Bridal Jewelry from Tejani Bangle Bar

On this beautiful Monday morning, we’ve got something pretty lovely that most girls love. Jewelry! We are excited to share some bridal jewelry that will make any bride or girl fall in love.  Most girls love jewelry, but when you have something that is fitted just for you, its even better. How many times have you tried on a bracelet and it was either too big or too small? Well, what is so fantastic about this company is that they do bangle sizing so you will get it to fit just right. How amazing is that? That is why we are excited to feature Tejani Bangle Bar, and their gorgeous collection of earrings and bangles.





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About Tejani Bangle Bar..


“When I started back in 2004, high couture jewelry and accessories were out of reach of most brides, yet the more affordable pieces were unattractive and poor quality,” says Urvi. Since then, she has changed the rules of the game – helping thousands of new brides fulfill their dreams.

By combining her keen NYC fashion sense with the designs of local Mumbai Indian craftsman, Urvi offers a bridal jewelry collection with a carefully crafted mix of authentic ethnic heritage and bold modern flair. Every piece of Tejani wedding jewelry is an original. The name Tejani translates to “brightness” and “sparkle” in Hindi — a fitting description for this timeless jewelry. Urvi’s proud Indian heritage is inherently featured in every piece. Whether it’s earrings or bangles– her pieces are always suitable for both the Bride and Bridesmaids. Coupled with the collection is Tejani’s stellar level of service offering unique bangle sizing and complimentary expert bridal styling.

The Tejani passion lies in reflecting each and every bride’s individual vision without breaking the bank or compromising style or quality.  All Tejani bracelets are available in several sizes, guaranteed to fit like they were designed for you. Most of their earrings are extremely light in weight with very natural movement.  Add your personal touch to your Tejani jewelry piece by selecting the perfect finish — silver, gold, antique silver or antique gold.  Whether your style is classic, modern, vintage or glam you will find the perfect accessory to compliment your gown and radiate on your special day.

Tejani Bangle Bar continues to garner praise from brides and fashion industry experts  across the country. The collection has been featured in Brides magazine, The Knot and Bazaar, and in O Magazine Oprah Winfrey featured Tejani on her celebrated “O List”.

Top Four Tips for Shopping for Bridal Jewelry

Monday is already here and so is June! This year is passing by so quickly with summer coming up fast. Before we start planning all the beach/pool parties, (which we will soon!),  we wanted to share some fabulous tips to start the week off. Shopping for jewelry can be a difficult task if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. If you are buying for yourself, you may know what you like, but you can’t choose. When it comes to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your wedding day, we’ve got some fantastic tips:

  1. Only purchase jewelry from well known retailers. If you are looking to purchase gold, silver or platinum make sure that the retailer has a professional set up and that their products come with a guarantee. Do not purchase from unknown vendors who claim that the jewelry they are selling at a discount price is made from real precious metals or gemstones, they are often imported fakes.
  2. Some classic and very affordable types of jewelry that are available are pearls. These are very classic staples to any collection. They are also available in three types that include natural, imitation, and cultured. There are many colors and variations available such as classic white, pink, gold, black, etc. This may be a great choice to pair with your wedding gown. It is classy and simple, yet can be elegant and a statement piece.
  3. When buying a ring  or bracelet to compliment your engagement ring,  make sure that it is of high quality and has great design. You want a ring with a lot of hand detail which shows fine craftsmanship.
  4. If you are buying jewelry for your bridesmaids or maid of honor, it may be a good idea to shop for their birthstone. Knowing their favorite (like ruby, emerald or diamond) can also be helpful. Make sure you’re picking something that expresses their style and personality.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping for jewelry.

Five Tips on Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown

1. The Look: Weddings are all about picking a theme and going all out with it. So first of all, think about the feel and the look that you are going for. Do you want a 1920’s vintage feel? Then try incorporating a bird cage veil, or a feathery headpiece with a lace applique. Are you looking for a Spanish feel? Then try a big flower headpiece, or a Mantilla veil that will drape beyond the edge of your train. Or are you going for classic elegance? Then try and keep your accessories to a minimum. Pick your accessories and gown that go with the feeling that you are going for, and that feeling will be conveyed to your friends and family.

2. Match: It is also important to match accessories to your gown in order to bring out its’ beauty in the right light. For example, if your gown has a belt that has some pearls and beads on it, then find earrings or a veil that has both of those items. It is best to keep the accessories in unison to have them flow right into your dress. If your gown has chunky beads on it, don’t accessorize with pearl earrings. Try and match the items as closely as possible.

Veil & Belt

3. Compliment: Take a good look at your gown and see if it is simple or busy on its own, as they both have their pros and cons. Simple dresses allow for more accessories and chunky jewelry or statement pieces. Try on beaded belts, big earrings, or thick bracelets. Sometimes a simple belt can dress up the gown to a whole other level, and give it a unique look. If your dress is very busy with lace or bling, refrain from using thick laced veils or chunky jewelry. Less is more with these gowns, and simple accessories add to its beauty without detracting any attention from it. Otherwise your audience will be too busy trying to figure out where to look instead of looking at you. Also, if you are wearing a bracelet, be sure to wear it on the opposite hand as your engagement ring. It will compliment and even out your bridal look.

