TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: March 15th

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLC?  What are your thoughts of the four brides and their New Orleans weddings? What details stood out for you? If you missed it, we have a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: TLC

  • Joanna, a bride who shares her Mardi Grass family traditions with her guests at her wedding. The day starts off with the ceremony inside a grand room, featuring tall ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, a balcony, and a unique aisle runner.  At the ceremony spot, the white tiered cake with red roses stands tall. Joanna enters the ceremony coming down the stairs from the balcony. Her laced dress with tied satin sash fits her beautifully as she walks down the staircase.  The reception space is in the same room as the ceremony, and there was minimal decor. The centerpieces were tall vases with white orchids on top. After enjoying a mashed potato bar, and spicy gumbo, a special surprise arrives. The Mardi Grass Indians arrive to perform. They featured her father, her uncle and other family members. The second line comes and brings guests to dance and wave their red napkins around. A good time indeed.
  • Emma, a Southern bride who loves bling and wants to give her guests the feel of the French Quarters. The wedding takes place in the evening at an outside space which gave a French Quarter feel. The ceremony featured balconies, old world lanterns, white flowers, and a beautiful iron gazebo with white draping and bling. After a special and touching ceremony, guests are welcome to the reception space. The French Quarter look continues into the reception room. There are guest tables up on the balconies and each table features a rhinestone decorated vase with white and pink flowers on top of a lighted platform. All around the reception space a touch of bling is found. From cake, to buffet stations, to the wedding dress. After dinner, Emma and her groom along with their guests danced the night away. The second line band entered the room, and guests followed right behind and danced their way to the outside area.  The night ended with sparklers as the guests bid  farewell to the bride and groom.
  • Brittany  is a princess bride who loves sweets. The wedding is set at a castle and the ceremony space takes place right outside the castle. The ceremony colors were red and white. The ceremony had white benches, a white aisle runner with red roses lining the outsides, branches tied with red ribbon down the aisle, and red rose balls hanging off the pews. After sharing personal vows, they tie the knot, and ready to celebrate with their guests. Inside the castle, the reception is decorated with red and white colors, white linens with white chairs and red  sashes. The guest tables featured a centerpiece made up of a rhinestone decorated base with a branch and red flowers. After a buffet style dinner, guests stopped by the candy station featuring red and white colored candies.
  • Anitra a bride who holds religion close to her heart, but also wants to party at her wedding. Her ceremony takes place at the church where she grew up at. Inside the church, it was decorated with white roses, white candle stands with candles, and white tulle. After a traditional Baptist ceremony, guests enter the reception space. Each table had a tall vase with a full red rose centerpiece. The dinner buffet offered traditional New Orleans food stations. The wedding favors were going fast like hot cakes. The wedding favors were small King’s cakes. The second line band showed up with bride and groom, and gathered guests to join them for all the fun and celebrating. Umbrellas and all.

A Hot Detail:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I thought was super sweet at Joanna’s wedding was the  family dance that was performed. Joanna and her groom with their children performed a special dance for all their guests. I thought this was so sweet and fun for all of them to do together. Very cute! What I absolutely loved at Emma’s wedding was the one site artist that painted a picture of the venue with the bride and groom and their guests. I thought this was something very unique and personal. What a great way to create a memory piece from Emma and her groom’s wedding day. Very special! I loved Brittany’s wedding cake. It was an all white tiered cake with some fairytale details. There was a horse and carriage, a glass slipper,  Cinderella and Prince Charming figurines, and a castle. So cute and perfect for a fairytale wedding. I adored it! I was head over heels for Anitra’s wedding gown. It was fitted on top a had chiffon ruffles at the bottom, and touches of bling. It fit her so beautifully, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. A definite show stopper!

The winner, Emma

The winner, Emma

Who won?: Congrats to Emma for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to the Mexico.   I was not at all surprised about Emma winning. I loved all the details of her wedding. While I can not account for the food,  I thought that the venue, dress, originality, and overall theme exceeded the rest.  She pulled off the French Quarter theme with a touch a bling in the most elegant way. The bling was not too over the top, but had just enough to make a sparkle.  Bianca looked beautiful and seemed that her and her guests had a great time. For sure a wedding that I wish I could have attended!  Amazing job Emma!  So how did the other three brides score? Joanna came in second, Anitra in third, and Brittany in fourth. Were you surprised by the results? Love to hear from you, so please share!

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