Top Five Practical Wedding Gifts

Are you sick of buying blenders? Sure the new Ninja model is fantastic, but what if you want to gift something that goes a little farther than that? We’ve got a few things on our wish list that would be pretty awesome alternative gifts for the newlyweds (other than what’s left on their registry, of course!). We do suggest that you always check the registry first (afterall- that’s EXACTLY what the couple wants!), but if everything’s gone or not in your price range (go figure the four figure silverware wasn’t claimed first) then we’ve got some good gift ideas.

Get Them Going

One handy tool for the new couple? An awesome GPS device. Sure, most people use their phones right now, but it’s much safer to have a mounted GPS rather than looking down at your phone every so often. Plus they’re much less likely to have that awful “re-routing” message when your data comes in or out. It’s easy to find GPS devices for under $100, with fancier models running just over that.

Take Care of Date Night

If you’re anywhere near Southern California, Orlando, or really any major area that has a theme park spring for season passes! They may not be able to register for it, but it’s something awesome lots of couples love to have. Season passes are usually the price of one to four (tops!) visits to the park, so if they go once a month everyone got their money’s worth! It’s a great place for default dates, holidays, and playing hookie from work. You’ll be able to give them a great experience and they may even bring you home a funnel cake!

Personal Touches

If you’re looking for something original that you can do for under $100, put their face on something! There are awesome websites that are able to do personalized wine bottles, beer bottles, flasks, trinkets, you name it! Often times, discount sites like Groupon or LivingSocial will do deals too, so you’d be able to really get a deal. Something sweet like a bottle of wine with their picture, wedding date, and names could be a really sweet heartfelt gift. It’s a great keepsake from their wedding that they weren’t expecting, and bonus points if it’s good wine!


Join the Club

This is especially thoughtful if they’re just moving in together- get them a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club! If they’re starting a home or family together, a membership to a wholesale store could come in handy. Particularly if the newlyweds will be hosting parties together or just in general getting used to living together.

Foot The Bill

Pick up the tab for  some fun bills, like a Netflix or Hulu subscription. Take care of an Amazon Prime membership or a year’s worth of Audible. Fun little extras like that can be hard to find wiggle room for sometimes, but they’re always great to have. A new couple that has to take care of a wedding may be pinching pennies right now- help out their budget by taking care of some fun extras here or there.


Z Gallerie Inspired Photo Shoot

This particular photo shoot includes a number of things I adore: a love story, a darling couple, stylish home decor, and inspiration.  It is the kind of shoot that has me drooling over all the fabulous details. I have to admit that I am in love with Z Gallerie. It is the reason why I am so head over heels with this fantastic shoot.  I am kind of obsessed with Z Gallerie and all its amazing decor items. My personal home design inspiration comes from Z Gallerie. Actually, most of the decor that I adore the most in my home are items from Z Gallerie. Yep, in love with the modern, stylish, and chic details Z Gallerie offers. It is luxurious and oh so affordable. That is the best part! I can go on and on about Z Gallerie but I really want to get to this fabulous photo shoot. I am not the only one who has a passion for Z Gallerie. The lovely gals at  Classic Touch Events are also obsessed with Z Gallerie and have put together a gorgeous and inspiring shoot. I think I can look at these photos all day. All day.
















Photography: Bridget Photo

A little bit about the photo shoot from   Classic Touch Events

Well needless to say the ladies of Classic Touch Events are in love with Z Gallerie and all of their fantastic merchandise they have to offer to newlyweds for their new homes! We will be doing a series of stylized shoots using some of our favorite Z Gallerie items. To kick things off we are introducing our sweet couple that are in the beginning stages of their relationship.

Jordyn and Jonathan, falling in love…..

She met in him college, right before COMM 301, in-between classes at the campus coffee house. He opened the door for her as she rushed in to grab a cup of coffee prior to class. She glanced up and their eyes met. He was tall, handsome and something about him took her breath away.  He smiled and said hello to her in the line for coffee and that is where it all began. She was immediately drawn to him in a way she had never felt. It was as if they were connected from lifetimes before and here in this coffee house they finally crossed paths.

They began dating and have become inseparable. Jonathan knew he was falling in love.  After a few weeks of spending most of their time together he asked her on a special date.  It was her birthday so he took her on a picnic to one of his favorite spots under an oak tree. Later he planned an intimate dessert at his home to celebrate her special day.  Although their relationship is new, Jonathan knows there is something about Jordyn that makes him want to spend the rest of his life with her.


Stay tuned for more from this adorable couple.

Wedding Gift Registry for the Modern Bride

Looking to do something cool and easy for your gift registry? You do not have to register just for towels and sheets, you can register for room service while you are on your honeymoon. How cool is that? This is perfect for the couple who may already have all their home goods and like to have cash or other fun gifts to enjoy instead.

Wed & Wish is a wedding and honeymoon registry service dedicated to couples who do not need physical gifts and can receive cash gifts instead. This allows couples to get what they really want and need.  Imagine the swimming with the dolphins excursion already paid for when you are on your honeymoon or maybe you want to upgrade to a suite when you check in to your hotel. All paid for, so you can really enjoy your honeymoon as a married couple. How nice would that be? Now there are other wedding gift registry websites that provide similar services, however here are some ways that Wed&Wish stands out:

  • Sign up is free and transaction fees are the lowest on the market
  • A private and secure payment platform powered by PayPal
  • Modern and sophisticated design with no adverts and international accessibility
  • Gift tracking system with guest information for thank you’s
  • Complimentary web address so guests can visit the couple’s registry directly
Check out Wed&Wish today to get started! It is easy and fun!


Wed&Wish is used and recommended by hundreds of couples worldwide, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.