Top Nine Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays can be such a beautiful time, particularly here in sunny Southern California. We may not get snow, but we are keen to head towards it for the holidays. If you’re traveling for the holidays whether it be for family or if you’re just heading south for the winter, be sure to check out our travel tips.

Plan Ahead

Being organized is more important now than ever! Keep all of your travel itineraries together, and know when you can check in to flights. Sign up for text alerts on all your flights so you know immediately if there are any changes. Call and confirm any hotel or car rentals about a day or two in advance. Sometimes during busy seasons (like holidays), things can get overlooked and overbooked. Don’t worry about bothering anybody; make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of. It may be useful to do a weather check before you leave to make sure you packed the appropriate clothes. If you and your honey are spending the holidays apart, be sure to have some scheduled time to chat and catch up.

Make a List

And be sure to check it twice! Go over everything you’ll need while you go over your itinerary. Write down how many outfits to pack (and which ones- if you’re that meticulous!), what shoes you’ll need to stash, and any necessary accessories to bring. If go see grandma while wearing the necklace she sent you last year, it’ll make her smile. Think ahead so you can relax once you get to your destination. It can be helpful to share your list with your fiance to ensure you’re both prepared. An organized couple is an efficient couple!

Practice Your Story

If you’re engaged, newly married, or even just getting there, chances are you’ll end up telling your story to family members and old friends. It may be commonplace to you, but hearing a real life love story is exciting. Be sure you get your ‘how we met’ or ‘how he popped the question’ story down to an art. Keep it short, simple, and focused on the best details. You also may need to go over the story with your loved one to ensure only the necessary details are shared.

Give Yourself Time

The holidays are a busy season for a reason- everyone’s moving around all at the same time with the same dates in mind. What may have taken a two hour drive in traffic may be a four hour drive in even worse traffic. Airports are going to be busier than ever, and security will have to be more diligent due to the higher volume. Whatever time you would normally allot for travel, make sure you plan for extra delays. If you’re driving, also plan for weather like bad rain or winds to affect your commute. Winter may mean family time, but it can also mean harsher weather. In Los Angeles, a little rain can turn an hour commute into a two hour commute very easily.

Have Back Ups

It’s the season of giving, and you don’t want to end up empty handed anywhere. Stash an extra gift card for a store everyone loves (like Target, Best Buy, or Amazon) in your purse, just in case. Some people may be offended if they give you a gift and you don’t have anything to give them. It may seem a little silly, but it’s true. It’s always better to veer on the side of polite and grateful, than forgetful. Keep a pen on hand too so you can put their name on it.You may also want to have a few extra save the dates on hand, just in case you run into a family member you couldn’t get a hold of.

Read Up

If you’re taking a long drive, consider swapping out the road trip mix for an audiobook. You’ll get a chance to catch up on the books you’ve been meaning to get to, plus it’ll be more engaging for your brain than your high school throwback songs. You’ll also have something new and exciting to talk about when you hit the holiday party circuit.

Catch Up

Before you head out, have an idea of what you’d like to get accomplished. If you’re waiting on RSVP’s, keep a list of the people you need to touch base with. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean that the work is over, a wedding takes a lot! Keep your eyes on the prize, ladies. If you need to, use this holiday time to get plus ones and dinner orders in order.

Get Charged Up

Chargers, chargers, chargers! It’s not just that we love San Diego; we also love all of our electronics to be juiced up. This can be one of the easiest things people forget, and one of the most crucial. It can be useful to invest in a 4-USB port charger, so you can just take your cords together with one charging device. There are also charger key chains available for some phones, and you can always pick up a backup battery. If you forget your chargers, you may end up overpaying for one. Airports can charge as much as twenty-five dollars for phone chargers. Yikes!

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Try to put the heaviest items towards the bottom of your bag. Putting heavy things at the top creates more pressure than is necessary and can wear you out. Try to leave yourself some room in your bag for anything you may pick up along the way (like books or presents). Put a reusable water bottle in your purse to refill at the airport so you don’t end up buying overpriced disposable bottles. Stick as much in your checked baggage as possible so you don’t have an overflowing carry on purse. Little tricks you find along the way can save you time and energy. If you have any awesome tips, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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