Wedding Desserts and More from Superfine Bakery

I have to admit that today’s feature is a bit of a challenge to write the intro for. It is because I am totally distracted by the deliciously gorgeous desserts across my computer screen right now. Today’s feature is all about cakes, cookies, chocolates, and other yummy treats. I am excited to add  Superfine Bakery to our list of favorite dessert companies. You know how much of a foodie I am, and when there are desserts around, then I am a total dessert foodie. It is hard to resist something that is so lovely in design and presentation, and that the first bite has me wanting another.  Grab your morning coffee, and enjoy a little but of sweetness on this lovely Monday morning.

Urban Meadow Cake

Rocher Crunch Truffles

Mod Cake Trio - Photo Andrea Bricco, cake Superfine Bakery

Superfine Bakery

Buttercream cake, sugar flowers

Emerald Inspired Shoot

Florentine Lace Cookies

Carly Rae Dessert Bar with credit

Naked Cake at The Ebell of LA

Silverleaf Border Cake at ATT Ctr

Superfine Bakery is a cake and confection house located in Los Angeles. Our focus is high-end wedding cakes and dessert tables featuring sweets all made from scratch (even our white chocolate fondant is house made). We’re trained in the European baking tradition, so our treats tent to be less sweet than others who use cake mixes or bulk-bought fillings. Our cakes feature some standard and some not-so-standard flavors like Pink Velvet (made with melted Belgian chocolate), Champagne cake (about four bottles of champagne are used in the batter for a 100-person cake), and Black Onyx Chocolate cake featuring a deep dark Black Onyx cocoa. We also love to soak our cakes with premium alcohols like Bacardi or Grand Marnier. Used lightly they add a nice flavor kick to a cake without overpowering the crumb or the icing flavors. Perfect! 
Our confections tend to be off the beaten path too — we don’t offer cupcakes, macarons, or cake pops. Instead we go for a more sophisticated Foodie-driven table, featuring Splitter Truffles (clusters of chopped almonds and hazelnuts held together with white chocolate), Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies (eat them upsidedown to get the saltiest hit off the flavor), and Rocher crunch chocolate truffles — balls of crunchy chocolate swiped with 24-Karat gold on top.
Are we decadent? Yes. Do we love food? Most definitely! The more we eat and explore, the more we can bring back to the kitchen and to our clients.
Our designs are influenced by architecture, fashion, modern art, and nature. Rather than having a client choose a cake from a book of designs, we prefer to design something uniquely for them, with accents pulled from their event stationery, floral design, venue style, dresses and suits, as well as their personal story. The design process is really fun, with everyone getting involved to create something wonderful for a couple’s Big Day.

BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Love Me Sweets

The week continues with some incredible tasty treats at BHL headquarters.  We have to admit,  we are in total love and kind of obsessed with sweets. I personally have a sweet tooth, and always ready to dive into something new and savory. So when something sweet and amazing landed in our inbox, we were beyond happy and in total heaven. Sweet heaven that is.  Yep it is that kind of  day. We are talking  about mouthwatering, lip smacking, to-die-for desserts. So, if you are  just getting back from lunch or an afternoon snack, we like to share some delightful and lovely cakes and cupcakes for your wedding loving hearts…or dessert loving hearts. We’ve got Love Me Sweets here to make your afternoon a bit sweeter, and your sweet cravings fully satisfied. Ashleigh Clesceri is a fantastic and very  talented cake designer based out of Orange County, California.  These desserts are not only beautiful, but they are so incredibly delicious, that our eyes roll back in our heads. At first, it took me a moment to bite into one of these. Why you ask? I know right? My sweet loving heart was dying to taste the goodness, but the design and pretty details stole my heart.  That is why we  had to devote an entire afternoon for admiring, loving, and drooling. You can see why we have picked Love Me Sweets for our vendor hot pick!  Make sure you save enough time to read all that Ashleigh says about her desserts, before your sugar-induced coma sets in. She is such a lovely gal! bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pick-150


Shay and Monique Taylor Photography

Shay and Monique Taylor Photography

Shay and Monique Taylor Photography

Shay and Monique Taylor Photography

Julie Irene Photography

Julie Irene Photography

Julie Irene Photography

Julie Irene Photography



Jamie Davis Photography

Jamie Davis Photography

Richelle Dante Photography

Richelle Dante Photography

Happy Photos

Happy Photos


About Love Me Sweets

Love Me Sweets is a baking company, owned and operated by Ashleigh Clesceri.  She specializes in wedding and all occasion cakes, gourmet cupcakes, and desserts.

