Top Five BridesMaid’s Duties

Brides chose their bridesmaids for various reasons, whether they are a college roommate, sister, or a long time best friend, they choose them because they see their “bridesmaid” quality.  What does a bridesmaid do besides walk down the aisle and stand by the bride at the ceremony? Lets find out!

  • Personal Assistant: Assist in all the pre-wedding festivities, assist the bride with phone calls, errands, and anything she may need.
  • Social Butterfly: Mingle with the guests at the cocktail hour and reception. Dance with the guests!
  • Be Responsible: Be responsible for your own gown, shoes, accessories, and bouquet.
  • Stay Calm: Be on time and keep the bride calm at all times. Time is so important! Be on time to your hair and make-up appointment, the venue, and to the wedding itself! You want to be there for the bride as much as possible. She needs you!
  • Be Happy: Always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Yes we have all heard this saying before.  However this is the bride’s big day and need to have a positive attitude.  Be happy and joyous for the bride and show your support and love! So when your day comes, the bride can do the same for you!



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