Seven Tips for Being Picture Perfect

Stand Up Straight

Posture can be a fifteen pound difference! If it helps, try to pull your shoulders back and keep your spine straight. Think long and tall and you’ll look lean and graceful.

Relax Your Eyes

You want to look happy and relaxed when you’re smiling, not like you’re trying to read a sign sixty feet away. Don’t try too hard to look awake or alert, just focus on keeping your face relaxed and your mood up.

Know Your Angles

Standing at a three-quarters angle is typically regarded as one of the most flattering angles for women. This angle can be very slimming and create a curvy silhouette, particularly if you angle your shoulders to be a little lower towards the camera. However, if it isn’t in your comfort zone, don’t feel pressured to do it! You should feel as good as you look, and look as good as you feel. If you love the way you look facing front, go for it!

Show Off Your Arms

Try to avoid leaving your arms down by your side. It can make your shoulders look low and your body look slouchy. Place your hands gently on your hips to show off your long limbs, or around a friend’s shoulders to hide anything you don’t love.

Fluff Your Hair

If you suffer from limp hair, take a second to flip your hair around for product-free insta-volume. Run your fingers through the sides of your hair quickly to ease fly aways that may have  developed. Finally, pull some of your hair over your shoulders to frame your face. You spent time on your hair getting it ready- you should show it off!

Do A Foundation Test

Before you head out for the day, make sure your foundation is the right shade. Your skin tone can vary depending on your sun exposure throughout different times of the year. This means that if you only do one shade of foundation year round, it may not always match your current skin tone! Take a high-res picture of yourself in light similar to that of the wedding (if it’s outdoor, go outside. If it’s at night and inside, try inside with the flash on) to ensure you’re wearing the right shade. Make sure your neck and your face are not contrasting colors.

Don’t Raise Any Brows

If you color in your eyebrows, make sure they work with your skin tone and hair color. Full brows are in right now, but don’t let that sway you into overdoing your brows!

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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