Top Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Scent

Beauty products are part of the fun of a wedding- even if they’re beauty products you can’t necessarily see! Perfume and fragrance is an instant way to elevate your outfit and your whole attitude. Finding a signature scent or even a special event scent can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

Know What You’re Working With

Do you have your flower palette yet? Make sure that you know what scents will already be in the wedding! Pairing sweet sugary scents with a ton of flowers may drown out your scent. If you’re doing an outdoor woodsy wedding, a sweet sugary scent will contrast much more and be more noticeable. Figure out what kind of impression you want to leave- whether it’s a bold signature scent or a subtle scent. From there it’ll be easy to narrow down scent palettes.

Do Research

If you have an idea of what kind of scent you like, hit the web in search of what people are suggesting. If you want something earthy and romantic, search for scents described with those same words. Write down all your findings for when you hit the perfume counter. It’s best to come prepared so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Have a “Scent-Tasting”

Hit up a perfume counter or a specialty beauty store (like Ulta or Sephora) with your list of perfumes to try. Don’t wear a scent just yet though- spray them far away from your body and clothes onto a paper scent stick. Do your best to not let any scents linger on your clothes or skin! If they stick to you, it may alter the way you smell a scent. Bring a pen so you can write down what scents are on what stick if you need to- it’s easy to get them mixed up!

Ask For Samples

Narrow your scent sticks down to three that you like. Once you figure out three that you like, ask for samples of them. Most perfume lines send a TON of samples out to their retailers for this very purpose. Just be polite and mention that you want to be sure that the scent is right for you so you don’t have to return it later.


Take a Test Drive

Once you have samples of all of your scents, dedicate one day to wearing each one. Spritz in the morning on your wrists and neck, and keep note of how it smells on your skin throughout the day. Perfume changes along with you, so you won’t go to bed with the same scent you put on in the morning. Take note of any feedback you get on your scent and how you feel about it. Remember to take note if you need to reapply or if a light spritz is too much for you. You can even enlist a good friend to help judge the different scents. Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so fragrances will smell different on different people.


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