How to Prepare for the Big Day

Is your wedding day coming up? It is an exciting time in ones’ life, however it can also be stressful at the same time. There are a lot of details and things to get done before the big day.

However it does not mean it has to be all stress and no fun.  Here are some ways that you can prepare for your wedding day:

1. Make a massage appointment: This is something you can do as a couple or as the bride, you can do with your girlfriends. The day before the wedding is a good time to go, so you can relax and enjoy some pampering. You earned it! Some spa places offer lunch to be provided to you, so you can make a day of it too! Go in the morning, relax in the hot jacuzzi, take a mist shower, enjoy the steam room, and then get your spa treatment. You can then have lunch and relax. This is a perfect way to relax your mind, body and soul. Make an appointment today!

2. Eat well: The day before and the day of, ensure you eat a good meal. This is not the time to try something new at the Mexican restaurant. You want to eat light, healthy, and wholesome. The last thing you need to worry about is to getting sick. You want to enjoy your day to the fullest! Some brides, (due to nerves and having so much to do the day of), forget to eat the day of the wedding. This is not a good time to starve yourself. Make sure to have breakfast and lunch, and then at the wedding eat dinner. If you are getting married at a hotel and getting ready there, this is easily arranged by the hotel. You can order room service and have it delivered to you, no worries! If you are getting ready somewhere else, just have someone like your maid of honor or bridesmaid to pick up lunch for you. The main thing is to just make time to eat, so that way you can plenty of energy to party with your guests! Also drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated, (especially during summer months). Eat up!

3. Get some Z’s: A good night’s sleep is key. They say that a good night’s sleep really affects your mental and physical outcome of the next day. This might seem logical, however many couples do not get a good night sleep the night before their big day. They are either up late working on last minute details, partying (which really should wait untl your big day), or just nerves not allowing sleep. Go to bed at a decent time and get your full eight hours of sleep. Most brides start their day as early as 7am! yikes! What might help is to spend the night with your girlfriends and or sister/family members. This way you are not alone and the nerves can calm down by being with those who care for you. It also makes it a fun night to be together!

4. Take a deep breath:  Before you walk down that aisle, give yourself a few minutes to relax and take a few breaths. Deep breath in, and out, and repeat. I know it seems the obvious thing to do, but believe me, it helps!

Remember to relax, eat and sleep well!! Now go on and have a fabulous wedding day!!

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