Chocolate Wedding Favors from Michelle Haut Chocolat

At BHL, we are always looking for something sweet and savory. We have to admit we have a little bit of a sweet tooth. You can imagine how thrilled we were, when we opened our inbox and found a sweet treat. What is the sweet treat? Chocolate! We love to indulge with delicious chocolate treats, and satisfy our sweet taste buds.  Where is this divine chocolate from? It has come from one of our favorite beach towns in Orange County, California. Laguna Beach!  Laguna Beach is home to fabulous dining, beautiful beaches, art, and design. Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, you will find Michelle haut Chocolat. A place where all the chocolate is made with the freshest and purest ingredients from around the world. There are no artificial ingredients  additives, or preservatives. Our mouths are watering.

What we are most amazed about, is that the chocolate is handmade from scratch everyday using natural ingredients at the Laguna Beach Chocolate Kitchen & Tasting Room. Michelle at Michelle haut Chocolat, fuses music, art, fashion, literature, fine design, and pure passion into each of the chocolate creations. There is a blend of vintage 1930s Paris together with modern clean lines.

These chocolates are not only for any everyday sweet craving, but they are perfect as a sweet wedding favor for you and your guests at your wedding.  Their design, colors, and most importantly taste, will have your guests filled with awe and delight.

Make your weddding even sweeter with chocolate treats from Michelle haut Chocolat!

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