TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: June 13th

Did you tune into last night’s episode of  “Four Weddings” on TLC?  What are your thoughts of the four brides and their weddings? What details stood out for you? Was there one bride which had a total “wow” wedding day? If you missed it, we have a recap of the episode right here:


Who are the Brides?: 

  • Karen is ready to marry the love of her life and share that love with her two kids. Her wedding day starts with a evening ceremony set inside a banquet hall. The ceremony space is decorated with simple decor consisting of  many candles and flowers. Karen walked in wearing a mermaid wedding gown with beading all throughout.  The ceremony was personalized with the bride’s uncle officiating  personal vows were shared, and all included were Karen’s two boys.  After the kiss, the two love birds were handcuffed together as they exited the ceremony. Just adjacent to the ceremony location, the reception room was ready for the guests. The centerpieces featured vases with candles floating on top, a single rose, candles, and all on top of a square mirror.  After a buffet which consisted of sandwiches, the guests joined the couple and danced the night away.
  • Michelle a bride who is ready to dazzle her guests with purple colored details. Her ceremony is set at a church with purple details all throughout. The pews are decorated with purple bows, the alter is decorated with white and purple flowers, and greenery. The bridesmaids all wearing purple dresses with purple flowers tied with a silver ribbon. After a heartfelt ceremony, and jumping over the broom, guests enter into the reception space. The centerpieces were very simple, and the four tiered white cake had touches of bling. Michelle had a dress change, and her second dress was a V-necked short white dress with some sparkle. After the wedding festivities, the couple exited their wedding with a red sports car.
  • Megan is a bride who goes Southern with a vintage style at her wedding. Her wedding is set at an old plantation with the ceremony outside. The ceremony featured white chairs, a white alter with pink and white flowers, and a picket fence on the sides of the alter. The aisle was decorated with tin cans filled with baby’s breath hanging off the chairs. Megan’s brother walked her down the aisle and then joined her groom at the alter. During the vows, the groom’s daughter joined the couple.  After the “I Do’s”, the couple exit the ceremony and the guests go inside the plantation for cocktail hour. The reception took place under a white tent outside. The guest tables featured a simple centerpiece. Candles and baby breath flowers. The cake was four tiered cream colored with lace, and a flower arrangement on top.
  • Tamika is ready to “wow” her guests at her over the top bling wedding. The wedding took place at the famous Superdome where the New Orleans Saints play football.  Outside the Superdome, the ceremony took place with very minimal decor. A white aisle runner, crystal chandeliers down the aisle, and chairs with purple sashes.  After the exchange of the rings and the kiss, the ceremony is complete. The reception took place at the club close by.  Simple tables with rhinestone candles, white lounge furniture, and purple up lighting.  The cake table had a personalized crystal centerpiece and featured four cakes all decorated with bling and flowers. When the second line started, guests danced from the inside all the way to the outside.

A Hot Detail:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I thought was so super unique and personal at Karen’s wedding was the cake. Her four tiered cake complimented her wedding gown, with all the bling and other gorgeous details. I thought this made her cake very personalized and memorable.  What I absolutely loved at Michelle wedding was the second line featuring a brass band. There were purple umbrellas and lots of high energy! I thought it was something fun for guests to enjoy . Very memorable!   I adored Megan’s  bridal gown. It was a fitted A-line lace dress with a beautiful veil. It was perfect for her vintage style wedding.   At Tamika’wedding ceremony was her grand entrance. She came in with a white horse and carriage. It looked like Cinderella’s carriage.  A total “wow” factor, and perfect for a princess bride!

Who won?: Congrats to Megan for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to Ancient Israel.  I was not surprised about Megan winning at all, she seemed to deserve it! As soon as I saw her wedding, I knew that she would win. I loved it! Her wedding did not compare to the rest. I loved it all!  While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, all the other details – venue,  bride’s dress, and originality – were owned by Megan’s wedding. I thought that every detail of her Southern vintage theme was absolutely perfect. Her flowers, the dress, the gorgeous venue, and that cake, was all amazing. Simply beautiful! Great job Megan!  So how did the other three brides score? Tamika came in second, Michelle in third, and Karen in fourth. Were you surprised by the results?  Love to hear from you, so please share!