How to Pick Your Best Man

One aspect of a wedding that is often not up to consultation between a bride and groom is the selection of the Maid of Honor and the Best Man. However, this is a very important decision as these two individuals take on pivotal roles during the ceremony and the reception. Not only will these two take on important roles in the wedding, they’ll also both be in a ton of your wedding photos and be featured in your wedding video, so choose wisely. While we wholeheartedly recommend that brides and grooms consult each other about their selections, we have some tips for the guys to make sure you make the right selection.

Tip 1: A Bro for Life

Certainly you shouldn’t select as your best man a guy you just met at a poker game, nor someone you tend to hang out a lot with at work. The obvious point here is that the best man should be someone you’re very confident will be someone you’ll be close to for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean you have to select one of the boys from back in the day, it means you pick someone you know will be around for the long haul.

Tip 2: Honor Sacred, Virtue Safe

Picking a charismatic best man is definitely a wide decision as this person will be making toasts and talking with the majority of the wedding’s guests. Remember though that this is a double-edged sword! If your best man is a drunk who curses wildly and gets out of control, he has the potential to ruin your wedding and seriously ruin your big day. However, if you remember that you need to pick someone that is a true gentleman, you can rest assured that he’ll represent you well and even look out for you as the night goes on.

Tip 3: Easy Going

Anyone that has been a part of a wedding or been married before knows that nothing ever goes perfect the day of the wedding. There’s always something that goes wrong and a good bride and groom roll with them and enjoy their day knowing that the important thing is that they are getting married and they are surrounded by loved ones. If the best man isn’t on board with that attitude and is prone to panic attacks or mental instability, this could cause a lot of stress for the wedding party, something nobody should deal with.

Tip 4: Will Be There

As silly as it sounds, be sure to pick a best man that will be able to definitively make the commitment to make all the events. Sure, your best friend might make for a best man, but if he’s an international businessman who constantly has to travel on a moment’s notice, explain to him the reason he can’t be the best man. As a compromise, make him part of the groomsmen party, but rely on someone you know can be there.

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