Inspired by her mother, Charlene, who also is a baker and artist, Ashleigh learned as a young girl how to bake and decorate cakes. Starting in 1999 she began entering the Orange County Fair, and became an award winning cake decorator for over 10 years. Her love for culinary arts grew to create Love Me Sweets, where you can find delicious yet beautiful baked goods.  Ashleigh, being a bikini fitness competitor, also enjoys creating healthy desserts for those that want to “Have their cake and eat it too!”  With weddings being a passion of hers, she loves to help the bride and groom create the perfect wedding cake.  Creating customized cake flavors, filling, and a one of a kind designs.  Ashleigh also creates stunning dessert tables, to help make the day extra wonderful and delicious! She looks forward in planning her own wedding dream some day! 


Mini Cheesecakes from Pacific Cheesecake Company

Halfway through the week already? How the week has flown by! It has been so busy here at BHL with a week of gorgeous details, I wanted to take a break, and well, indulge into some sweet goodness.  Starting the day with some incredibly delicious desserts which has my mouth watering. I am talking melt in your mouth oh-so-amazing taste. I am a bit of a dessert snob, so you can only imagine my excitement when I was surrounded by some amazingly scrumptious cakes. Not just any ole cake, but mini cheesecakes!  We’ve got Pacific Cheesecake Company  here to make your day a bit sweeter, and your mouth water.  These cakes are not only beautiful, but they are so delicious that our eyes roll back in our heads. My first bite, lets just say it was not my last. I treated myself to a few more bites. I could not resist! What is so amazing about these cheesecakes is the fact that there are so many flavors to choose from. The list is endless, so whatever your tastebuds want, you can get! Get ready to bite into some heavenly treats. If you are like me and want to reach into the computer screen and grab one of these tasty treats, don’t worry, its normal. Enjoy!








Steven Freeman from Pacific Cheesecake Company  tells us…

Opened in 2010 by Myself, my brother Mike, and mom Karen. My mom has made cheesecakes practically her whole life, and together we turned it into 100+ flavors and an amazing cheesecake business. We specialize in min cheesecakes in 100+ flavors including popular red velvet, salted caramel, cookies and cream, caramel pecan turtle, sweet lemon basil, and more! Typically for weddings, the couple chooses a few flavors of mini cheesecakes and tier them up with a larger cheesecake on the top for the cake cutting. Some couples also choose to include our mini cheesecakes in a dessert table/ buffet. We offer wedding tastings, where the couple can choose 10 flavors and come in to taste the different flavors.
Daily, we have about 30 flavors available of our mini cheesecakes. Our larger 8″ and 10″ cheesecakes generally are ordered in advance.
Also, we offer savory cheesecakes! Spinach feta, gorgonzola apricot, pancetta date, and more! These are great as an appetizer with bread or crackers, or next to a salad for lunch.

For more information:


Phone:  (818) 763-1488




A Guide to Wedding Cake Size and Servings

At BHL, we are totally head over heels in love with everything wedding. You can say that we are kind of obsessed.  We are constantly surrounded by  beautiful soirées, gorgeous blooms,  stunning gowns, sweet engagement sessions, elegant styles, adorable couples, and more! Included in this lovely mix of wedding details, we are also a huge fan of wedding cakes. Yep, the wedding cake, which can be the jaw dropping gorgeous detail of the reception. Whether they are tall and extravagant, short and simple, we love them every which way. As much as the design, the style, and intricate details catch our eyes, and we kind of want to never cut into that beautiful sweetness, we are very interested in the logistical details of it all. How much cake will you need for your guests for your wedding day? Lets face it, weddings come with a price, and sometimes a huge price tag, which means you may have to look closely at every detail of the budget. Well, actually it is a good idea to create a budget and determine how much you like to spend for each item. But, more on that later! Getting back to cakes! Wedding cakes that is.  We thought it would be helpful to share this fun infographic on wedding cake sizes and servings. So, looking at your guest list, and those attending your wedding reception, you can determine how much cake you really need. Now, sometimes, you may just want to get a huge cake and “wow” your guests, and just have leftovers. Which is totally fine. However, if you are trying to save on some bucks, then take a look and see how much cake you like to serve to your guests. Ready to dig in and eat some cake? I know we are! We love ourselves some cake.



