Five Ways to Make Your Bride Smile on Your Wedding Day

You don’t have to go through a wedding yourself to know that a wedding day is one of the most stressful occasions a person will have in their lifetime. Between coordinating all the friends and family that attend, to working with a wedding coordinator to make sure all the details are set, it can be very hectic. That is why a lot of couples don’t really remember their wedding day or have very fond memories, as all the work that goes into it takes away from the fun. As the groom, you want to make sure your bride is going to be as happy as possible because she has been thinking about this day since she was a little girl. Even if you have a smooth wedding, thanks to a talented coordinator, great DJ, amazing caterer, and solid venue, you should still find some ways to make your bride smile on your wedding day. Here are five handy tips to make sure you keep her happy and make her smile!

Tip #1: Constant Flattery

Naturally flattery can go a long way but make sure you are constantly mentioning how beautiful she looks, how amazing her dress is, and all the little things you know went into making her look so amazing. You can complement her hair, her dress, her accessories, or even her shoes. Just be sure to make her aware that you have noticed all the things she has done to make herself the most beautiful woman in the world. Also don’t forget to reminder her that she is always beautiful but today she looks especially gorgeous. She’ll smile and feel confident!

Tip #2: Loosen Up and Talk

Many grooms are nervous themselves on the wedding day and those feels can definitely be infectious. While some emotions are good to spread around, nerves are not one of them. Make sure you are not showing your nerves, or even mentioning how nervous you might be. Try to be confident, cool, calm, and collected during the wedding day. That way, your bride will know she can lean on your as a partner. Talk to her, engage in meaningful conversation, and enjoy the time you are together for one of the most memorable days of your lives together.

Tip #3: Bring a Small Gift

Nothing will be more welcome that a small surprise gift that you can share together. Get her something small and ideally very sentimental. Perhaps it is a business card from the restaurant you had your first date on, or a print out of the first email she sent to you – whatever it is, make sure it is small, sentimental, and shared between the two of you only. A little gift like this will show that you went above and beyond thinking ahead just for her and make her feel that much more special.

Tip #4: Special Catering

While she might know the menu for dinner and dessert you can always work out an arrangement with the caterer or dessert specialist to bring something just for her that you know she will love. Perhaps it’s her favorite side disk, or a special dessert that she will love even more than the wedding cake you bought. Either way, it proves that you are thinking of her needs and that she gets something especially for her!

Tip #5: Surprise Ending

One thing you might want to consider is a little surprise ending to the night when the wedding reception concludes. One really sharp move is to call around and find a decent limousine to rent to take you from the wedding to wherever you will be spending your first night together as husband and wife. Some limo companies enforce a 6-hour minimum rule, but if you mention that it is your wedding night and just need a quick ride, many will be willing to lower that minimum to just two hours. That way, your and your bride can leave the wedding in style and take a romantic drive in a nice limo. Nothing is more sure to give your bride a smile as she leaves her wedding!

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