Wedding Webcast by A*Light Wedding

Wedding Wednesday is here again, and as I sit down to write the introduction to this feature, I do not know where to begin. Today’s feature is way too special. This special feature brings tears to my eyes as it is filled with emotion and love. What I truly love about what I do, is that I have the opportunity to learn new things everyday. Each time I learn something new about weddings, I am speechless. So, what is today’s inspiring lesson? It is all about capturing the intimate moment of the “I Do’s”, the love, and all the sweet elements of the big day. Live from your seat at home. Let me introduce A*LIGHT WEDDING and all the Hi-tech magic behind it all.

A*LIGHT WEDDING recognizes the need to bring together loved ones who can not be present at the wedding. All via the world wide web. What do you need? Just high speed Internet access. Pretty simple right?  I am delighted to share what A*LIGHT WEDDING offers for couples and their loved ones on their wedding day. They offer a live stream video of the bride and groom’s ceremony, a customized and personal channel, (which includes a photo viewing gallery, links to a gift registry, and virtual guest book), and access to the private channel for a year. So, why is this so darn amazing? Imagine your grandmother who has been waiting her whole life to be part of your special day, and cant not attend the day of the wedding. It would be hard for you and for her to miss such a special day. So, how about if she could? All straight from her home? Even though she can not physically sit and be there on the wedding day, she can watch it live and see all the beautiful moments. What is so wonderful is that she does not have to wait until the videographer releases the wedding video, however she can watch it on the live broadcast! This is very touching to me because I am so close to my own grandmother, and if she was not part of my day, it would have broken my heart. So, it makes me smile with joy that there is a way to include your close ones on one of the most important days of your lives.   A*LIGHT WEDDING really connects the personal and sweet moments of a couple’s love with all their loved ones with one simple channel. 

alightweddingimage1 Sample of Custom Player PDF Sample of the Customized Channel PDF

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