4. Try On: It is really hard to match accessories without having your gown around, or without even having it on! So be sure to try on different veils, head pieces, and jewelry while you have the gown on your body. A good time to do that is usually once the dress comes in and you go in for your try on appointment. It can be a bit overwhelming to try and pick everything on the same day as you picked your gown, so wait until your dress comes in to do so.

Earrings & Belt

5. Ask: Be sure to ask your consultant for any accessory suggestions. They have a pretty good eye in finding the appropriate accessories since they are around the gowns constantly and know what goes well with what. Be open to their suggestions and have fun with it! They will enjoy dressing you up until your look is completed to perfection.

Something Borrowed, Something….Emerald Green!

Emerald Green Bridesmaid

Emerald Green Bridesmaid

The Pantone ‘color of 2013’ is versatile & fresh enough to bring into your wedding plans even if your wedding date is in 2015! As a main color, Emerald Green can be considered a neutral background or canvas to juxtapose splashes of vibrant colors against, such as fuchsia, orange, teal, lime green, or red. As a detail color, the possibilities are endless. Here, we will explore some ideas & benefits to choosing this timeless jewel tone.

1. Consider emerald green bridesmaid dresses. This color looks fantastic on absolutely every skin tone. Just look at the red carpet for proof: Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, & Viola Davis have all stunned in it. Pair orange roses for contrast or red shoes for an unexpected twist!

2. If you’re getting married on a golf course, you’ll be surrounded by yards of emerald green grass, so you may want to go with another color for your bridesmaids, so they don’t get lost! However, consider using emerald green in your invitations, thank you notes, photo album cover, and other wedding correspondence to ensure continuity of your theme & venue. When your guests receive your thank-you note, the green will remind them subconsciously of what a beautiful, well planned event they attended.

3. Use emerald green foliage to ‘fill out’ your floral elements. Have your florist add extra fern stalks, palm fronds, birds of paradise leaves, (you get the idea) to your venue arrangements for a super lush look. For a modern garden style wedding, consider setting a potted topiary at the end of each aisle. Cutting back on blooms and adding more foliage might also save you some paper green!

4. Have some fun with your signature cocktails by adding Midori or green food coloring to the mix. Ask your DJ if they can bathe the dance floor in emerald green for your couples dance. Extra points if they have green lasers for a club vibe when the music picks up later in the night. Order your favors in emerald green. Group them together for a visual impact, or place at each table setting with some emerald green in the centerpiece.

Emerald bracelets

5. Wear this precious gem for sentiment (& good luck!) if your or your groom’s birthday is in May, if you’re getting married in May, or if there are some cherished emerald pieces in your family collection. To top it off, gift your groom with emerald cuff-links to match!

The almighty Emerald is sure to keep your wedding scheme modern and fresh. Be careful not to over-do it, or you’ll end up with a Wizard of Oz / Emerald City vibe (unless you are going for that, and in that case, please invite me!).


Photos courtesy of Brandon Wong photography.

Five Must Have Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Accessories add the perfect finishing touches to every outfit, and what better day to dress up your outfit than on your wedding day? The smallest details always enhance your look, and with the right ones, your look will be utter perfection. With these five accessories, you will be sure to look your best!

1. A VEIL: The best veil to use with any dress is the invisible veil – a simple tulle veil, with no edge, no trim, no anything. The best length to get is where it extends to about your ankles, and that way it subtly fades away into your dress, giving it that invisible look. The invisible veil is the best because it does not take away from your dress, it doesn’t cut you off, but it still gives you that sheer illusion and bridal touch. Wearing a veil completes the bridal look and will make you feel like a real bride. If you’re not fond of wearing a veil, then try a small bird cage, but definitely try the invisible one just in case!

2. EARRINGS: Jewelry has to be matched properly with the details on your dress, but you can never go wrong with a pair of earrings. If your dress is heavily embellished, it’s best to go with diamond stud earrings to compliment the decor. On the other hand, pearl or diamond teardrop earrings enhance the beauty of a simple gown. Necklaces and bracelets are tricky to match, but you always want your ears appropriately adorned.

3. SHOES: Your shoes are a way to show your uniqueness, your quirkiness, and your style. Wearing bright colored shoes that match your bridal party are a fun way to jazz up your look. If your bridal party is wearing all black, I would still recommend wearing your favorite color shoes, or another color that is used in your decorations. The pop of color brought out by your shoes adds for great pictures, and also shows a statement as you walk down the aisle and your shoes peep through the bottom of the gown. A pop of color always enhances the mood! Another option would be just to wear a shade of blue shoes for your ‘something blue.’

4. A HEADPIECE: When it is time to party at the reception, you want to subtly change up your style with a signature headpiece. Veils are primarily worn for the ceremony, but occasionally some brides will choose to wear it for the whole night. It is always nice though to replace the veil with a headpiece to accessorize your hair for the remainder of the evening. A cute organza flower with silver beads or thin feathers are feminine and elegant while still adding a feeling of fun. It is a subtle change but it can give your look a totally different feel.

5. Your SMILE: Your smile is the best accessory that you as a bride can wear. It is your day to shine, and your pictures will last forever. So be sure to just enjoy the day, and smile constantly throughout the day!