Five Wedding Organizing Tools You Didn’t Know You’d Need

Bridal binder? Check. Magazines? Check. Address book? Check. You may have the basic wedding organization tools, but we’ve got five awesome items that you won’t realize you’ll need until it’s too late.

Arsenal of Color

Color coding makes EVERYTHING better. If you have a weekly planner, put all your food appointments in green, all your dress appointments in red, your venue appointments in blue, etc. It’ll make your at-a-glance planning that much easier to process. You’ll be able to tell what you have lined up for the week and instantly make it easier to focus on your upcoming tasks. Whatever your color key is, stick to it and you’ll be better prepared for everything.OrgItems.jpg.jpg


A step up from post its, hard plastic tabs are a lifesaver. Use them as placemarks in magazines for items you’re eyeing, or in your address book to know how many outstanding R.S.V.P.’s you have. Best of all, you can write on these with markers for notes. They don’t rip or fall apart like post its do and look much more sleek and organized.

Card Case

While you’re shopping vendors, you’ll be getting a lot of business cards. Pick up a card case (cigarette cases are the same size and can do the trick) and have it strictly dedicated to wedding vendors. That way, the cards don’t end up crushed at the bottom of your purse or car.  Write notes on the vendors on the backs of their cards to help you remember which vendors were which.

Wifi Shooter

If you can afford it (or already have it!), hang on to a small point and shoot camera with wifi. While phones are great, you don’t want to lose vendor photos in your camera roll along side selfies and pet pictures. You’ll also be able to adjust your camera’s functions and have more control of how your photos look versus using your phone. Once you get all the shots you need on your flowers, dresses, linens, anything, just email them to yourself (or your designated wedding email address) so you know exactly where they are. While phones are handy, an actual small camera can be more handy. If this seems like it could be pricey, look for a refurbished model. Some decent point and shoot wifi cameras can be as low as $30 refurbished.

Memo Apps

Download a note app like Evernote to hang on to any and all notes that are wedding related. Make sure that the app is dedicated to wedding notes so you don’t lose anything in the midst of other topics. You can create folders dedicated to songlists, food ideas, color schemes, and anything else! Having one app dedicated to all your notes, ideas, and anything wedding related will help you be that much more organized.


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Andrea Carter

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