TLC’s Four Weddings Winning Bride: June 13th

Good morning weekenders!  What a gorgeous day it is here at BHL. What is going on outside, well, I will enjoy that a bit later, but for now,  we have the winner of TLC’s “Four Weddings” from this week’s episode. A wonderful Saturday indeed.  The winning bride from Thursday’s episode is Megan! Congrats to this bride and her beautifully planned Southern wedding.  Her vintage and lace wedding scored her a total of 88 points out of 120 points. Here is the breakdown.

Venue: 26 points
Dress:  15 points
Experience: 21points
Food: 26 points

The other three brides really liked the venue and food the best, as she scored the highest in these two categories. The venue was at an old Plantation. Perfect for her vintage Southern wedding. The ceremony took place outside in a gorgeous setting.  All the beautiful details of the old world charm was evident in this venue.  I really loved this venue as well. The ceremony space set outside, and the stunning tent for the outside reception was perfect for this Southern bride. Just lovely.

The food. Well since I can not account for the food, since I was not there to taste it, but from the score of the other brides, it seems that her food was a hit. Good tasting food is such an important element of a wedding. It can it can either leave guests happy and satisfied, or unhappy and starving. So great job Megan for providing something tasty and delicious for your guests to enjoy at your wedding.

Congrats to Megan for winning an all expenses paid honeymoon. After all the planning of her vintage and Southern wedding, together with her husband, she is ready to pack her bags, and journey to a place of relaxation and luxury. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy and have a lovely time Megan, you deserve it!


Here is a look back at Megan’s Vintage and Lace Southern wedding:

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