tan is the most popular from mid day to late afternoon. Lastly, steel grey is most worn in the late afternoon and evenings. These new “Allure Men” garments are the most talked about looks for 2013. They pay homage to vintage with a matching vest, while staying true to current trends with a “Slim Fit” cut.




  • Savvi Evening Collection: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham have all worn a one-button shawl collar tuxedo to at least one red carpet event. The Savvi Evening Collection brings you the Lorenzo (black) and the Casablanca (white) for the groom who seeks that “James Bond” look. Both looks are most commonly worn with a bow tie and either a vest or suspenders. The Savvi Evening Collection uses their Italian “Slim Fit” silhouette to give grooms that celebrity look. Each look is exclusive at Friar Tux Shop.





How to Pick Your Best Man

One aspect of a wedding that is often not up to consultation between a bride and groom is the selection of the Maid of Honor and the Best Man. However, this is a very important decision as these two individuals take on pivotal roles during the ceremony and the reception. Not only will these two take on important roles in the wedding, they’ll also both be in a ton of your wedding photos and be featured in your wedding video, so choose wisely. While we wholeheartedly recommend that brides and grooms consult each other about their selections, we have some tips for the guys to make sure you make the right selection.

Tip 1: A Bro for Life

Certainly you shouldn’t select as your best man a guy you just met at a poker game, nor someone you tend to hang out a lot with at work. The obvious point here is that the best man should be someone you’re very confident will be someone you’ll be close to for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean you have to select one of the boys from back in the day, it means you pick someone you know will be around for the long haul.

Tip 2: Honor Sacred, Virtue Safe

Picking a charismatic best man is definitely a wide decision as this person will be making toasts and talking with the majority of the wedding’s guests. Remember though that this is a double-edged sword! If your best man is a drunk who curses wildly and gets out of control, he has the potential to ruin your wedding and seriously ruin your big day. However, if you remember that you need to pick someone that is a true gentleman, you can rest assured that he’ll represent you well and even look out for you as the night goes on.

Tip 3: Easy Going

Anyone that has been a part of a wedding or been married before knows that nothing ever goes perfect the day of the wedding. There’s always something that goes wrong and a good bride and groom roll with them and enjoy their day knowing that the important thing is that they are getting married and they are surrounded by loved ones. If the best man isn’t on board with that attitude and is prone to panic attacks or mental instability, this could cause a lot of stress for the wedding party, something nobody should deal with.

Tip 4: Will Be There

As silly as it sounds, be sure to pick a best man that will be able to definitively make the commitment to make all the events. Sure, your best friend might make for a best man, but if he’s an international businessman who constantly has to travel on a moment’s notice, explain to him the reason he can’t be the best man. As a compromise, make him part of the groomsmen party, but rely on someone you know can be there.

Gift Ideas for the Groom

If you’re a best man or part of the groom’s party at the wedding, it goes without saying that you should send off your pal into his wedding with a few gifts from the boys to commemorate the occasion. Certainly, the bride is taken care of between all the event she gets to enjoy, but it’s pretty rare that a the bachelor party the groom comes back with anything other than a hangover.

Be a class act and be a bro by getting something nice for the groom. Here are some tips and ideas for gifts that any bro could use.

Tip – Go in Together: Of course, all the guys can individually buy something for $25 each and the groom will get a bunch of stuff that will either be consumed that very night or not last very long. If you pool your money together and even ask some of the other people coming to the wedding on the groom’s side (father-in-law to be, father, cousins, fraternity brothers, etc) you can all pitch in and get something rather awesome he’ll never forget.

Tip – Get something masculine and fun. Hopefully the groom is hooked up already with a plethora of gifts for the home, thanks to the wedding registry. What he won’t get is equipment or toys he’ll want for himself, things worthy of a man-cave like a stereo system, Xbox 360 / PS3, tablet device, or something along the lines of an electronics device or something for the home theater.

Tip – Present it together, before the ceremony. There’s going to be an ideal time at the venue when all the groomsmen and the groom will be together in a room. Usually this is when you’ll be getting ready, or just lounging around enjoying some final bro time before the wedding. Use this time to make an official presentation of the gift to the groom. While it might sentimental and touching, you can always play it off so it doesn’t get too mushy of course!

Tip – Avoid certain gifts. Don’t get the groom anything for the house that would be on the registry. Basically, avoid anything that would end up in a bathroom or a kitchen. The bedroom is debatable but the outdoors might be a good thing, especially if it involves grilling. The point is, just avoid lame, cheap gifts or ones that will be duplicated by the registry. Get something personal because it’ll mean so much more of the groom were to say “Wow, this is really something I’ve always wanted but never would save up for myself” as opposed to “Gee thanks let’s break this out tonight” (and never think about it ever again).

Hopefully these tips get the juices flowing so you remain a great bro and hook up the groom with something nice before the big moment. Good luck!

Top Five Groomsmen’s Duties

A couple weeks ago, we did a post on the Top Five Bridesmaid’s Duties. So, we thought to make this weekend all about the groom and his groomsmen. Today we will take a look at what the groomsmen’s duties are at the wedding. Guys, if you want to impress the ladies, here is what you got to do!

  •  Personal Assistant: Just like the bridesmaids assisting the bride, you will assist the groom with errands, phone calls, and anything else that he may need that day. Possibly, grabbing him lunch and a drink to make sure he eats and is having a good day before he says ” I do”.
  • Be Social:  This is the time to mingle, hang out,  and have a great time with the guests. Since you will be ready way before the girls are, be at the ceremony one hour before the ceremony starts, and greet the guests as they walk in. Ask a bridesmaid to dance and get on that dance floor and have fun.  When guests are in line at the bar, or the buffet, say hello.
  • Be Responsible: Guys, you are on your own today, so don’t rely on your girlfriend or wife to make sure you have your tux/suit ready. In addition, you want to make sure you have your shoes and socks.
  • Stay Cool: This is one of  the most important days of  your good friend’s life, so you want to make sure he is calm and cool. If you are already married, possibly give him some advice and how he can prepare before he stands up at the alter waiting for his bride.
  • Guest’s Guide: Be prepared to help guests find their way to the ceremony, and escort them to their seats. You may also be asked a very popular question of the location of the restrooms,so make sure you know where they are.

Pretty easy right? Enjoy the day and have an amazing time!