Cutting the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the focal point of the reception space, so you really want to make sure it is placed where everyone can see it. However being careful it is not in the way of people walking or obstructing the view of you and your new husband at your table. The cake is itself a wedding decor which adds to the style and design of your wedding. It is something you want everyone to see! Eventually, the cake will need to be cut, but when?

Typically you want to cut the cake about an hour after dinner. If you prefer a different time, then just make sure that you let the staff know. The staff will need to know so they can be ready to cut the pieces for all the guests and have coffee or tea ready to serve, (if you are having a sit down dinner. For buffet type dinner receptions, there may be a coffee/tea station). You also want to capture the moment of cutting the cake, so make sure your photographer and videographer are aware of the time of cake cutting.

The cake is usually cut with a special cake knife which may have your names engraved, or decorated with ribbon or flowers. If not, the venue or caterer can provide one for you. The knife and the cake server can be placed on the cake table, with a small plate, napkin, and two forks. This can all be placed during the reception set up. Now it is time to cut the cake!  Place your hand on the knife, and then your husband places his hand over yours. It is a wonderful moment when you cute the first slice together, and feed each other the slice of cake. This is the first of many sharing moments in your lives.

Enjoy this moment, and be careful of getting cake up your nose! It can happen!

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