TLC’s Four Weddings Winning Bride: March 29th

Happy Easter! We have the winning bride from Friday’s TLC’s “Four Weddings” show. Congrats to Travia!  Her Birthday Wedding Bash wedding scored her a total of 90 points out of 120 points. Here is the breakdown.

Venue: 15 points
Dress:  26 points
Experience: 19 points
Food: 30 points

The other three brides really liked Travia’s food the best. A perfect score!  Food is one of the most important elements of a wedding and Travia nailed it. She offered chicken, rice, and vegetable for the main course, a fabulous wedding cake, red velvet funnel cake, and fried red velvet oreos. How fantastic does that sound?  I can see why Travia earned a perfect score in the food! Wow! I wish I could tasted those delicious sounding treats.

Congrats to Travia for winning an all expenses paid honeymoon. After all the planning of her bling wedding, the couple is now ready to celebrate Travia’s birthday and pack their bags to the beautiful island of Fiji.

Here is a look back at Travia’s wedding:

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