Top Five Groomsmen’s Duties

A couple weeks ago, we did a post on the Top Five Bridesmaid’s Duties. So, we thought to make this weekend all about the groom and his groomsmen. Today we will take a look at what the groomsmen’s duties are at the wedding. Guys, if you want to impress the ladies, here is what you got to do!

  •  Personal Assistant: Just like the bridesmaids assisting the bride, you will assist the groom with errands, phone calls, and anything else that he may need that day. Possibly, grabbing him lunch and a drink to make sure he eats and is having a good day before he says ” I do”.
  • Be Social:  This is the time to mingle, hang out,  and have a great time with the guests. Since you will be ready way before the girls are, be at the ceremony one hour before the ceremony starts, and greet the guests as they walk in. Ask a bridesmaid to dance and get on that dance floor and have fun.  When guests are in line at the bar, or the buffet, say hello.
  • Be Responsible: Guys, you are on your own today, so don’t rely on your girlfriend or wife to make sure you have your tux/suit ready. In addition, you want to make sure you have your shoes and socks.
  • Stay Cool: This is one of  the most important days of  your good friend’s life, so you want to make sure he is calm and cool. If you are already married, possibly give him some advice and how he can prepare before he stands up at the alter waiting for his bride.
  • Guest’s Guide: Be prepared to help guests find their way to the ceremony, and escort them to their seats. You may also be asked a very popular question of the location of the restrooms,so make sure you know where they are.

Pretty easy right? Enjoy the day and have an amazing time!







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