Gift Ideas for the Groom

If you’re a best man or part of the groom’s party at the wedding, it goes without saying that you should send off your pal into his wedding with a few gifts from the boys to commemorate the occasion. Certainly, the bride is taken care of between all the event she gets to enjoy, but it’s pretty rare that a the bachelor party the groom comes back with anything other than a hangover.

Be a class act and be a bro by getting something nice for the groom. Here are some tips and ideas for gifts that any bro could use.

Tip – Go in Together: Of course, all the guys can individually buy something for $25 each and the groom will get a bunch of stuff that will either be consumed that very night or not last very long. If you pool your money together and even ask some of the other people coming to the wedding on the groom’s side (father-in-law to be, father, cousins, fraternity brothers, etc) you can all pitch in and get something rather awesome he’ll never forget.

Tip – Get something masculine and fun. Hopefully the groom is hooked up already with a plethora of gifts for the home, thanks to the wedding registry. What he won’t get is equipment or toys he’ll want for himself, things worthy of a man-cave like a stereo system, Xbox 360 / PS3, tablet device, or something along the lines of an electronics device or something for the home theater.

Tip – Present it together, before the ceremony. There’s going to be an ideal time at the venue when all the groomsmen and the groom will be together in a room. Usually this is when you’ll be getting ready, or just lounging around enjoying some final bro time before the wedding. Use this time to make an official presentation of the gift to the groom. While it might sentimental and touching, you can always play it off so it doesn’t get too mushy of course!

Tip – Avoid certain gifts. Don’t get the groom anything for the house that would be on the registry. Basically, avoid anything that would end up in a bathroom or a kitchen. The bedroom is debatable but the outdoors might be a good thing, especially if it involves grilling. The point is, just avoid lame, cheap gifts or ones that will be duplicated by the registry. Get something personal because it’ll mean so much more of the groom were to say “Wow, this is really something I’ve always wanted but never would save up for myself” as opposed to “Gee thanks let’s break this out tonight” (and never think about it ever again).

Hopefully these tips get the juices flowing so you remain a great bro and hook up the groom with something nice before the big moment. Good luck!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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