Mother’s Day Chocolate Bars from Michelle Haut Chocolat

It is a sweet Monday today!  When we thought our Monday could not get any better, it just did. Our friends at Michelle haut Chocolat  have delighted our inbox with something extra sweet and special. Oh, our sweet loving hearts could not be any happier. With Mother’s Day approaching, we wanted to share some lovely and delicious treats with you all.  For all the beautiful mothers out there, Michelle Haut Chocolat is offering three gorgeous and delicious crystallized flower bars. Each bar is wrapped in the most pretty way. The bars are placed in a french style black wire basket, and then wrapped in a clear cello wrap, all tied with a double satin luxurious french ribbon. So, if your mother has a sweet tooth like we do, then consider ordering one these beautiful chocolate bars for her. I think she will be very content.
So order your Mother’s Day M bar Basket by May 3rd  to ensure arrival before Mother’s Day! (which is Sunday, May 12th).
  • The Crystallized Rose M bar:  A crystallized whole rose that is hand layered into 73% pure Belgium chocolate and sprinkled with crystallized rose petals.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.23.50 AM

  • The Crystallized Violet M bar: Two crystallized violet flowers are layered in white chocolate surrounded by beautiful crystallized violet pieces.
Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.24.00 AM
  • The Crystallized Pansy Bar: The beautiful pansy is layered in 73% pure Belgium chocolate and surrounded by delicate french lavender.
Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.24.12 AM

Chocolate Wedding Favors from Michelle Haut Chocolat

At BHL, we are always looking for something sweet and savory. We have to admit we have a little bit of a sweet tooth. You can imagine how thrilled we were, when we opened our inbox and found a sweet treat. What is the sweet treat? Chocolate! We love to indulge with delicious chocolate treats, and satisfy our sweet taste buds.  Where is this divine chocolate from? It has come from one of our favorite beach towns in Orange County, California. Laguna Beach!  Laguna Beach is home to fabulous dining, beautiful beaches, art, and design. Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, you will find Michelle haut Chocolat. A place where all the chocolate is made with the freshest and purest ingredients from around the world. There are no artificial ingredients  additives, or preservatives. Our mouths are watering.

What we are most amazed about, is that the chocolate is handmade from scratch everyday using natural ingredients at the Laguna Beach Chocolate Kitchen & Tasting Room. Michelle at Michelle haut Chocolat, fuses music, art, fashion, literature, fine design, and pure passion into each of the chocolate creations. There is a blend of vintage 1930s Paris together with modern clean lines.

These chocolates are not only for any everyday sweet craving, but they are perfect as a sweet wedding favor for you and your guests at your wedding.  Their design, colors, and most importantly taste, will have your guests filled with awe and delight.

Make your weddding even sweeter with chocolate treats from Michelle haut Chocolat!

IMG_9417 IMG_9360 IMG_9354

Love + Delicious food = Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is approaching, and if you are anything like me, you are probably dreaming of mountains of chocolate, filled with trees of cotton candy and flowers shaped like cupcakes. If you are anything like me, you probably cannot wait to devour something succulent, delicious and unforgettably chocolaty. And of course….if you are anything like me, you probably considering eating your hearts out side by side with the love of your life! After all, it is Valentine’s day. There are specific treats that are fit for a Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are my top choices.


Dark Chocolate Ganache with cream filling. Coco Sala, Washington, D.C.

Dark Chocolate Ganache with cream filling. Coco Sala, Washington, D.C.

Never take chocolate for granted. The greatest ingredient that nature can offer, it is a VIP of culinary creativity. Versatile, creative and used in a myriad of recipe, it leaves your taste buds always crying for more. So what to do on a Valentine’s day celebration? Visit a chocolate boutique specialized in deserts.

When visiting a chocolate boutique/restaurant, the menu will leave you speechless. Literally. You will want to order everything the menu lists.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Artfully Chocolate in Del Rey, Alexandria, VA

I feel that hot chocolate deserves a category on its own. It is the perfect Valentine’s day drink as it calls for snuggles and warm embraces. Plus, you can make it at home or venture out in finding the best hot chocolate in town. There is nothing better than a sweet adventure.  So what about a Strawberry White Hot Chocolate?

Or a Wasabi Dark Belgium Chocolate?


Georgetown Cupcakes, Georgetown, Washtington, D.C.

Georgetown Cupcakes, Georgetown, Washtington, D.C.

You cannot go through Valentine’s day without cupcakes. Indulge!

One single cupcake can be shares, devoured or savored bite by bite, all, while in each other’s company!

So Bite In!

Ice Cream

If you are like me, you cannot live without ice cream. Being Italian, gelato has always been like water in my life, INDESPENSABLE!

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

From custards, to frozen yogurts, to soft serve or gelato, ice cream is another perfect fit desert for Valentine’s Day. It is during this day that you can allow yourself to try new flavors.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t hesitate to increase your level of sweetness intake. It will be worth your while, as long as you also generate some output of good old L.O.V.E!!

Happy V-Day!!