Top Five Tips for Multitasking Brides

Weddings get CRAZY! While you’re getting deeper and deeper into into the craziness that is planning your wedding, you’re going to feel like you’re juggling a whole lot. It’s totally normal to start feeling overwhelmed while you’re planning the best party of your life. If you want to take some steps to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, follow our tips to be the most marvelous multitasking bride ever!

Organize your Tasks

Write down literally EVERYTHING you need to do. Yes, this will take a while but it’s totally worth it! Get everything you can think of written down and from there, organize it. Use color coding to highlight everything into different categories, such as things that are dress/suit related, things that are venue related, dates that you need to pay vendors, etc. From there you’ll be able to group tasks together and even prioritize them. Once you prioritize your tasks, you’ll be able to knock out our next tip in no trouble!

Calendar your Completion Dates

Got an idea of what you need to get done? Get it on paper and and plan that out! One of our favorite ways to calendar our completion dates is to open a google calendar just for your wedding and input all of your tasks into it. You can even share that action items with friends by forwarding the invite to their calendar. You can even share the whole calendar with people who need to know, like your maid of honor or fiance. Sync the calendar to your phone so you get accessibility to the calendar no matter where you are. Be sure to set reminders for yourself so you’re sure to get everything done!

Keep a List of To Dos on Hand

After your calendar is uploaded, be sure you also have a list of things you can just pick up and work on. If you know you have to go to the doctor, DMV, or anything with a waiting room, be sure you have a list of things you can work on. If you have a few minutes, facebook message friends for their addresses. If you have a few more minutes, call and make appointments for teeth cleanings, mani/pedis, and anything else you need. Maximize your time by always working on running tasks!

Pass it Along

While you’re looking at your list of things to get done, see what you can trust your friends to do for you. You can ask them to do simple things like picking up samples, dropping off invites at the post office, or verifying addresses. If you have some awesome Type A friends who seriously have your back, you can even trust them with bigger tasks like delivering vendor checks, picking up your dress, or picking out wines. It’s okay to delegate- they’re your bridesmaids for a reason!

Budget in a Book

One awesome way to keep all your expenses straight is to create an excel book for all your expenses. You can create solutions within the book to automatically show how much you’re spending, how much you’ve spent, how much of the budget is spent and what it was spent on, basically anything! If you don’t excel at using excel, watch a few video tutorials and follow along. If anything, it’s also a good life skill to be able to use excel.


Five Wedding Organizing Tools You Didn’t Know You’d Need

Bridal binder? Check. Magazines? Check. Address book? Check. You may have the basic wedding organization tools, but we’ve got five awesome items that you won’t realize you’ll need until it’s too late.

Arsenal of Color

Color coding makes EVERYTHING better. If you have a weekly planner, put all your food appointments in green, all your dress appointments in red, your venue appointments in blue, etc. It’ll make your at-a-glance planning that much easier to process. You’ll be able to tell what you have lined up for the week and instantly make it easier to focus on your upcoming tasks. Whatever your color key is, stick to it and you’ll be better prepared for everything.OrgItems.jpg.jpg


A step up from post its, hard plastic tabs are a lifesaver. Use them as placemarks in magazines for items you’re eyeing, or in your address book to know how many outstanding R.S.V.P.’s you have. Best of all, you can write on these with markers for notes. They don’t rip or fall apart like post its do and look much more sleek and organized.

Card Case

While you’re shopping vendors, you’ll be getting a lot of business cards. Pick up a card case (cigarette cases are the same size and can do the trick) and have it strictly dedicated to wedding vendors. That way, the cards don’t end up crushed at the bottom of your purse or car.  Write notes on the vendors on the backs of their cards to help you remember which vendors were which.

Wifi Shooter

If you can afford it (or already have it!), hang on to a small point and shoot camera with wifi. While phones are great, you don’t want to lose vendor photos in your camera roll along side selfies and pet pictures. You’ll also be able to adjust your camera’s functions and have more control of how your photos look versus using your phone. Once you get all the shots you need on your flowers, dresses, linens, anything, just email them to yourself (or your designated wedding email address) so you know exactly where they are. While phones are handy, an actual small camera can be more handy. If this seems like it could be pricey, look for a refurbished model. Some decent point and shoot wifi cameras can be as low as $30 refurbished.

Memo Apps

Download a note app like Evernote to hang on to any and all notes that are wedding related. Make sure that the app is dedicated to wedding notes so you don’t lose anything in the midst of other topics. You can create folders dedicated to songlists, food ideas, color schemes, and anything else! Having one app dedicated to all your notes, ideas, and anything wedding related will help you be that much more organized.


