Sneak Peek of TLC’s “I Found the Gown” Episode: May 10th

It is Friday, and what a better way to start the weekend than with a new episode TLC’s, “I Found the Gown”. This show is amazing and full of surprises. If you have not ever seen the show, well let me tell you all about it, and hopefully you will get hooked just like I did. This show features a lovely married couple, Rick and Leslie DeAngelo who own VOWS, a discount bridal boutique in Boston, Massachusetts.  They provide brides high-end designer gowns with very affordable price tags. Selling these deeply discounted bridal gowns for 50-80% off retail is no easy task. Rick and Leslie search high and low in factory attics, boutique back rooms, and department store warehouses across the world to score these sought-after looks for less. Each episode will follow their journey to find these amazing treasures, and then back at the shop to share them with three brides and the VOWS consultants.

  • On tonight’s first episode, the first bride is Evelyn who is renewing her vows with her husband. She is looking for a non-white gown with some bling. However, her entourage have conflicting views on the gowns. What gown will Evelyn choose?
  • The second bride  Gina is a total coupon lover, and is looking for a bargain! She is in search for a a gown which has lots of bling and sparkle. The more sparkle, the better. Will she find a gown with that glitz for the right price?
  • The third bride is Ashleigh has arrived for her fitting appointment and panics when a pair of scissors come out. That is not the only thing that was emotional for  Ashleigh, she has one more request to make for her gown. What is that request?



  • On the Second episode, the first bride is Marquita who is looking for a heck of a deal on her bridal gown. She has traveled a long way and want it to be all worth it! She is looking for something that will really show off her curves. The problem is that her maid-of-honor does not love the gown that Marquita falls in love with. Will Marquita’s trip be worth it? Will she go home with the gown of her dreams?
  • The second bride is Ashley who is hoping she can find the gown that Jessica Simpson wore on her wedding day. She has been searching, and really hopes to find it at VOWS. With a tight budget, will she be able to find that gown and feel like a celebrity?
  • The third bride is Beth who is love with lace and a little bit of bling. She really wants a gown with glitz to compliment her Vegas wedding.

TLC’s ” I Found the Gown” airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

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