Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party

One of the most important duties a friend can bestow on another friend is to ask him to plan a bachelor party. In an ideal world, you only get one of these in life, so it’d better be something special. While many people might assume the worst (watch “Bachelor Party” with Tom Hanks) or the worst case scenario (see “The Hangover”), chances are the Bachelor Party won’t be all that crazy. Why? Because more often than not the Best Man does something smart – actually plans a bachelor party that the groom-to-be wants. That’s a good thing because nobody wants a miserable and awkward bachelor party. Here are some good tips if you are planning a big night.

Don’t Surprise Anyone

While everyone loves a surprise birthday party, chances are not everyone is going to like a surprise bachelor party. A lot of the fun behind the party is just the anticipation that it’s coming. Why deny yourself and the attendees the enjoyment of that? Also, there’s no way to accurate plan a party and know how it’s going to go without proper intelligence work beforehand. Maybe the groom won’t be psyched for your idea of his perfect bachelor party. Maybe some of the guests are allergic to the food you plan (or the restaurant) on serving. Maybe something comes up at his job and he can’t even make it! Be a bro and plan things out the right way and embrace the countdown while considering all the details that make for a successful event.

Ask the Groom What He Wants

This is the absolute most critical thing you should do if you’re planning the bachelor party. Asking the groom what he wants to do will allow you to create the perfect party for him (not for you). It might be that he wants to have one last crazy night, but chances are, it’ll be some activity that you haven’t even thought of only to be shared between him and his close friends. Maybe he just wants to go fishing for a weekend. It could be that he wants to go tailgate, attend a local sporting event (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, pro wrestling), and head back for a game of poker with the boys. Whatever it is, chances are you don’t know what it is off the top of your head, so don’t try to live to a stereotype and throw some wild night “just because” – just give the guy what he wants.

Plan it Well in Advance

Try not to throw something together at the last second. Guys really look forward to these things and being able to plan out well in advance is a huge factor in a successful party. This way, the guys can make their plans (both personally and professionally) to ensure that they can attend. It’s a huge bummer if one of the groom’s best friends can’t attend because of poorly put together last-second plans!

Have Fun and Be Smart

Have fun. Just not too much, right? Whether you plan a wild night out or just decide to kick it at your home for a poker night, make sure if you’ve planned the party you remain in charge. This means watching out for potential drunk drivers and arranging for cabs if someone’s had a few too many, which is practically inevitable. Also make sure everyone is behaving, because a visit from the local police department will ruin (and end) any bachelor party.

William Sanai
William Sanai works at Perfectly Made Weddings as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator.
William Sanai

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