Top Three Accessories for Brides

Do you want to enhance your bridal look and look fabulous on your wedding day? Do you want to go from dull to an exciting, fun, yet elegant bridal look? I think the most stand out brides have something added which really makes their whole bridal look just pop! Lets take a look at the top three accessories you can add:

  • Hair Accessories: Traditionally brides wear veils on their wedding day. Especially if they are getting married at a church. However, these days you can do something different and new. I really love the hair accessories that a lot of brides are doing these days. Something fun, delicate, or with a little sparkle, can really add some elegance to the whole bridal look. It can be a  headband, hair pin, embellished hair flowers, or tiara. When you go in for your hair trial, try one of these ideas!
  • Jewelry: They say diamonds are girls best friends, so why not add some bling to your wedding day? Now, it does not have to be diamonds, but some type of jewelry like gold, silver, or pearls can add a little something to your bridal gown. Depending on how you do your hair, or how your bridal gown looks like, you can add earrings, necklace, bracelet, or all three.  Whatever looks best. You have your engagement ring on your left hand, so you may like to add a ring to the right hand. Some brides will receive jewelry as a gift from their groom, parents, grandparents, or other family members which they can then wear for their wedding day.  So what a perfect day to put on some jewelry and  sparkle!
  • Purse:  I love purses as much as I love my shoes. Most girls do right?  It really brings the whole outfit come together. So why not show a purse off on your wedding day? It is not only a place where you can keep some essentials, like lipstick, Kleenex, or mirror, but it can also add style and chicness to your bridal look.  Bridal purses can complement your bridal gown and you can use them for your pre-wedding events, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.

Get inspired and accessorize today!

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