Popping The Questions: Five Creative Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Your Bridesmaid

He’s asked you to marry him and you’ve accepted.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬it’s time to get your wedding party together,‭ ‬and plan that fabulous wedding you’ve always dreamed of.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬you may not want to just call your friends up and ask them to be your bridesmaids.‭ Often times bridesmaids feel like accessories. They are dressed up in dresses that they may or may not have had a say in, and they are told where to be and when to be there. It’s a good idea to make the people who are in your wedding feel special. Make them feel like they are a part of your special day. Remember, a happy friend makes for an even happier bridesmaid. ‬So,‭ ‬here are five great ways to ask your friends to be in your wedding.

The Invitation-Send all of the ladies you want to participate in your wedding an invitation with the words,‭ ‬will you be my bridesmaids ‬printed on them.‭ ‬A nice touch would also be to add a nice charm bracelets that the ladies could wear on the day of your wedding. Place holes on either sides of the card and connect the bracelet so that it hangs just below the message.


Scramble Anyone‭?‬-Remember the Soul Train Scramble Board? Fill a small satin bags with colorful letters that spell out the words,‭ ‬will you be my bridesmaid ‬and send‭ (‬or hand deliver) them ‬to your bridesmaid.‭ It’s a fun and creative way to get your bridal party excited about your wedding, and the role that they will play in it. ‬They will be totally shocked and impressed once they’ve put the pieces together.


Box Of Love-Purchase boxes‭ (‬small cupcake style boxes.‭) Inside,‭ ‬place ring pops in your bridesmaids favorite colors, and write will you be my bridesmaid on the lid inside.‭ ‬Create labels with your friends names on them,‭ ‬and place them on the outside of the boxes. It’s a fun, creative and tasty surprise.


Fortune Cookies-Who doesn’t like fortune cookies‭? ‬Have a message placed inside of each fortune cookie,‭ ‬put them in a cute little box,‭ ‬and when your friends open the‭   ‬cookies,‭ ‬they will get the surprise of their lives.‭ ‬I’d suggest doing it over dinner and having the waiter bring it out.‭ ‬That way your friends won’t suspect a thing. Great thing about this one is, you can have colorful fortune cookies if you’d like.


Fashion Is A Girl’s Best Friend-Every bridesmaid needs a nice little clutch to carry at the wedding.‭ ‬Purchase‭ cute (‬affordable)‭ ‬box clutches.‭ ‬Inside,‭ ‬place a mini calendar,‭ ‬a checklist,‭ ‬and other wedding essentials.‭ ‬They will probably look at you with questions,‭ ‬and that’s when you pop the question. ‭It’s a wonderful gift that will get many uses, and it’s fashionable.


Most of these can be Do It Yourself projects,‭ ‬if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, Etsy is the perfect place‭ to find affordable handmade items to help you pop the question.

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