What a Persian Bride Wants

On their wedding day, some brides want to share their family traditions with their closest  friends and family. What a great way to celebrate what you love with your loved ones! We are going to take a look at one popular tradition that the Persian Bride loves to share.

  • The Sofreh Aghd:  “Aghd” translates to the legal ceremony of the Iranian wedding. “Sofreh” means spread.  So, the “Sofreh Aghd”  is the wedding spread which is present at the wedding ceremony. It normally is  an  eleaborate  table full of flowers, candles, and other items which symbolize different qualities that the couple would like to bring into their new life together. For instance, one item is honey which symbolizes the sweetness of life.  Here are some of my favorite “sofreh aghd” displays.
Here is what a soft color palette of light pink and white can bring to a wedding ceremony. This perfect combo delievers true love.   So romantic!

Purple and Silver bring elegance and charm to this wedding spread.

Take a look at the little lamp and bowl of silver eggs. This is so glamourous!

Instead of one large table, this bride has four tables displayed for the Sofreh Aghd. It works really well. Beautiful! (Sofreh Aghd designed by Elegant Sofreh Design)

Here is a closer look at the details. I love the sugar-cubed birds! So cute!



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