Five Tips for the Groom

Celebrating with the band of brothers known as your groomsmen is the second best part of getting married! You’ve probably already mentally chosen certain friends to stand with you on your wedding day, plus maybe a future in law or relative has been thrown into the mix. Assuming everyone survives the bachelor party, these tips will help you and your buds make it to the altar and through the reception with minimal potential for disasters!

1. Depend on one guy to keep everyone on task. Usually, this job belongs to the best man, but maybe your best man lives out of town, or isn’t best suited for getting things done. Approach the friend with the best leadership skills that doesn’t mind stepping up and reminding the others to get fitted, pick up their tuxes, and buy shoes. This will take some stress off of you and keep you from looking like a groomzilla!

2. Have the photographer capture some flirty pics of your bride with your groomsmen. It will be the last time she can take photos with a bunch of studs!

3. Ask someone to have an emergency toast prepared. In case the best man somehow bombs the delicate balance of a hilarious, yet sentimental toast, you can cue the back up to do damage control and end things on a fabulous note. Your guests will appreciate it, as this important toast often sets the tone for the beginning of the reception party!

4. Each groomsman should have at least an extra $100 cash in pocket. This tip cannot be stressed enough, because when you need something spontaneously, cash is king! Do you need extra tip money to award extraordinary service? Check. Picking up last minute beverages for the impromptu post-wedding hotel party? Check. Need cab money to send a friend or family member home who’s had too much to drink? Check. In desperate need of a Red bull? Check. BridalParty065The possibilities to save the day are endless, and it gives the groomsmen a chance to be the hero! As the saying goes, ‘better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it’.

5. Finally, be realistic about the groomsmen gifts. If you get them something they will actually use, they will love you for it! Personal size cooler totes are a great gift for men who love camping, playing sports, being outdoors, or just drinking beer. So, basically almost any guy will appreciate this gift. Pack it in advance with each friend’s favorite snacks and beverages.

Treat these guys well and they will treat you great back. Not just on your wedding day, but years down the road when you and your family need to lean on them for support. Cheers!

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