The BHL Guide to Prefect Spring Skin

Spring is in the air, is your skin ready for the season? We’ve got the six best steps for getting your skin in shape for wedding season.

Get Off to a Good Start

Wash your face in the shower using a daily cleanser. It can be tempting to use a more deep cleaning facial cleaner everyday, but that runs the risk of stripping your skin of its’ important oils. Instead, opt for a daily cleaner that is meant for daily use. Wash everything else you need to in the shower before your start your face- your hair, skin, do any shaving you need to, then work on your face. The longer you put off your face, the more the steam will open up your pores. It’s a great habit to get into year round that will keep your skin staying spotless.BeFunky_Skin Rehab (1).jpg

Get Ready for Prime Time

Now that the seasons have changed, it’s important to keep your skin clear from the start. Opt for a primer that is oil-free, and organic if you can. Pick a primer that’s really catered to your skin type, like a matte primer for oily skin or a moisturizing primer for dry skin. Keeping everything oil-free lets your skin breathe, which you’ll need.BeFunky_Skin Rehab (2).jpg.jpg

Build a Foundation

You may want to consider switching up your foundation with the seasons. As the seasons change, so does your skin. It’s good to start using a foundation that has SPF now that you may have more time in the sun. As a rule, with the warmer seasons, it’s a also a good idea to have a more light to medium coverage foundation. Let your skin breathe and you can avoid any surprise outbreaks or irritations (which you cannot afford during wedding season!). BeFunky_Skin Rehab (3).jpg.jpg

Set it and Forget it

To keep your foundation from smearing, wearing out, or generally just not staying put, use a setting spray. We are HUGE fans of setting sprays here at BHL. They keep us looking good from the ceremony to the dancefloor at the reception. BeFunky_Skin Rehab (4).jpg.jpg

Take it Off

The one makeup sin that we’ve all been guilty off at some point? Not taking off makeup at the end of the night! Come on, we’ve all done it. You know how important it is, and it’s a bad habit to sleep in your makeup. Every night, use a gentle makeup remover so that the chemicals don’t damage your skin. I like using makeup remover wipes at the end of the night. It’s an easy way to ensure all your makeup is truly off at the end of the night, plus it feels refreshing once your skin can breathe.

Have Good Habits

All these tips are great for everyday, but if you can help it try to take a few days to not wear makeup. Only wear makeup on days that you need to, and let your skin breathe on days that you don’t. Once a week do an at home mask or deep clean to clear out any build up and keep your skin clear and smooth. Be good about keeping your skin in check every day, and you’ll be absolutely glowing by the time the big day comes around.


Photography Workshop + Vineyard Styled Shoot by Hope Stanley and Nancy Orozco

We’ve got something super special on the site today. I am so excited that my wedding-loving heart is bursting with joy! You know how much I love weddings and all the pretty details that come with them. You also know that I love the photographers that capture all the lovely, romantic, and beautiful details. If it was not for the incredibly talented professional wedding photographers, I totally would miss out on so many gorgeous wedding details. And THAT would be a such a bummer.  If I was not able to view pretty images, one after another, my job would be really boring and dull. But when you have amazing weddings and a photographer on hand to capture it all? Then you have yourself a happy day. Yep, I can look through wedding photos all day long and never get bored. You can imagine how happy I was when I received news from my friend and bridal stylist, Hope Stanley about a photography workshop and styled shoot that she planned. When I heard about it,  I almost fell out of my chair.  The images? I probably viewed them like 100 times, and it was pretty hard to choose which ones to feature.  See for yourself, and you will see what I am so in love with!

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0511

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0444

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0443Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0425

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0458

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0469

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0466

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0461

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0437

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0509

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0434

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0442

Hope Stanley tells us a bit about the workshop…

I co-hosted a workshop with photographer, Nancy Orozco and other photographers. The idea was to teach photographers how to shoot photos for blogs. I spoke with them on how to work with vendors and models, and stressed  the importance of acknowledging everyone that is involved with organizing a photo shoot.  I try to convey to brides how important it is to have a group of professionals work together hand and hand. For instance for this workshop or any styled photo shoot we plan,  we choose a location, a theme or feel, and the gown and tux. We then research on the hair and makeup that will complement that entire feel. A florist is then given a story board of location, gown, make up, hair and theme of wedding. When  planning a wedding you need to do the same and remember that when vendors work together,  your photos will turn out amazing.

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0476

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0481

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0506

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0505

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0454

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0452

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0500

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0502

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0449

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0441

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0450

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0475

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0472

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0470

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0488

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0489

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0491

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0459

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0490

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0493

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0492

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0446

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0513

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0494

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0514

Hope Stanley with the models

Hope Stanley with the models

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0497


Venue: Giracci Vineyards and Farms

Bridal Stylist/Concept Stylist: Hope Stanley

Photographer: Nancy Orozco 

Florist: Sarah Toner

Wedding Gowns: Mary Me Bridal

Stationary: Sugar Press Invatations

Catering:  What A Dish Cafe & Catering

Hair: Rebecca Leigh

Esthetician: Natalie McCracken

Videographer:Paul Santiago from Boffo Video

Furnishings:  Persiano Event Rentals

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux Shop


Expressionary Events Features Bridal Hot List in a Video Interview

I have some exciting news that I can not wait to share with all of you on this lovely Monday morning. It is so fabulous, that you better sit down for this one. So grab your morning coffee, get comfy, and ready for some pretty amazing information.  Bridal Hot List had their first interview! I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the very talented Wedding Planner and Designer, Carmen Fuentes of Expressionary Events for Expression Spotlight. What an exciting moment for BHL. As chief editor of Bridal Hot List, I shared who we are, what we do, and what type of wedding details we feature on the blog.  I shared how we are not your typical wedding blog, and that we are THE resource for today’s bride, providing the hottest trends and tips. What got my heart bursting with joy was talking about the two (now three) TLC television shows we cover: TLC’s “Four Weddings” and “Something Borrowed, Something New” (added to the list is “I Found the Gown”). What was really great is when I shared some of the pretty exciting moments I have had at BHL. For example,  I had the wonderful opporunity in meeting top stylist, Sam Saboura, and fashion designer Kelly Nishimoto from ” Something Borrowed, Something New”. THAT was amazing because they provided me with some incredible wedding tips and trends. An interesting fact that I spoke of was that not all our readers are brides…we actually have grooms who are really intrigued by the tips and trends we provide. That is something that has motivated us to write more for the grooms. I mean, they are the other piece to the lovely duo of a wedding couple.

What really fills my heart with joy is the chance to share what I truly love and have a passion for. I love my job! How many people can say that? There are so many reasons and to name a few…I am constantly immersed in beautiful weddings, gorgeous inspirations, all the crazy talented people, and making some amazing connections with all of you. The brides and grooms, and wedding junkies are driving this wedding blog which I am so proud of.

I like to say a big THANK YOU to Carmen Fuentes for this truly amazing opportunity!

See the exclusive interview right here as it was featured on Expression Spotlight: