Intimate Outdoor Southern Wedding

Lace never gets old in my book. This pretty Southern wedding has all the lace that I love and more.  In addition to lace, this Southern bride  loves horses, and all things simple and Southern. This gorgeous couple share personal vows with their small guest count surrounded by lovely trees in a quaint  setting.  Then you have a photographer like Brandy Angel Photography who is there to capture all the lovely details. This wedding is just beautiful in every detail. I can go and on about this Southern wedding, but I think the stunning images speak for themselves. Enjoy!!









































A few words from the bride…

The Love story:  We met through a mutual acquaintance in 2009. I was in a relationship at the time so we were just friends for a year before we started dating. We would bump into each other everywhere throughout that year and Matt would tell his buddies that, “one day that girls gonna be my girlfriend.” So after numerous attempts of him asking me out and getting turned down he deleted my number from his phone. At the end of that year, when I became single again, I thought about Matt and decided to reach out to him. His response was,”who is this again?” Haha I knew I probably deserved that for all the neglect I had given him. Our first date was that night, I asked him out to a new fine dining restaurant called Three Forks. I quickly realized how much we had in common and that he had spent four summers on the lake I grew up on in Alabama which is rare to find when you are living 7 hours away from home. He asked me to go out of town with him that weekend to his families place in Crystal River and that’s where we both fell completely in love! He made me swim with manatees which was a real treat for a small town Alabama girl like me. That weekend is when we decided we were Lobsters, and would be soulmates for life. We even ironically found a wooden sign that says “Lobsters” that is still to this day hanging in our kitchen. I knew he would be my husband one day.

The Proposal: He proposed on November 8, 2013. I was about to renew another years lease on my apartment even though I spent most of my time at his house. I came straight to his house from work that day with a hope that was crushed. I desperately wanted him to propose but I had accepted that it wasn’t going to happen. He asked me to come sit on the back porch with him and watch the sunset which we did often. It’s one of our favorite spots overlooking dutton island. I told him about my day and rambled on as usual. He was pacing around, couldn’t sit still which was also usual so I didn’t think anything of it. Then he said,” I have a surprise for you little Susie.” (It’s a nickname) long story. I responded,” Oh please tell me it’s a garage door opener!” Haha the garage door had been broken for quite some time. He found that amusing and went along with it. He said I was right and he was gonna go get the opener to show me. When he came back he told me to close my eyes and he got down on one knee. He told me to open my eyes and simply asked,”I want to watch sunsets with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

The Wedding: We wanted to be engaged for a while. We knew we weren’t going to do a big wedding and even talked about eloping. About four days shy of one year later we decided on a private family wedding. Very small and quant, 17 people including the bride and groom. It was perfect timing.



Photography: Brandy Angel Photography

Venue: Five Star Lodge And Stables

Catering: Catering by Cindy

Wedding Cake:  Melissa’s Custom cakes and goodies

Flowers: The Flower Garden

A Classic Vineyard DIY Wedding

This wedding screams classic! I mean each and every detail is absolutely gorgeous and jaw dropping beautiful. Let me tell you a little secert…this wedding is DIY. I could not believe it, as all the romantic and elegant details are done to perfection. Perfect for this stunning couple.  Amazingly captured by Sonya Lalla Photography, this wedding has all the pretty details created for a magical day. Oh, and this bride is super stunning! I mean that lace dress was made for her. I LOVE the bridal gown.  Before heading out to start the weekend, take a moment to view the lovely photos of this classic wedding.






























From the bride…

Steve and I have known each other pretty much our whole lives. We grew up together in church and went to the same school growing up. He has been best friends with my brother for as long as I can remember so he has always been around. As a matter of fact, our parents have been close friends for a long time as well, so there are strong ties between our two families.

Having grown up together, people would always talk about us “getting together”, but nothing ever really happened between us. He is four years older than I, so he was in college while I was in high school. When it was my turn to go to college, and I was officially “old enough”, neither of us made a move, and we both moved on. We were always very close friends and saw each other all the time at church and various family get-togethers.

As a few years passed, we were both in different relationships, but people kept wondering when/if we ever would finally end up together. As my relationship ended, his relationship was just beginning and it seemed that timing was against us again. I was in the process of moving on while his relationship was going seemingly well, but I couldn’t help but wonder “what might have been”. Soon after, his relationship ended, he came to me one afternoon and said that we needed to talk. He told me how he had always had feelings for me and wanted to see if things between us could work. That was just over a year ago and we have been inseparable ever since.

Last summer he flew me out to Washington to meet some of his family. While we were there he drove me to Seattle, a city I have always wanted to visit. While we were looking around and seeing the city, he told me to look up at the Space Needle.Once I glanced up, he said “We are having dinner up there tonight”. I was so surprised and thought it was the sweetest thing for him to surprise me with such a nice dinner. After we finished our wonderful meal, he came over to my side of the table, asked me to stand up, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the most intimate and perfect proposal!