Five Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

If you have your heart set on somewhere beautiful outside your neighborhood for your wedding, no worries. Destination weddings are a great option for couples who can afford it and have the will to travel. Before you start spinning the globe and day-dreaming about currency exchange stations, check out our top tips for planning your destination wedding.

1. Set Your Date Wisely

Have you dreamed about Hawaii in the summer? You’re not alone. Aiming for off-seasons can help cut your costs considerably. If you’re planning on taking anyone with you (such as family or friends), you’ll want to find a property that can accommodate everyone. If you’re unsure about when the off-season is, look at hotel rates for different dates on hotel booking sites like Expedia or If you’re noticing a pattern of lower rates one weekend over another, that’ll be a more cost-effective time to get hitched. Since you’ll most likely have guests going to the wedding with you, you should ensure that it will be as affordable as possible for them as well. Keep in mind that there may be local events going on that could cause a busy weekend; for example Washington D.C. has a cherry blossom festival annually which causes just as much tourist traffic as the summer does. Do your research and your wallet will thank you later.

2. Warn Your Family

It will be smart to plan very much ahead for destination weddings- we’re talking a few months. Not everyone may be able to afford to travel for a wedding, but if you give your loved ones enough time they may be able to save. If you price out flights, hotels, and rental cars (if needed) in advance and show the costs to your guests, they will be more likely to attend. If you’ll need to save extra, your family and friends may need to as well.

3. Do Your Research

It is wise to at least have visited the place you’d like to get married before you get there. You may day-dream about Cabo and not feel the magic once you hit the beach, and you don’t want to risk that. Be sure it’s a place that you and your fiance both love. If it’s been a few years since you’ve visited your dream destination, take a weekend off with your love and check it out. It’s a nice excuse for a vacation (but honey- it’s wedding research!) plus you may find some unexpected finds nearby.

4. Block It Out

If you’ve settled on a location and a hotel, get in touch with the sales manager at the hotel. If you contact them directly and let them know that you’ll have some friends and family coming out with you for your special day, they may do some extra work for you. A hotel sales manager wants to make sure that your (and your loved ones’) experience is as excellent as possible- they want to make it easy on you. They may be able to set up a block of rooms so your guests are all on the same floor or area. They may also (and this may be an advanced move- but it can be done!) be able to set up special lower rates since you’re guaranteeing them a solid amount of room nights. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth a shot. If they are unable to accommodate you, they may be able to offer suggestions for other properties as well.

5. Plan Ahead

If there’s one unexpected storm, you and your wedding party are landlocked. It may be a long shot if you’ve got your dates planned right, but there’s no harm in setting up a safety net. If you’re flying or driving, plan on leaving at least 1-2 days before your wedding events start so you have that time to settle in and get ready. Do what you can to not book the last flight of the night- if an earlier one gets bumped you can always go stand-by on the next one. Have a few hundred on retainer in case you need to move your flight with short notice. You would not want your luggage to get lost and show up to your wedding a day late.

Top Nine Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays can be such a beautiful time, particularly here in sunny Southern California. We may not get snow, but we are keen to head towards it for the holidays. If you’re traveling for the holidays whether it be for family or if you’re just heading south for the winter, be sure to check out our travel tips.

Plan Ahead

Being organized is more important now than ever! Keep all of your travel itineraries together, and know when you can check in to flights. Sign up for text alerts on all your flights so you know immediately if there are any changes. Call and confirm any hotel or car rentals about a day or two in advance. Sometimes during busy seasons (like holidays), things can get overlooked and overbooked. Don’t worry about bothering anybody; make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of. It may be useful to do a weather check before you leave to make sure you packed the appropriate clothes. If you and your honey are spending the holidays apart, be sure to have some scheduled time to chat and catch up.

Make a List

And be sure to check it twice! Go over everything you’ll need while you go over your itinerary. Write down how many outfits to pack (and which ones- if you’re that meticulous!), what shoes you’ll need to stash, and any necessary accessories to bring. If go see grandma while wearing the necklace she sent you last year, it’ll make her smile. Think ahead so you can relax once you get to your destination. It can be helpful to share your list with your fiance to ensure you’re both prepared. An organized couple is an efficient couple!

Practice Your Story

If you’re engaged, newly married, or even just getting there, chances are you’ll end up telling your story to family members and old friends. It may be commonplace to you, but hearing a real life love story is exciting. Be sure you get your ‘how we met’ or ‘how he popped the question’ story down to an art. Keep it short, simple, and focused on the best details. You also may need to go over the story with your loved one to ensure only the necessary details are shared.