Designer Wedding Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon

Well, it is a bit after lunch here at BHL headquarters, and we are always searching for something sweet and savory to eat.  Today, something sweet and amazing has landed in our inbox which we can not stop drooling over. So, if you are  just getting back from lunch or an afternoon snack, we like to share some phenomenal cakes for your wedding loving hearts…or dessert loving hearts. We’ve got Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon here to make your afternoon a bit sweeter, and make your mouth water. Alexis Sturgeon is a fabulous and talented cake designer based out of Los Angeles, California.  These cakes are not only beautiful, but they are so delicious that our eyes roll back in our heads. So often, that we sometimes miss the fantastic art pieces in front of our eyes. For real though, when we are not enjoying the mouthwatering treats, we can stare for hours at these designer cakes. That is why we  had to devote an entire afternoon for admiring, loving, and drooling. We have also picked Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon for our vendor hot pick!  Make sure you save enough time to read all that Alexis had to say about the thrill of cake design, before your sugar-induced coma sets in. She is such a sweetie!bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pick

Alexis Sturgeon tells us…

My mission as your appointed cake designer is to give each couple the most unforgettable experience when designing, tasting, customizing and finally unveiling to see the most beautiful cake for their wedding. Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon will create designer, artistic, sculptural, classic, and romantic cakes that will truly be a work of art. Each design is hand made using modern and trend setting techniques, keeping conscious that the inside of the cake should be just as beautiful as the outside. Only quality ingredients will be used! As a professional cake decorator with a pastry chef background, I offer a delectable cake menu for you and your guests.

Choose Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon and I personally, will give you an exclusive, one of a kind experience during your consultation. This includes hand drawn renderings of your cake that you will get to keep upon booking with Cakes by Alexis Sturgeon. You will indulge in a tasting that will consist of gourmet Parisian Pastry inspired cake flavors and fillings that you, the client, will have a role in deciding the pairing flavors. Finally, you will receive a desired look to your cake that will forever be remembered and discussed by guests at your wedding for years to come.

I am currently featured as the resident cake artist at the Roosevelt Hotel. I have competed on Cupcake Wars as well as TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and achieved victory on both shows. 

Are you ready for a look into some fabulous cakes?

  • Art Deco Cake: For the couple inspired by architecture, New York and the 1930’s era. This cake shows bold geometric shapes, vertical and horizontal lines, and delicate lace work. Perfect for a trend setting metropolis wedding, embodying class, art and allure.

art deco 1

art deco 2 copy

Photography: Dalmiro Quiroga 

  •  Chandelier Cake: A recreation of the famous cake featured in the Sex and the City Movie, this gorgeous design is for the couple inspired by old Hollywood glamor. Perfect for the black and white wedding with elegantly dressed guests and bling…lots of bling

chandalier cakePhotography: Martin Willis-Raymondo

  • Something Blue Cake: Inspired by Spanish tiling and detailed motifs, this beautiful cake offers a modern shape. This design is for the couple looking to stand out and make a statement with something unique, different and of course, something blue.

Something Blue

Photography: Dalmiro Quiroga

  • Wedding Cupcake Tower: Simple, sweet and easy going, a whimsical cupcake tower to meet the needs of a couple tying the knot on a beautiful beach day.

wedding cupcake towers Photography: Tyler Freear Photography


Cutting the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the focal point of the reception space, so you really want to make sure it is placed where everyone can see it. However being careful it is not in the way of people walking or obstructing the view of you and your new husband at your table. The cake is itself a wedding decor which adds to the style and design of your wedding. It is something you want everyone to see! Eventually, the cake will need to be cut, but when?

Typically you want to cut the cake about an hour after dinner. If you prefer a different time, then just make sure that you let the staff know. The staff will need to know so they can be ready to cut the pieces for all the guests and have coffee or tea ready to serve, (if you are having a sit down dinner. For buffet type dinner receptions, there may be a coffee/tea station). You also want to capture the moment of cutting the cake, so make sure your photographer and videographer are aware of the time of cake cutting.

The cake is usually cut with a special cake knife which may have your names engraved, or decorated with ribbon or flowers. If not, the venue or caterer can provide one for you. The knife and the cake server can be placed on the cake table, with a small plate, napkin, and two forks. This can all be placed during the reception set up. Now it is time to cut the cake!  Place your hand on the knife, and then your husband places his hand over yours. It is a wonderful moment when you cute the first slice together, and feed each other the slice of cake. This is the first of many sharing moments in your lives.

Enjoy this moment, and be careful of getting cake up your nose! It can happen!