 Wedding Day

We tried to make things just simple, pretty, and classic. “Classic” is what I tried to think of whenever I was making decisions for the day. We only used two vendors, besides our wonderful photographers:-), and that was Weinhardt Party Rentals for our glasses and napkins, and Zach Lewis, from Illinois, for our music. Other than that, everything was done by us. We ordered our flowers from Sams Club and put them together the night before, my wonderful Momma made our food, my students helped us set up and tear down, my cousin help set up all of the bars and did all of the signs, and Steve’s childhood neighbor did all of our desserts. There were plenty of other things that people helped us with and we are so thankful for everyone who helped make our day so perfect.



Photographer: Sonya Lalla Photography 

Reception Venue: The Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel

Lighting: Weinhardt Party Rentals

Top Three Winter Bridal Gown Trends

Bridal trends fluctuate over the years, but there are still certain styles that are classic to certain times of the year. Winter weddings are especially very classic and magical, as a lot of them can take place in a snowy winter wonderland. Even if you aren’t getting married in a place that snows, you can always visualize a winter wedding with cold, snowflakes, and shimmery things of the sort. Of course any wedding dress style can be worn at any time during the year, but the following three styles are the perfect dresses for the winter time.

1. BEADS: Beads, bling, glitter and sparkle. Anything with a heavily beaded belt or bodice is a perfect complement to a plain ball gown, which is the ideal snow queen look. Beading will also reflect nicely off of the sun and will glisten along with the snow if you are taking pictures in a snowy location. A plain ball gown is big and fluffy, and fits well for a wintery setting. The important thing is to keep the ball gown plain, and choose one made of either tulle or satin to keep a soft look. Adding a bit of bling will make the plain dress glisten, and will make the dress the perfect prop for the naturally gorgeous backdrop.

2. LACE: Lace is timeless and always a crowd pleaser, but for the winter time, Chantilly lace is the best way to go. It is very soft, yet exquisite in its design compared to other types of lace. Its’ soft appearance reflects the delicateness of snowfall and is just mesmerizing. Because Chantilly lace is so soft, it falls nicely on the body, and lies gently on the train behind for the audience to see. Also, a Chantilly lace dress with hints of bling will add a nice shimmery touch.

3. ROSETTES: Organza is a soft and fabric that flows nicely and that works well on a classic fitted dress. The perfect fit and flare gown for the winter time though, will have medium sized organza rosettes on the skirt. These rosettes will give the dress a light and airy feel that will liven up any chilly wintery wedding day. They give the dress life and pizazz while still being soft and gentle and elegant. Truly, the key to any wintery trend is to keep the dress looking soft.

Top Three Tips for Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

After you’ve bought your bridal gown, the very next step is to look for the bridesmaid dresses to complete your bridal party look. Following these three tips will help make your shopping experience easier for you and all of your bridesmaids.

1. STYLE: When you go into a bridal boutique, ask what the popular dress styles are. Consultants can help you find a dress that flatters a range of body types since bridesmaids always vary in sizes. Chiffon is usually the ideal fabric for a bridesmaid dress, as it flows nicely and gives a soft look. You also want the dress to compliment your gown in minute details. If you have a strapless sweetheart top, then match their dresses with the same neckline. If your gown has lace on it, then pick their dresses with a sheer lace top, or one that has subtle lace appliqués. These little details and tie-ins will make the look flow smoothly together.

2. COLOR: Color options for dresses were originally limited to the bridesmaids. Nowadays, brides too can wear different color gowns such as white, ivory, blush, light gold, alabaster, and so on. With that being said, the color choices for bridesmaids can be difficult. Wait to pick your colors after you’ve bought your dress, so that you can match them accordingly. Also keep in mind that every manufacturer has their own names and shades for their colors. When looking at dresses, ask your consultant for the appropriate color swatches, and ask if they apply to all of the sample dresses. Certain manufacturers only make a few dresses in a certain color or fabric, so it is good to be aware. They will usually change the fabric for an additional fee, so be sure to ask your consultant what your options are so that there aren’t any surprises at checkout.

3. TIME: Believe it or not, bridesmaids dresses may take as long to come in (and sometimes longer) than your wedding dress. Most manufacturers take three to four months to get dresses sent out, but they will also accommodate quick weddings for additional rush fees. It is important to start looking at bridesmaid dresses right after you buy your gown to insure everything will come in on time. You want to avoid rush fees if possible, and you want to allow ample time for your girls to receive alterations if needed. Keep in mind too that most bridal salons won’t place your order until all of your bridesmaids have paid and gotten measured. Be sure that all of your girls are aware of the stores policies to avoid fees or additional stressors.

Five Tips on Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown

1. The Look: Weddings are all about picking a theme and going all out with it. So first of all, think about the feel and the look that you are going for. Do you want a 1920’s vintage feel? Then try incorporating a bird cage veil, or a feathery headpiece with a lace applique. Are you looking for a Spanish feel? Then try a big flower headpiece, or a Mantilla veil that will drape beyond the edge of your train. Or are you going for classic elegance? Then try and keep your accessories to a minimum. Pick your accessories and gown that go with the feeling that you are going for, and that feeling will be conveyed to your friends and family.