Give Yourself Time

The holidays are a busy season for a reason- everyone’s moving around all at the same time with the same dates in mind. What may have taken a two hour drive in traffic may be a four hour drive in even worse traffic. Airports are going to be busier than ever, and security will have to be more diligent due to the higher volume. Whatever time you would normally allot for travel, make sure you plan for extra delays. If you’re driving, also plan for weather like bad rain or winds to affect your commute. Winter may mean family time, but it can also mean harsher weather. In Los Angeles, a little rain can turn an hour commute into a two hour commute very easily.

Have Back Ups

It’s the season of giving, and you don’t want to end up empty handed anywhere. Stash an extra gift card for a store everyone loves (like Target, Best Buy, or Amazon) in your purse, just in case. Some people may be offended if they give you a gift and you don’t have anything to give them. It may seem a little silly, but it’s true. It’s always better to veer on the side of polite and grateful, than forgetful. Keep a pen on hand too so you can put their name on it.You may also want to have a few extra save the dates on hand, just in case you run into a family member you couldn’t get a hold of.

Read Up

If you’re taking a long drive, consider swapping out the road trip mix for an audiobook. You’ll get a chance to catch up on the books you’ve been meaning to get to, plus it’ll be more engaging for your brain than your high school throwback songs. You’ll also have something new and exciting to talk about when you hit the holiday party circuit.

Catch Up

Before you head out, have an idea of what you’d like to get accomplished. If you’re waiting on RSVP’s, keep a list of the people you need to touch base with. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean that the work is over, a wedding takes a lot! Keep your eyes on the prize, ladies. If you need to, use this holiday time to get plus ones and dinner orders in order.

Get Charged Up

Chargers, chargers, chargers! It’s not just that we love San Diego; we also love all of our electronics to be juiced up. This can be one of the easiest things people forget, and one of the most crucial. It can be useful to invest in a 4-USB port charger, so you can just take your cords together with one charging device. There are also charger key chains available for some phones, and you can always pick up a backup battery. If you forget your chargers, you may end up overpaying for one. Airports can charge as much as twenty-five dollars for phone chargers. Yikes!

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Try to put the heaviest items towards the bottom of your bag. Putting heavy things at the top creates more pressure than is necessary and can wear you out. Try to leave yourself some room in your bag for anything you may pick up along the way (like books or presents). Put a reusable water bottle in your purse to refill at the airport so you don’t end up buying overpriced disposable bottles. Stick as much in your checked baggage as possible so you don’t have an overflowing carry on purse. Little tricks you find along the way can save you time and energy. If you have any awesome tips, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Five Tips for Having An Organized Wedding

Your wedding is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life- but also one of the most hectic. If you really want everything to go smoothly, you need to be prepared. Here at BHL, our goal is to always keep our brides taken care of and prepared for everything wedding related. We’ve got a few quick tips for all you blushing brides out there looking to avoid stress and be organized for their big day.

Hire A Planner

The best advice we have to give here at BHL? Hire a professional! Professional wedding planners are absolutely the best way to go for putting a wedding together. Not only will they take care of all the heavy lifting for you, they will guide you down the right path for organizing your perfect wedding. Our go-to gal? Niloufar Gibson, the mastermind of Perfectly Made Weddings in Southern California.

Create a Calendar

Grab yourself one of those huge desk calendars that have plenty of space to write in itineraries. This way, you can check to see what’s coming up at a quick glance. It keeps all your dates straight and helps give you and your fiance a sense of a timeline. Bonus points for keeping it color coded.

Keep It Together

Don’t keep stacks of wedding stuff here and there and everywhere! Many brides have binders that hold things like contracts, ideas, photos, everything wedding-related. Binders are easy because they can expand and tabs make it super easy to keep everything organized. You may want to consider getting a “bride bag”, or something similar, as well. That way, if you want to stash whole books, fabric samples, magazines, anything that wouldn’t fit in a binder.


Don’t Be Afraid to Let Go

Feel free to delegate! Yes, it is your day, but you should feel free to let go a little bit. For example, let yourself trust your maid of honor to keep your bridesmaids in check. Let your mom take over checking on family RSVPs. Feel free to trust your loved ones for your most beloved day.

Have a Countdown

Have something to remind yourself of what you’re working towards! Set an online countdown to your wedding date as your homepage up until the big day. Remember you’re working towards a goal date- it’ll keep everything in perspective and keep you looking forward!