Seating Arrangements: What Table Are You Sitting At?

Choosing who sits where and with whom at your wedding requires thoughtfulness, tact, and a little bit of fun. Which means you do not want to leave this task to the last minute. At the same time,  you really can not  start the seating arrangement fun until all your guests have replied. So making sure that you have a RSVP date that will give you enough time.

How do you decide to have assigned seating or just free seating for your guests? If you are having a formal sit-down dinner, it is best to have assigned seating.  However some couples opt to do free seating with a buffet type dinner, as they want their guests to mingle and keep the party going.  Can you do both type of seating? Of course you can!

You can have a table reserved for the wedding party, parents, close friends and family. This is important because you want to make sure that they are seated at a table that is close to you and that they can all sit at the same table. So you would not want the doors to open, and then your mother or grandmother have to search for an open seat, and end up  at the other end of the ballroom.  Or your aunt and uncle not having a seat next to each other at the table.  So for the important and close people in your lives, have a few tables reserved specifically for them.  The other guest tables can be free for open seating.

Now here are some tips for assigned seating:

  • Wedding Party Table: Normally the wedding party table is rectangular and is set in the middle or on the side of the room, facing out  to the guests. If the wedding party is too large, you can have a grand table where seating is around the table, with the bride and groom in the center seats. Also, the wedding party’s spouses, fiancées, and significant others should also be seated there. If it gets to large, then you can have two large tables connected together to create a long table. You really do not want the bridesmaid’s husband at a table without her. Keep the couples together!
  • Children and Teenagers:  Seat the younger children with their parents. However, older children and teenagers normally like to sit on their own and not at the same table as their parents. So you can have a table just for them, and that way they can enjoy with people their age.
  • Elderly Guests: Special consideration should be made for elderly guests as they may have specific needs. A guest who has difficulty walking, may need to be seated close to an entrance or restroom. A person who dislikes loud music and dancing, may want to be seated further from the band/DJ.

Good luck, and remember have as much fun as you can!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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