2. Match: It is also important to match accessories to your gown in order to bring out its’ beauty in the right light. For example, if your gown has a belt that has some pearls and beads on it, then find earrings or a veil that has both of those items. It is best to keep the accessories in unison to have them flow right into your dress. If your gown has chunky beads on it, don’t accessorize with pearl earrings. Try and match the items as closely as possible.

Veil & Belt

3. Compliment: Take a good look at your gown and see if it is simple or busy on its own, as they both have their pros and cons. Simple dresses allow for more accessories and chunky jewelry or statement pieces. Try on beaded belts, big earrings, or thick bracelets. Sometimes a simple belt can dress up the gown to a whole other level, and give it a unique look. If your dress is very busy with lace or bling, refrain from using thick laced veils or chunky jewelry. Less is more with these gowns, and simple accessories add to its beauty without detracting any attention from it. Otherwise your audience will be too busy trying to figure out where to look instead of looking at you. Also, if you are wearing a bracelet, be sure to wear it on the opposite hand as your engagement ring. It will compliment and even out your bridal look.

4. Try On: It is really hard to match accessories without having your gown around, or without even having it on! So be sure to try on different veils, head pieces, and jewelry while you have the gown on your body. A good time to do that is usually once the dress comes in and you go in for your try on appointment. It can be a bit overwhelming to try and pick everything on the same day as you picked your gown, so wait until your dress comes in to do so.

Earrings & Belt

5. Ask: Be sure to ask your consultant for any accessory suggestions. They have a pretty good eye in finding the appropriate accessories since they are around the gowns constantly and know what goes well with what. Be open to their suggestions and have fun with it! They will enjoy dressing you up until your look is completed to perfection.

TLC’s Four Weddings Winning Bride: June 13th

Good morning weekenders!  What a gorgeous day it is here at BHL. What is going on outside, well, I will enjoy that a bit later, but for now,  we have the winner of TLC’s “Four Weddings” from this week’s episode. A wonderful Saturday indeed.  The winning bride from Thursday’s episode is Megan! Congrats to this bride and her beautifully planned Southern wedding.  Her vintage and lace wedding scored her a total of 88 points out of 120 points. Here is the breakdown.

Venue: 26 points
Dress:  15 points
Experience: 21points
Food: 26 points

The other three brides really liked the venue and food the best, as she scored the highest in these two categories. The venue was at an old Plantation. Perfect for her vintage Southern wedding. The ceremony took place outside in a gorgeous setting.  All the beautiful details of the old world charm was evident in this venue.  I really loved this venue as well. The ceremony space set outside, and the stunning tent for the outside reception was perfect for this Southern bride. Just lovely.

The food. Well since I can not account for the food, since I was not there to taste it, but from the score of the other brides, it seems that her food was a hit. Good tasting food is such an important element of a wedding. It can it can either leave guests happy and satisfied, or unhappy and starving. So great job Megan for providing something tasty and delicious for your guests to enjoy at your wedding.

Congrats to Megan for winning an all expenses paid honeymoon. After all the planning of her vintage and Southern wedding, together with her husband, she is ready to pack her bags, and journey to a place of relaxation and luxury. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy and have a lovely time Megan, you deserve it!


Here is a look back at Megan’s Vintage and Lace Southern wedding:

Designer Bridal Gowns Featured at the Sareh Nouri Trunk Show

Good morning lovelies! I hope you have your morning coffee in hand, because I have some serious gorgeousness coming your way. I been kind of obsessing over a stunning bridal collection for the last few months, and when the day finally arrived to see these beautiful gowns in person, I was super excited.  I was so excited, that the morning of, I was like a little child getting ready for their first trip to Disneyland! Yep, THAT is how excited I was. This weekend, the fabulous and super talented designer, Sareh Nouri stopped by at the Mon Amie Bridal Salon and showed off her amazing and jaw-dropping gorgeous bridal gowns. Remember the Sareh Nouri post we did? And the trunk show we kept telling you all about? Well it happened this weekend.  I had the honor of being one of other admirers, to watch these romantic and beautiful gowns walk down the fashion show runway. As each gown passed my eyes,   I was in total awe…the movement, the style, and lovely details simply took my breath away.



The cherry on top? Meeting the lovely designer, Sareh Nouri and all her fabulousness! Oh, it was a great day indeed.


Let the show begin! This was such a lovely treat to be this close to these stunning gowns!











The fashion show was amazing and loved every second of it. SWOON!



This gown is perfect for that vintage bride who adores lace. Simply timeless! What a lovely gown with the most beautiful details.


My favorite gown? As hard as it is to choose, it has to be this romantic and whimsical gown. A total show stopper, and just breathtaking.  I am in love. IMG_4661

The Sareh Nouri Collection can be found at Mon Amie Bridal Salon. A romantic and lovely collection of bridal gowns.

All photos are from Bridal Hot List